Letterkenny: 10 Strongest Characters

Letterkenny is packed to the brim with hicks, skids, and gym rats, but these ten are the absolute strongest in the series.

Letterkenny, Ontario is a small rural community rich in personality, tradition, and family values. Despite this, there’s nothing most of the residents enjoy more than a barn-burning street brawl. Fights in hockey may be expected, but in Letterkenny, it’s commonplace for brawls to break out during even the most mundane of events such as curling or cribbage.

All this to say, the province is packed to the brim with powerful hicks, skids, and jocks chomping at the bit to throw down. To the degens that find themselves face-to-face with the Letterkenny elite included in this list, it’s best to just run away from these strong residents.


The resident ringleader of Letterkenny’s skids is not known for his strength. Throughout most of the series, Stewart prefers to achieve body highs with recreational drugs rather than fist fighting or bodybuilding. Despite this, Stewart is forced to bulk up when some friends run afoul of a competing drug dealer.

This storyline sees Stewart transform from a sickly basement dweller into a toned athletic specimen. While he still is not a great fighter, his combination of dance skills and WWE knowledge make him very capable in a battle. At one point, he even manages to slam his opponent with John Cena’s signature move, the Attitude Adjustment.


McMurray doesn’t frequently find himself involved in the show’s many fight sequences, but he’s always a welcome addition when included. His farming lifestyle and frequent chicken dancing keep him in great physical shape. Additionally, he brings an unhinged attitude that is intimidating to some and terrifying to most.

Even though McMurray is formidable, he still doesn’t hold a candle to many of the town’s stronger residents. Any fight between McMurray and the heavyweights higher on the list would not end well for the Ag Hall President.


Although he is often overlooked due to being the smallest of the hicks, Daryl has proven to be more than capable in physical confrontations. He isn’t shown fighting in any one-on-one bouts, but he’s never afraid to throw his hat in the ring when things start getting wild.

His title of “Legend-Dary”, is rightfully earned. Not only does he save Squirrely Dan from a thrashing at the hands of Sammy Sammich, but he also saves Wayne when he’s cornered by the leader of the degens, Alistair Orson Westwood Yates. He may not rank very high on this list, but Daryl should be appreciated for more than just penning some of Letterkenny‘s funniest quotes.


Letterkenny‘s nearly inseparable duo of Reilly and Jonesy may not be the toughest players on the ice, but they’re never afraid to step up when it’s “tilly time” or fight time, as it’s known to those that don’t use the show’s hysterical slang terms. After taking some brutal beatings early on in the series, the two go on to gain much more respect when it comes to both scoring goals and throwing hands.

Ultimately, their strength is capped by their desire to improve it. Reilly and Jonesy are more focused on “scoring takedowns with big city slams” than becoming the best at anything. They could easily become stronger if they just quit skipping leg days.

6Squirrely Dan

It’s been established on several occasions that Squirrely Dan is not an aggressive person. He’s made it very clear that there is always an alternative to violence, and he would always rather take that path. On the other hand, he’s not afraid to battle when things go south.

Dan is a heavyset fellow and isn’t afraid to use that to his advantage. He’s been seen on-screen running over gentlemen like he was an NFL running back. However, mass is not the same thing as strength. Dan can hold his own, but he’d need to work on refining his raw power before he’s among Letterkenny’s strongest. Despite falling short in this category, Squirrely Dan is still one of the funniest characters on one of Hulu’s best-ranked shows.


Gail’s cousin Bradley only visits Letterkenny for a short time, but he makes a strong impression. Initially brought in to ward off upcountry degens from MoDean’s, the situation turns when Wayne, Dan, and Daryl drink way more than they can handle. Frustrations rise and Bradley knocks out Daryl and Dan with two quick blows.

Despite his strong admiration for Bradley, Wayne rushes to his friends’ defense and puts Bradley on the mat. Unfortunately for viewers, the brawl between Wayne and Bradley takes place off-screen. It’s revealed that Wayne emerges victorious, but it would have been fun to see what surely was a brawl for the ages.


Although Shoresy has become famous for his chirping both on and off the ice, he’s shown on several occasions that he’s no slouch if the gloves have to come off. When he’s not too busy courting his teammate’s mothers, he’s one of the province’s best fighters and hockey players.

Shoresy does not adhere to any rules whatsoever, and that makes him an incredibly dangerous combatant. These dirty tactics may have gained him a reputation of being a snake, but to Shoresy, a win is a win. He lives by the popular mantra, “They don’t ask how they ask how many.”


When Tyson is first introduced, he charges into the local tavern and challenges Wayne for the title of the toughest guy in Letterkenny. Before the fight begins, Tyson catches Wayne with a sucker punch and the hick hits the mat hard.

Although Wayne manages to get back up and emerge victoriously, it’s established that Tyson is a top-tier martial artist. His Muay Thai abilities make him one of the most formidable fighters in Letterkenny. He may be lacking when it comes to pure strength, but his training and discipline hide it very well.

2Joint Boy

A local boxing legend and cannabis enthusiast, Joint Boy is a massive human being who simply looks like he was born to scrap. As Squirrely Dan says “This guy looks like an Australian rugbies player, chiseled out of stones.” As part of a running Letterkenny joke, JB is usually found at the gym, smoking joints, or both.

With his massive frame and dominating physique, Joint Boy simply fears nobody. He’s previously claimed that he could successfully “beat the f*ck out of 95% of the population on Earth.” After watching Joint Boy’s antics on-screen, it’s fair to wonder if 95% might be a little bit low.


As the self-proclaimed toughest guy in Letterkenny, it’s no surprise to see Wayne atop this list. He’s repeatedly demonstrated that he’s both willing and able to take down any challengers to his crown.

To date, Wayne has ended all his fights with his hand raised. Some of his opponents may possess more raw power or agility, but Wayne’s combination of agricultural strength and street fighting discipline make him the king of this small-town arena.

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