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Grey’s Anatomy: The Worst Ship In Each Season

Fans love watching the epic romances on Grey's Anatomy, but every season of the hospital drama has one couple who don't seem very well-matched.

Although the long story arcs and patients with fascinating situations are great reasons to tune into Grey’s Anatomy, many fans like keeping up with the dramatic love stories. While it’s fun to watch the highs and lows that the main couples experience, and it’s inevitable that there will be problems over 18 seasons, there are some relationships that really struggle and seem to have too many problems to survive.

In every season of Grey’s Anatomy, there is one couple who shouldn’t be together, or perhaps fans love watching them but can admit that this is a moment when they have to work through some big issues.

18 Season 1: Addison And Derek

Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy improves, including the final episode when fans discover that Derek is married to Addison.

Since fans love watching Derek and Meredith’s feelings develop, it’s impossible to think that Derek and Addison should be together, especially since Derek isn’t honest about being married and he’s cheating on his wife.

17 Season 2: George And Meredith

Sadly, Grey’s Anatomy fans don’t get to see George in a happy relationship. His romances with Callie and Izzie feel lackluster, and when he and Meredith sleep together in season 2, it’s not a great moment, either.

Viewers would rather see Meredith and George as friends and it does seem like they lack the sparks that they would need to try a real relationship.

16 Season 3: Burke And Cristina

Cristina and Burke have a dramatic relationship that feels off from the beginning. Cristina knows that she doesn’t want to get married and have children, but she ignores her feelings and agrees to marry Burke.

When Burke leaves Cristina on their wedding day, it’s a harsh reminder that they’re badly matched. It’s also proof that Burke could have said something much earlier as this is a lot of pain for Cristina to deal with.

15 Season 4: George And Izzie

In some cases, a friendship can become a meaningful romance. In the case of George and Izzie, it’s best to stay platonic.

Fans have trouble cheering these characters on when they try to date in season 4, and the whole relationship feels like a mistake. They’re both trying hard to make something happen that just doesn’t feel natural.

14 Season 5: Izzie And Denny

When fans look back on Grey’s Anatomy storylines, they don’t love the season 5 episode “What A Difference A Day Makes” because Izzie sleeps with Denny’s ghost.

It’s awful that Izzie loses someone who she has fallen in love with, but it’s tough watching her cut his LVAD wire and face massive repercussions. Izzie and Denny’s situation is just too complicated.

13 Season 6: Cristina And Owen

In season 6, Cristina and Owen fight over work and Cristina’s jealousy over Teddy, which makes it hard to think that this relationship will last.

Cristina is right to wonder about Teddy as Owen and Teddy have always loved each other. But instead of having honest conversations about this topic and how they want to proceed as a couple, Owen and Cristina passionately argue.

12 Season 7: Cristina And Owen

In season 7, Cristina and Owen are still having major relationship problems, making them the worst ship yet again.

Although these characters really do love each other, they just don’t want the same things, and it feels like they’re constantly dancing around their biggest issue (disagreeing about having kids) and hoping that it will magically go away.

11 Season 8: Meredith And Derek

Derek and Meredith’s worst Grey’s Anatomy actions can be tough to watch. Although a beloved couple, Derek and Meredith’s relationship doesn’t shine in season 8.

The characters fight a lot about work and how they’re going to balance their family and professional responsibilities, and it’s hard to think that Derek really cares about Meredith’s career as much as his own.

10 Season 9: Arizona And Lauren

When Arizona sleeps with Lauren, her relationship with Callie begins to fall apart even more, making it hard to root for Arizona and Lauren.

If Arizona and Callie had never dated, then maybe Arizona and Lauren would be a great couple. But Arizona makes a terrible mistake that has a big impact on the person who she loves and it’s tough to watch her do this.

9 Season 10: April And Matthew

April doesn’t end up marrying Matthew and runs off with Jackson instead, and while April and Matthew do tie the knot later on, they aren’t the best couple at this point in the show.

It feels like April has been ignoring her strong feelings for Jackson and that makes it impossible for her to really commit to Matthew. April needs to be honest about what she wants and while it’s too bad that she runs off on her wedding day, at least she comes to this conclusion.

8 Season 11: Jo And Alex

While many Grey’s Anatomy fans think that Jo is more perfect for Alex than Izzie, season 11 isn’t Jo and Alex’s best season.

The couple has poor communication, as Jo doesn’t realize what Alex is talking about and purchases an apartment, and while they do commit to each other later on in the series, it’s hard to cheer them on at this moment. Both characters need to be more honest about what they want.

7 Season 12: Will And Meredith

While fans know that Meredith has to move on with a new relationship at some point, she’s not yet ready to date, and it’s a dramatic disaster when she tries to go out with Will in season 12.

It’s possible to see this as bad timing, or maybe some fans don’t think that Will and Meredith are a great match, but either way, it’s just not possible for them to start a relationship right now.

6 Season 13: Jo And Paul

Viewers know that Jo has a difficult past, but when her husband Paul comes to the hospital in season 13, it becomes clear that she ran away from an abusive partner.

It’s impossible to think that Jo and Paul should be together, and fans want nothing more than for Paul to finally leave Jo alone and let her move on in peace.

5 Season 14: Maggie And Jackson

Fans don’t like watching Maggie and Jackson together, and as their love story begins in season 14, it’s awkward and tough seeing them fall for each other.

Viewers don’t think that the couple has much in common or that they seem well suited at all. It’s much easier to ship Jackson and April and Winston and Maggie.

4 Season 15: Owen And Amelia

The worst couple in season 15 of Grey’s Anatomy is definitely Owen and Amelia, who are in a strange place.

In season 13, Amelia and Owen experience tension about whether they’ll start a family, and Amelia runs away. Even though they’re back together in season 15, it’s tough to think that they’ve gotten through these tough times and their relationship always feels broken.

3 Season 16: Izzie And Alex

After Jo and Alex get married, it seems like they’re finally past their insecurities and pain, which is why it’s so tough to watch Alex leave Jo and move away to be with Izzie and their children.

It’s tough for many viewers to think that Izzie and Alex are meant to be together since they’ve spent so much time apart. If he really loved Izzie all of this time, then why didn’t he leave earlier, and why did he marry Jo?

2 Season 17: Link And Amelia

Grey’s Anatomy fans debate Link and Amelia, and by the end of season 17, they can be considered the worst ship of these episodes.

When Link wants to marry Amelia, she doesn’t seem interested, and since they disagree about taking their relationship to the next level, it’s tough to support their romance.

1 Season 18: Link And Jo

While Link and Jo have a heartwarming platonic relationship that fans love watching, it might be hard for some viewers to root for them dating in season 18.

Although they have feelings for each other, Link still loves Amelia, which complicates matters and makes it seem like Link needs to figure some things out before pursuing a new relationship with Jo.

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