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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nicki Minaj swear by this comfort shoe

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Comfort when it comes to footwear has become a dominant trend post the pandemic. As people make friends with their feet and get used to wearing shoes that don’t ache or bite, heels see a sharp decline in their popularity. Once considered a fashion faux pas in the 2000s, the iconic Crocs are back in style like never before. From Priyanka Chopra Jonas to Ariana Grande, celebrities aren’t just sporting them, but have also collaborated with the brand to release their own line of the foam clog shoes with custom Jibbitz.

If neutral and understated is the way to go for you, take cues from Saweetie and Post Malone who teamed their all black outfits with a matching pair of crocs with Jibbitz. Or Ariana Grande who paired her solid white pair with some socks and a hoodie. For a more colourful approach, opt for a pair of pink tie and dye clogs like Priyanka Chopra, who styled them with a slinky slip dress, or Bretman Rock who matched his with a cute monotone co-ord set. If you are looking to stand out and make a statement, then go the multiple Jibbitz route as demonstrated by Justin Bieber.

From solid colours to eye-catching prints, we’ve created a round up of our favourite pairs. Scroll through the Vogue edit of Crocs to ace this celebrity approved trend.

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Bleach Dye crocs | Rs. 3,295
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Shoe Footwear Running Shoe and Sneaker
SmileyWorld II crocs | Rs. 3,495

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Shoe Footwear Running Shoe and Sneaker
Hiker Crocs | Rs.4,995
Image may contain Clothing Apparel Footwear Sandal and Shoe
Classic Clogs | Rs.2,995

Image may contain Clothing Apparel Footwear Shoe and Clogs
All- Terrain Stucco Crocs | Rs.3,995

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