What Fans Think About Alexandra Daddario’s Relationship With Her Older Boyfriend, Andrew Form

Most of the mixed reactions from Daddario's fans has to do with the fact that Andrew is 52 and Alexandra is only 35 years old.

While there was a time when Alexandra Daddario was still single, those days are gone. Even though Alexandra seemingly had to fight for her star-making role on True Detective, she likely didn’t have to work too hard to snag Andrew Form. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if Alexandra barely had to work for any of the men in his romantic history. This is because she is not only one of the most beautiful women currently working in Hollywood but she is also effervescent and unbelievably likable. Her new boyfriend, on the other hand, seems to be getting a bit of a mixed reaction from Alexandra’s die-hard fans. Most of this has to do with the fact that Andrew is 52 and Alexandra is only 35… Yeah… a big age gap.

Much like her White Lotus co-star, Sydney Sweeney (whose boyfriend revelation angered a lot of fans), there’s been a ton of reaction to Alexandra’s choice of man. Of course, the fact that Alexandra is all about posting PDA-heavy photos of her and her much older boyfriend doesn’t help calm the stormy waters. Here’s what her fans are really saying about her new relationship with the film producer.

Who Is Alexandra Daddario’s Boyfriend, Andrew Form?

Before we can talk about their relationship, we have to get into who exactly Alexandra Daddario’s new boyfriend actually is. Andrew Form is an acclaimed film producer who partnered with Bradley Fuller and Transformers director Michael Bay to start Platinum Dunes production company. Since then, he has had his hand in numerous big-budget films like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as well as a huge assortment of horror films. In fact, it seems as though horror films are Andrew’s forte as he’s been a producer and executive producer on movies like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Nightmare On Elm Street, and the Friday The 13th remakes. Additionally, he’s also one of the leading talents behind The Purge films and even A Quiet Place and A Quiet Place Part 2.

Given Andrew’s high profile in Hollywood, it’s not surprising that he met Alexandra Daddario. While their age difference is a tad peculiar, Andrew has been linked to young, Hollywood starlets before. Namely, Jordana Brewster, who he actually married and had a son with.

Yep, Alexandra has bagged herself a divorced daddy.

The pair were first spotted together in May 2021, but it appears as though they’ve been dating since at least early April. And since then, the pair have gotten hot and heavy really fast. There doesn’t seem to be a week that goes by that Alexandra doesn’t post a photo of her cuddling up to Andrew. While some of their photos together are of them doing extravagant things, others are simply images of them holding hands or sitting by the water with captions that include their banter or little romantic affirmations. It’s all very cutesy and this has caused fans to react… quite colorfully…

The Fans Are Jealous Of Alexandra And Andrew Or Are Put-Off By Their Age Difference

Of course, fans love to share their thoughts publicly in the captions of a celebrities Instagram account. Given that Alexandra has posted a few photos with her and her much older boyfriend, there has been quite an obvious and somewhat consistent fan reaction. While there are more than enough supportive fans out there (even if they are a little jealous) the many of those who take the time to write something tend to be those with negative thoughts. The most common criticism has to do with Alexandra’s choice to be with an older man.

One Instagram user wrote, “I think there has to be some childhood issues that make you look into this older man’s eyes and soul and feel you’re in love. Seriously. Love is love sure but damn.”

Another wrote, “Is that guy your uncle?”

And another, harsher Instagram user said, “The guy is in his 50s and only makes s*** films like the purge, TMNT and Friday 13th remakes, seriously the world depresses me with how messed up it is. A normal young lady does that with a guy twice her age they get shunned, but it’s ok for a celebrity ffs…”

While there are more than enough negative fan reactions to go around, the most common does seem to be harmless jealousy. After all, Alexandra Daddario is seen as a total snack. Simultaneously the approachable girl next door and also a sex symbol for an entire generation. Therefore there’s a lot of comments on her Instagram (as well as on Twitter) along the lines of “I now know who the luckiest man alive is”, or “This pic is killing me”, or even “If I were starring into your eyes, I wouldn’t look that bored” (referring to a pic of Alexandra and Andrew where he doesn’t appear to be in the moment).

The smartest fans seem to be the ones who write comments like, “I’m here for the comment section”. They know they’re going to get a show… even if it’s a slightly desperate and depressing one. As for Alexandra, it seems highly unlikely that she cares what any of her fans think. After all, she appears head over heels in love with Andrew and isn’t afraid to scream it to the world… Her copious PDA photos on Insta appear to prove that…

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