Robert Pattinson Admits To Auditioning For Twilight On Valium

Robert Pattinson admits that he took Valium for the first time right before his Twilight audition because he was "freaking out" and didn't want to go.

Robert Pattinson admits to being on Valium during his audition for Twilight. Based on the best-selling YA romance book series by Stephenie Meyer, the first Twilight movie released in 2008 and was met with mixed-to-negative reviews from critics. The film follows Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) who, after moving to the Pacific Northwest, falls in love with her mysterious classmate, Edward Cullen (Pattinson), who turns out to be an immortal vampire.

The first Twilight film was a big hit at the box office, making over $407 million on a $37 million budget. Four sequels were released in the following four years, with The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 2 wrapping up Bella and Edward’s storyline. Although many fans have struggled to separate Pattinson from his role as Edward, he has since starred in a number of critically acclaimed, auteur-driven films, including High Life, Good Time, The King, and The Lighthouse. He also recently appeared in Christopher Nolan’s mind-bending action blockbuster Tenet and is set to make his return to big franchise entertainment with Matt Reeves’ upcoming The Batman.

In a new interview with GQ, Pattinson reveals that he actually did his first audition for Twilight while under the influence of Valium. After explaining that he was sleeping on his agent’s couch at the time, he says he was so overcome with anxiety and nervousness that his agent suggested he take one of her Valium pills. Not only did it help him get to the audition, but the actor believes it might’ve even helped him secure the role. Check out Pattinson’s full comment below:

I’d started to develop this absolute terror of auditions, which I’m sure a lot of actors have. I could be so enthusiastic about something and then the day of the audition my confidence would just entirely collapse. The same thing happened the morning of the Twilight audition.

I used to live on my agent’s couch at the time in her apartment, and she sent me the e-mail exchange. It was like, “I’m freaking out, I don’t want to go to the audition anymore.” And underneath, [she replied], “Well, find Valium in my bathroom,” and I’d never taken a Valium before. I just remember feeling so glorious in the back of the taxi with the window open and just being like, “Wow, this is what I’ve been missing.” I think I had this sort of quite spacey, detached kind of thing in the audition, which must have worked for the character.

Considering how big of a star Pattinson is now, it’s hard to imagine the actor being so nervous for an audition. Clearly, however, anxiety can affect even the most talented of actors, and Pattinson is no exception. For any other role, the Valium very easily could have had a negative effect on his audition, but Edward’s detached, mysterious persona thankfully seems to have matched up perfectly with his more spaced-out acting style while under the medication’s influence.

Although Pattinson continues to be known for his role in Twilight, the actor has since branched out and greatly diversified his filmography, appearing in everything from big-budget action thrillers to more obscure indie movies. If Pattinson hadn’t taken that Valium before his Twilight audition he very well might not have gotten the part, which means The Batman would likely be featuring a completely different lead actor. Fortunately, it sounds like Pattinson is more comfortable auditioning now than he was before Twilight and he is set to grace the big screen once more on February 18 when The Batman officially releases.

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