Only 1 ‘Charmed’ Actor Appeared in Every Episode That Ever Aired

Charmed might have left some fans scratching their head in the pilot due to some inconsistencies, but it went on to be one of the hottest TV shows of the late ’90s and early 2000s. Many characters came and went, including Shannen Doherty, but no one was there for every single episode. Well, no one except Holly Marie Combs, that is.

Who is Holly Marie Combs?

Combs is an actor who has been active on the screen since she was just 14 years old. She scored her first major role on the film Sweet Hearts Dance. She later went to star in Picket Fences at the age of 18. 

While she has played many characters over the years, the character fans know and love her for the most has to be the role of Piper Halliwell. While the show had its up and downs, Combs was there for the long haul, and fans adored her for it.

Piper Halliwell was one of the most beloved characters on the show

Charmed was a show about three sisters who grew up as witches known as ‘the charmed ones.’ While there were plenty of monsters and bad guys to fight, the show didn’t just focus on that. It also took into consideration that these were three grown women who worked jobs, dated, and had plenty of family squabbles to deal with. It was the perfect blend of the real and the imaginary.

Piper’s power was freezing things and even people. One of her first battles was having to vanquish her own boyfriend who was trying to steal her powers, so she had to learn how to use her gift very quickly. She later gains the power to cause explosions, which turned out to be a great way to kill bad guys, but the power has its initial blow ups.

Piper was the second oldest sister, and became the head of the family when Prue, played by Shannen Doherty, died. Piper later goes on to marry Leo Wyatt, who is her whitelighter, the Charmed version of a guardian angel.

In between dealing with her romance with Leo and battling evil creatures, Piper works to open and run her nightclub called P3. She also has kids, although that brings more strife to her life due to the monsters that want to kill her children.

Over the course of the series, Piper works with the FBI, gains goddess powers, and even becomes a Valkyrie for a short time. Things end on a happy note for Piper, although there is a lot of heartache and drama on the road to peace. There were 178 episodes in total, and Combs was there for each and every one. Given the fact that Combs made $60,000 per episode, it’s no surprise that she made a point of being there. 

What is Holly Marie Combs up to now?

Combs isn’t currently very active on television. She went on to take a few small roles, but she didn’t take on a major recurring role until Pretty Little Liars came along. This time, she wasn’t one of the main characters, but she did play a supporting role on the show.

Combs was Aria Montgomery’s mom Ella. She may have been frustrated that her new character couldn’t just use her powers to banish everyone who upset her or her daughter, but the show had its own type of bad guy and just as much mystery.

In the meantime, she is busy with her three sons and her new husband Mike Ryan. Whether Combs returns to the screen or not is unclear, but anything is possible given her past success.

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