Charmed: The Main Characters Ranked by Likeability

The original run of Charmed had an engaging cast of characters for fans to latch onto. But which character proved to be the most likable.

While the reboot of Charmed still going strong and about to premiere its fourth season this year, many fans are happy that it has created a legacy that is just as memorable as its predecessors. The old version of Charmed had proven to be a comfort show for many fans as it was full of hilarious and engaging storylines. Many fans also naturally gravitated towards it because it was full of strong, funny, and relatable characters.

However, if fans had to pick, which character would they say had a long-lasting impression on them. While all the characters had proven to be likable in their own right, there were some that had a lot more character development and a more defined arc (which, ultimately, made the viewers more drawn to them).


When Chris joins the show, he is mysterious and angry, screaming when things don’t go his way. Not only does the audience not trust him, but they also have reason to dislike him due to the petulant nature he displays.

As the show goes on, fans understand that his attitude has to do with the trauma he lived through and his desperation to succeed in the tasks he was sent back to do. Between saving Paige, stopping Wyatt from turning evil, and having to ensure his own birth, there is a lot on his mind and a lot that would go wrong if he isn’t successful. Audiences warm to him as his secrets get revealed and he forms lasting relationships with his parents and aunts, but the reasoning may not be enough to change fans’ minds about liking his character.


Darryl is a popular character because, as the only main character to not be a part of the magical world, he has the most at risk by helping them out. He provides them with as much information and assistance as possible and will generally do his best to keep the Charmed Ones safe. In addition, he values their contributions, asking them to help solve cases that involve the occult.

However, Darryl is easily changeable when it comes to his expectations and attitudes toward the witches. When the Charmed Ones come under investigation, he gets caught up in the midst of it and faces repercussions for his association with them. Because of this, he becomes angry with the Charmed Ones, cutting them out as friends and associates while still taking advantage of what they can do for him. Even his wife sees his change in attitude as a failing on his part, scolding him for turning on his family for something that wasn’t their fault. Because of his anger and changeability, he is one of the less likable characters when looking at the series as a whole.


Like Harry in the Reboot, Leo is the Charmed Ones’ whitelighter, tasked with guiding them on their journey to meet their destinies. He is Piper’s husband and the father of her children. Leo plays a central role on the show, providing the witches with wise words and pep talks, as well as providing information on each episodes’ threat.

Although there’s no doubt that Leo loves his family and tries to do what’s right, he makes a lot of bad decisions that make him abandon or lie to them. There is a near-constant struggle between his duties as a whitelighter and his responsibilities to his family, to the point that he often fails to do either successfully. Leo is a central part of the show and his personality is likable enough, but many plotlines show him to be both a bad father and a bad whitelighter.


Paige had an uphill battle replacing Prue and coming into the show at its fourth season, but overall, she was welcomed by the fans. She had the opportunity to really grow as a character and as a witch through the course of the show, going from the new girl to a necessary part of the family and from a novice to a leader.

One of Paige’s central character traits is her single-mindedness. While this is not always a bad thing, it does keep her from successfully multitasking, often showing up through her diminished social skills while she’s chasing down a lead. Paige is generally a likable character, but her obsessions make it so she lives life in stages—social worker, super witch, teacher. This lack of consistency in personality, unfortunately, makes it hard for audiences to continually connect with her.


Initially a fan-favorite love interest of Phoebe’s, Cole is endearing, seducing viewers as much as Phoebe as he fights for true love to the exclusion of all else. His struggle between good and evil is an arc that keeps fans guessing, and rooting for him and Phoebe to make it work.

However, despite his charm, Cole is evil and does terrible things throughout the show. This is worse when he justifies them for the sake of love because it undermines the idea that he even knows what true love is. By the end of his run on the show, fans understand that he is just too dangerous to be kept around and needs to be vanquished.


Prue began the show as the most abrasive Charmed One, frequently judging her sisters for their careers and love interests. Over the course of her three seasons, however, Prue went through more growth than her sisters did in eight. After realizing that her uptight nature was hurting herself as much as anyone else, Prue took a hard look at her life and what she really wanted. She became more relaxed and content with herself and others without feeling like a distinctly different character.

However, her evolution may not have been enough to make her likable for many fans who based their favorite characters on their first impressions. Going by the first season, Prue was probably the least likable character. Furthermore, leaving the show so early keeps her from holding a place in many fans’ favorites.


Piper is caring and supportive, helping to bridge the tensions between Prue and Phoebe and helping Paige adjust to her new life. She is also a good mom and a strong witch. Of the four sisters, she is consistently the most grounded and reasonable, rarely taking flights of fancy or letting herself be consumed by external distractions.

With that being said, there was one thing that irritated fans constantly: Piper never seems to appreciate her powers. As was stated multiple times in the show, Piper wants a normal life and becomes frazzled and irritable when that isn’t possible. She lacks the sense of wonder at the world she has found herself in that fans are looking for from a main character who discovers magical abilities.


Phoebe has always been a character who sits on the line between good and evil. While the two are usually clear cut on this show, Phoebe is described as having potential for either, going back to her past lives, potential futures, and pregnancy-fueled evil spells. Although most people won’t have to deal with turning evil, many people do have times when they ask themselves if they are good people or not (which makes Phoebe a deeply relatable character with a strong arc).

Besides that reliability, Phoebe is a very likable person on the show itself. Alyssa Milano plays Phoebe with a charm and personability that is hard to deny. Phoebe has an epic love with Cole and grows in her approaches to magic, love, and her career. With all of that growth on top of charm and reliability, Phoebe is the most likable character on the show.

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