What Happened To Romilda Vane From ‘Harry Potter’?

The actress who played Romilda Vane made an impact on fans of Harry Potter, but where is she now?

The highly successful Harry Potter franchise certainly introduced audiences around the world to an entire group of Hollywood up-and-comers that have since made their mark in the business.

Of course, this includes Daniel Radcliffe who famously played the films’ titular character. And then, there are also Radcliffe’s fellow lead actors, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint.

Aside from them, however, the films also feature an incredible supporting cast, which also included a lot of fresh talent (except for the actor who was meant to play Peeves, of course).

Among them is Anna Shaffer who famously played Gryffindor witch Romilda Vane in the movies. Shaffer may have only appeared towards the end of the franchise’s eight-film run.

Nonetheless, it seems the actress made quite an impression since she’s become busier than ever since.

Anna Shaffer’s Time On ‘Harry Potter’ Was ‘Magical’

Shaffer may have had the briefest of storylines in the franchise, but it didn’t matter. It was her first film, and she loved every minute of it.

“It was magic,” the actress told Greek Girl Authority. “I also made friends for life, it was an unforgettable experience.” At the same time, Shaffer was aware that she’ll probably not find a film project as big as Harry Potter anytime soon.

“Obviously coming from such a huge film franchise meant that whatever I did next was going to feel strange but I feel so lucky that I was young enough that as incredible as the experience was I still just wanted to be a normal kid and hang out with my friends in the park,” the actress explained.

“I’ve always just wanted to be in things that I would love to watch myself and feel really grateful and proud that for the most part that’s what I’ve managed to do!”

And while Shaffer is yet to sign on to another movie franchise, the actress has certainly already made strides in her acting career.

In fact, she scored a highly coveted role in a series that everyone can’t stop talking about in recent years.

Anna Shaffer Got Cast In This Hit Series A Few Years Back

Just a few years after working on Harry Potter, Shaffer scored a role in the Netflix fantasy series The Witcher, which is headlined by Henry Cavill.

The actress was cast as Triss Merrigold who becomes a love interest to Cavill’s Geralt. Admittedly, the show’s first season wasn’t as successful as everyone had hoped.

“One of the problems when S1 came out was that a lot of game fans thought it would be a replica of the game, but we are adapting books,” Shaffer said at the East European Comic Con. “Ultimately fantasy is fantasy, it can have a little bit of fun and have a different on take on…looks, for example.”

By the time season 2 came around though, it seemed fans were absolutely onboard. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Shaffer also enjoyed working with her Superman co-star (though she isn’t one of the series’ top earners).

“Working with Henry was great because he is lovely and right for this character.” And while the two may have gotten along really well, Cavill has always believed that his character was never meant to be with Shaffer’s Triss.

“For me, when I played the games and especially when I read the books, I feel it’s always been true to Geralt’s core is Team Yennefer [Anya Chalotra],” the actor told Digital Spy on the red carpet.

Anna Shaffer Has Moved On From Romilda Vane

Throughout her career, Shaffer also took on various small roles in shows such Class, Cuckoo, and Zapped. In addition, the actress briefly joined the cast of ITV’s crime Fearless, which saw Shaffer reunite with her former Harry Potter co-star, the late Helen McCrory.

Later on, she joined the cast of the British soap opera Hollyoaks. In the series, Shaffer played teen Ruby Button, a character that, she believes, has been misunderstood.

“She means well!” the actress told Channel 4. “Ruby is just a bit lost and easily lead. She can definitely be bitchy, but I think she’s been misguided.”

At the same time, Shaffer admitted that the character was someone she shares some similarities with. “I hope I’m not quite as pathetic as Ruby!” the actress remarked. “But I can definitely relate to the struggles she goes through growing up.”

Beyond The Witcher, it is unclear what’s next for Shaffer at the moment. The actress has hinted that she has wanted to pursue more series work, especially if it involves Shondaland.

“I am a Shonda Rhimes MEGA FAN,” Shaffer confessed. “So to be part of Shonda Land [sic] in any capacity would be an absolute dream come true.” Perhaps, Shaffer can be Grey’s Anatomy’s newest intern?

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