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Peaky Blinders: 8 Wildest Fan Theories For Season 6, According To Reddit

Peaky Blinders has included numerous characters and plot lines throughout the series. But what theories are people talking about for season 6?

The much anticipated 6th season of Peaky Blinders began yesterday and it hasn’t come a moment too soon for fans of the show. The series has kept viewers gripped with the fierce fights between the Shelby’s and their enemies, turbulent relationships and intense family ties.

With every season’s ending came an influx of predictions for the future seasons and the anticipation for this months production has been no exception. Whilst there are things to remember before Peaky Blinders final season, Reddit users have also expressed their thoughts on what’s to come, with some pretty wild theories.

Black Cat

Fans will recall in season five, as one of the best characters in Peaky Blinders, Tommy had a repeated vision of a black cat. Polly informed him that in folklore, his vision was symbolic of a traitor amongst them.

Without the reveal of the “black cat” in past seasons, there’s hope for the discovery of whom it is. Reddit user MsSkazzi thinks it could be “Tommy himself. Season 5 is all about his internal struggle.” It’s certainly an interesting theory, as Tommy’s life has become more and more extreme, with constant added pressures. Perhaps life as the lead of the Shelby family has taken it’s toll and his vision represents his own instability.

Gina And Mosley

There are some characters in Peaky Blinders who did exist in real life and Oswald Mosley is one such role. Whilst Tommy isn’t wholly at war with him, he is rightly wary of him.

But it seems as though some people think there could be more to Gina’s involvement with the fascist leader. Redditor TrashLurker stated “…at Tommy’s party, Gina knew him by name…she may have some involvement with him.” It’s a wild theory because as Michael’s wife, she would be obliged to make it known to the Shelby’s exactly what her connection with Mosley is. Maybe there’s more to Gina than meets the eye.

Manipulated Michael

Although Peaky Blinders focuses on Tommy and his family, there has constantly been a plethora of supporting characters which add depth to the show, along with sub-plots and disruption to the Shelby’s.

Redditor cambo1111 believes another character could be involved, stating “…Michael is being manipulated by someone higher up we haven’t met yet.” The Shelby’s work together on the basis of loyalty and trust between family members. As cousin to Tommy and his brothers, if Michael was taking lead from an unknown character, his betrayal would bring disappointment to the rest of the Shelby’s.

The End Of Tommy

Tommy Shelby contributes to some of the most dramatic quotes in Peaky Blinders, leading with his family in tow as they exist as Birmingham’s most renowned family, ruling by fear.

The ending that season 6 could bring is up for debate, with one Redditor giving a possible outcome. Scary-AD-8176 stated “…Thomas Shelby might die probably at the end of season 6 if the director really wants a proper ending.” To have Tommy die, would be a definitive ending for the series, perhaps leaving the family at loose ends without their main man.

Fact And Fiction

Although a large portion of the Peaky Blinders is fictional, there are parts that are built around truth, either by bringing in real-life characters or basing the plot line around historical facts.

With that in mind, reddit user shortforcarrot brought to light the inclusion of WW2, stating “The Romani were taken to concentration camps as early as 1933. This whole next season could get VERY heavy.” The Shelby’s Romani heritage could come into play with Hitler’s invasion. However, living in Britain would have meant they were shielded from the Nazi’s, compared to if they lived in the likes of Poland. But there is still potential for the war to have an intense effect on their lives and the story line.

Finn’s Naivety

Following in the footsteps of older siblings that are seemingly fearless and constantly in demand to make decisions that often result in death is not an easy task, as Finn has proven.

Reddit User nizarh111 questioned “Am I the only one who thinks Finn’s pure stupidity will get him killed before the end of the series?” Unfortunately, Finn has made errors in his contributions to the Peaky Blinders, which potentially could result in his demise. The younger sibling just can’t quite get to grips with the running of the Shelbys, resulting in extreme theories for his story in the season.

Faking Tommy’s Death

Arthur’s death was faked in season 4, which lured their enemies into a trap, allowing the Shelby’s to take revenge on them. For some fans, they believe history may repeat itself in the final instalment.

A deleted user from Reddit said “I think Tommy will fake his suicide in a similar fashion as Arthur in season 4 and let the rats come out from the woodwork.” By enticing others with the news of his death, perhaps they could be lured to their own fatal encounter, but perhaps this theory is too crazy considering it’s already been done.

Tommy’s Internal Issues

The complexity of Tommy’s character is one of the most compelling components to the Peaky Blinders series. His relationship with family members intertwined with the running of his business, whilst keeping his enemies at arms length is a whirlwind of intensity and perhaps there is to come a time where it all becomes too much for him to deal with.

Redditor DryChipNoSalsa explained “I’ve also seen theories about Tommy battling himself this whole time in a Fight Club sort of trauma induced personality split…” Prior to the start of the whole series, Tommy was a clay kicker in the war, which would’ve had an impact on his mental health in itself. Combined with the heartache of loss and constant bombardment of battling others, this theory could be part of season 6’s narrative.

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