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Fans Think Jude Law’s Daughter Is The Next Kendall Jenner, And Here’s Why

Meet Iris, Jude Law's 5'4'' daughter who just walked in Paris Fashion Week (where some people called her a 'nepotism doll')...

Who was the highest paid model in 2021? Kendall Jenner, of course. But Jude Law’s daughter might be coming for her gig.

Iris Law is about to turn 21 and she’s been landing major brand campaigns for a few years now. She was a face of Burberry in 2017, got a Chanel Beauty contract in 2020, and is currently a brand ambassador for Dior Beauty and Bulgari. The UK has loved Iris for a while, but the rest of the world just woke up to her icon status potential after her shaved head turned heads at Paris Fashion Week.

Here’s what people are saying about Iris and her similarities to Ms. Jenner:

A ‘Nepotism Doll’?

The biggest reason Iris and Kendall keep being compared is that they’re both models whose careers benefit from family connections- and they’re not alone!

Remember Cindy Crawford and Kate Moss? Their days on the runway carved out our current definition of ‘supermodel,’ and now Kaia Gerber and Lila Moss and raking in the jobs largely thanks to features their famous moms passed down.

Should celebrity kids get praised for success in industries that already know and love their parents? Twitter has opinions.

This Tweet by @WrittenByHanna reads “new nepotism doll just dropped” on an image of Iris at Paris Fashion Week.

It earned thousands of ‘likes’ and comments from fans who agree Iris’ success comes from nepotism.

Replies calling her a “nepotism child,” “nepotism ‘it’ girl,” and one of Hollywood’s “trust fund babies” got hundreds of likes of their own.

“She’s a 5’4” model, hmmm,” reads one of many Tweets doubting her runway potential.

“If i see one more headline about so+sos daughter who is nothing more than the basic white girl,” another Tweet about Iris adds, “i am going to throw my phone at the wall.”

This issue hits hard for people! So hard that even some celebrities are speaking out against it. Maisie Williams of ‘Game of Thrones’ actually developed an app to help all of us content consumers to identify nepotism in the entertainment industry. (You can watch Maisie talk about that in her own words right here.)

Iris Sounds like Kendall

“If you pull her string she says that she got where she is cause of hard work” reads another Tweet with about 270 likes.

Remember when Kendall claimed her immense privilege wasn’t the source of her success? Fans didn’t love it.

“Of course, I had a platform and I never took that for granted, I always knew that was there, but that almost made my job a little bit harder,” Kendall told E! back in June. “I literally went to the middle of nowhere castings. I definitely worked my way to where I am now.”

Like Kendall, Iris has said her gigs are the result of her own effort. In a July 2021 interview with Evening Standard she acknowledged her parents’ industry connections, but said their most valuable influence is giving her a strong work ethic.

“I’m so lucky to have such amazing people to look up and ask for advice,” Iris explained. “If there’s anything I’m doing that’s new, my parents have done before, they’re always a phone call away [telling me] to be polite, to be on time, to be attentive, to work really hard.”

Not Her First Controversy

She’s new to the runway, but Iris has been in the public eye her whole life. Her most jaw dropping moment so far came at age two when she swallowed an ecstasy tablet at a Soho nightclub.

As The Guardian reported, “Iris Law was taken to hospital after her mother noticed that she had picked something up off the floor and put it in her mouth […] A spokeswoman for Soho House refused to comment on the incident.” The internet didn’t forget. Some responses to Iris’ model moments on IG involve references to that time (“remember that story was everywhere?”) and shock that the same kid is almost 21 (“How is she all grown up now ??”).

She Might Get a Pass for ‘Being Fabulous’

About half of the Tweets and IG comments about Iris are defending her right to the spotlight. They argue that she “ate” every fashion week look she wore. Girl’s got style!

“IMHO it’s tolerable because at least she’s actually pulling off the look unlike a lot of her fellow trust fund babies,” reads a Tweet with about 270 likes.

Others call out celebrity kids who are doing it ‘right’ like Iris might be: “This. If you’re gonna be a nepotism child be a Laura Dern or a Bella Hadid and never walk in a gig without fully understanding the assignment.”

As for the height issue, a lot of fans don’t think being short disqualifies Iris from serving PFW looks. As one fan put it, “I’m accepting this one cause she’s giving face.”

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