Seinfeld: 10 Best Relationships On The Sitcom

From friendships to romance and how Jerry deals with his family members, there are many great relationships on the popular '90s sitcom Seinfeld.

The dynamic between the main group on Seinfeld is endlessly hilarious and enjoyable to watch, whether Elaine is bugging George or Jerry is confused by Kramer’s actions. Although the sitcom is all about weird and silly things that happen to the main characters while they live in New York City, the characters all have interesting relationships that contribute to the quirky tone and make it hard to stop watching after just one episode.

There are many fascinating and funny relationships on Seinfeld, ranging from friendships to romances to how Jerry gets along with some of his relatives. No matter who is in a scene together, it’s always hilarious seeing these characters interact.

10 Jerry And Uncle Leo

Uncle Leo’s funniest Seinfeld scenes often see him interacting with Jerry, and it’s heartwarming seeing the two characters have so much trouble understanding each other.

When Jerry throws out the watch that Leo gave him, Leo thinks that it’s a horrible betrayal, and when Jerry sees Leo stealing from a bookstore, Leo totally shrugs it off. It’s sweet that Jerry cares about his relative and fans know that it will always be worth it to see these two in a scene together.

9 George And Estelle

Estelle and George are both loud, hysterical, and nervous in the exact same way, which makes their difficult and stressful mother/son relationship one of the best on the series.

Whether George is telling Estelle that she can’t possibly enter the dating pool or Estelle is complaining that her son is unemployed and living at home without much going on, these characters bug each other and make fans laugh every time that they talk or even sit in the same room.

8 Jerry And Marlene

Although Jerry and Marlene don’t date for very long, and she’s not a likable character, her candor in telling Jerry that she hates his comedy is so memorable that it’s hard not to consider this a top relationship on the show.

When Marlene attends one of Jerry’s stand-up shows, she says “It’s just so much fluff” and “I can’t be with someone if I don’t respect what they do.” Viewers definitely don’t agree with Jerry making the mistake of insulting Marlene’s cashier job, but this is still one of the most unexpected and compelling dating moments on Seinfeld.

7 Elaine And J. Peterman

Jerry and Elaine’s Seinfeld friendship is often the focal point of the show, but Elaine also interacts a lot with her boss J. Peterman, and their manager/employee relationship is quirky and meaningful.

Peterman is definitely a bit odd, but that’s part of his charm and whenever he and Elaine chat, she’s pretty confused by what he’s talking about. Peterman puts Elaine in charge when he goes on a trip, and this is a huge step in her life. If it wasn’t for Peterman, Elaine wouldn’t come up with the iconic and classic Urban Sombrero.

6 Morty And Jerry

Just like Seinfeld fans look forward to seeing George and his mom fighting when rewatching the sitcom, there’s something perfect about Jerry’s relationship with his dad.

None of the characters on this beloved sitcom enjoy being inconvenienced or dealing with people who they don’t like, but Morty definitely takes it to a whole new level. Morty hates a lot of things: being delayed at the doctor, his neighbors in Florida, and most of all, velcro. Jerry knows that Morty will always feel better once he’s gotten the chance to get his complaints out of his system.

5 Elaine And Puddy

Fans enjoy Elaine and David Puddy’s relationship, as it’s messy and strange and it never seems like they’re well-matched.

Puddy seems to represent all the problems that Elaine has with commitment and long-term relationships as she doesn’t like when Puddy changes or when she learns something about him that she didn’t know about. Puddy isn’t thrilled with Elaine either, and watching these two characters treat each other immaturely is always pure comedy.

4 Jerry And Bania

Kenny Bania is a memorable Seinfeld side character and his relationship with Jerry is frustrating, creating a lot of great drama.

When Bania keeps asking Jerry to pay for a meal that doesn’t include soup, this leads to one of the show’s most popular plotlines. Jerry and Bania have such an awkward time dealing with each other that it’s hard not to want to keep watching them together.

3 Jerry And Elaine

Whether Elaine and Jerry are wondering about their romantic relationship or just staying friends, their interactions are always going to make fans smile. It’s easy to imagine them getting back together as they’re both intelligent yet can’t stand being inconvenienced. But at the same time, they’re almost too similar to keep dating.

2 Kramer And Newman

Through Newman’s best Seinfeld episodes, viewers see Kramer and Newman’s good friendship, and their odd and offbeat behavior makes them so close.

While it might be hard for viewers to always understand Kramer and Newman’s actions or motivations, they do truly get each other, and it’s interesting to see how their relationship evolves over the seasons. They support each other no matter what and show that true friendship means being in someone’s corner.

1 Jerry And George

When talking about the best relationships on Seinfeld, it’s impossible to leave out Jerry and George, who have a sweet and quirky friendship that means a lot to both of them.

Whether Jerry is wondering out loud how George can get away with being unemployed for so long, or George is coming up with his wild ideas, these Seinfeld characters are beloved and special. The show wouldn’t feel the same without their constant discussions of everything under the sun, especially since they can talk about the smallest and most insignificant subject and make it seem very important.

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