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Peaky Blinders’ Gina Gray Will Be Season 6’s True Villain – Not Oswald Mosley

Oswald Mosley has been the show's main villain for season 5, crossing over into season 6, however, it's hinted that Gina Gray is the true villain.

Gina Gray is first introduced to the Peaky Blinders audience in season five, quickly becoming Michael’s wife, however, there are a few hints throughout the season to suggest that she might be a villain lurking in the shadows, and as such season 6’s true villain, not Mosley. Thus far, season 5 has concluded with Mosley coming out on top despite Tommy’s plan and having no clear way to know about it. It’s looking more and more likely that Oswald Mosley has an as of yet undeclared ally, a character that could be Gina.

The sprinkled hints throughout season 5 are not the only cause for concern when it comes to Gina’s motivations, however. In fact, there is an inherent issue with Mosley as the antagonist in the first place, that being the true story behind Mosley as a villain. Oswald Mosley is not only the main villain in season 5 and seemingly Peaky Blinders season 6, but he was also a British Fascist in real life, who didn’t die until 1980. While Peaky Blinders often bends history to its narrative advantage, having so far respected Mosley’s date of death they have set a precedent in remaining true to history with his ending, and thus equally cannot kill him off in season 6.

The lack of ability to kill Mosley off in season 6 presents a somewhat awkward ending that threatens to be lackluster, and as such, it would make sense to introduce another villain for the final season. It wouldn’t be the first time the show did this, having used both Sabini and Major Campbell as villains in season 2, choosing to kill Campbell out of the two. There are plenty of problems season 6 needs to fix, Mosley’s impending lackluster ending as a villain being one of them, and one way to achieve this is to introduce another villain, something season 5 may have already done. Here’s why Gina Gray will be Peaky Blinders season 6’s true villain, not Oswald Mosely.

Why Gina Gray Is Peaky Blinders Season 6’S True Villain

Gina Gray stormed onto viewers’ screens a strong woman, knowing what she wants in the world and seemingly resenting the fact that anyone dared challenge her authority. Her time with Michael has equally seemed to have subdued him to her own will, proving further that she is an incredibly capable individual, especially when it comes to getting what she wants. Both Gina and Michael presented a business opportunity to Tommy, and while it first looks to be Michael’s idea, the strong wording and interrupting of Gina during the process, not to mention the way Michael carries himself around her begins to suggest this whole plan of theirs is actually hers.

While it looks to be Mosley, Gina is Tommy’s biggest threat in Peaky Blinders season 6, because she is evidently scheming against Tommy, using Michael as part of this plan. Once Tommy had dismissed Michael and Gina’s business plan, Gina ominously exclaims to her husband that they will have to rely on plan B, hinting that if they can’t get what they want with Tommy’s help, it’ll be at his expense. Little more of their plan is mentioned again in season 5, but the show has used one season to set up a villain for the next before, most notably the actions of John and Arthur against the Changretta family in season three directly caused the retaliation of the Changretta’s in season 4. Gina knows what she wants, and if she can’t do it with the help of Tommy, it’s looking like she’ll happily do it at the expense of him.

How Is Gina Gray Connected To Oswald Mosley?

While it looks like Gina is set to be season 6’s villain, or even return in the Peaky Blinders movie, season 5 has already hinted that Gina is in league with another villain, Oswald Mosley. The show already seems to be setting up the fact that there is someone who has been betraying information to Mosley since he constantly seems to be one step ahead, and there are few characters who would have the motivation to do so. Gina certainly has the motivation to do so, thanks to the aforementioned points, and the dismantling of Tommy’s plans could easily be worked in her favor.

As well as motivation, there are a handful of scenes that the show uses to tease familiarity between the two characters. At one point, Michael miss-titles Mosley, and Gina corrects him by informing him that Mosley is a Baronet, a seemingly obscure piece of information that Gina would have no reason to know unless, of course, they were familiar. Gina’s return in season 6 is made even more ominous, thanks to these suspicions being half-confirmed by a long, knowing look that the two share at the ballet in season 5. This look would be far too awkward to share between individuals who were alien to one another, suggesting that the two almost certainly share a history hidden from the viewer and even the rest of the characters in the show and sets a precedent for her moral compass that falls firmly on the villain side of the tv shows line.

This Means Peaky Blinders Will Have An Unhappy Ending

Ultimately, Gina’s continued presence in the show well into Peaky Blinders season 6 brings unfortunate tidings for much of the cast. Now being married to Michael, a core member of the Shelby family, her villain reveal is sure to split the family for the worse. The show didn’t shy away from killing off John Shelby in season 4, so with the unfortunate passing of Polly’s actress, Helen McCrory, and the impending conflict sure to divide the family, it seems unlikely that everyone will walk away unharmed. 

Gina, as of right now is certainly the most obvious catalyst sure to tear the Shelby family apart, perhaps for the last time, however that isn’t to say that it hasn’t been a long time coming. With John’s death, their father’s absence, Grace’s death, and Esme’s departure, the Shelby family is one that has been held together with tape for quite some time, and with what seems to be an incredibly calculated character like Gina who is ready to do what she must to get what she wants, she’ll likely tear the family apart in the process.

Whatever happens, Peaky Blinders is speeding towards its end, starting with the aftermath of the Great War, and looking to end in the Second World War’s lead-up. While international politics heats up around them, the Shelbys are certainly mirroring this tension with their own familial and political intrigue, with their continued fight against Mosley, as well as Gina lurking in the shadows and perhaps even dealing with their enemy. Peaky Blinders season 6 is sure to bring many surprises, and most likely frequent shocks and violence – however thanks to the teasing of season 5, what won’t be a shock will be Gina’s reveal as season 6’s villain, not Mosley.

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