Game Of Thrones: 10 Funniest Quotes From The Series

While Game of Thrones is known for its epic battles and violent deaths, there are still several funny quotes that fans might have missed.

HBO’s Game of Thrones came to its conclusion in 2019, yet there is no doubt the cultural phenomenon will continue being a topic of conversation for years to come. While the series has a reputation for being fiercely violent, there are still plenty of funny quotes that fans may have forgotten about.

Several characters were introduced across the eight seasons, however, only a select handful had an eye for comedy. Within the violent deaths and brutal torture lies plenty of witty banter and hilarious lines from the characters in Game of Thrones.

Tyrion’s Unparalleled Description Of Joffrey

“We’ve Had Vicious Kings And We’ve Had Idiot Kings, But I Don’t Know If We’ve Ever Been Cursed With A Vicious Idiot For A King.”

Although Joffrey was despised by every fan, Jack Gleeson’s performance as the spiteful King was something to remember. While he made some horrific decisions in his short reign as King, his Uncle Tyrion was one of the few people that told him how it was.

After Joffrey provokes a riot at Kings Landing, Tyrion shouts at him, telling him that he is effectively one of the worst Kings they’ve ever had. A vicious idiot is a perfect way to describe Joffrey and while he is outraged by this comment; the comedy is heightened when Tyrion then slaps him around the face.

The Hound’s Secret Hate

“I Don’t Give Two S***S About Wildlings. It’s Ginger’s I Hate.”

In a world of epic battles and violent murders, there is still room for amusing characters, like The Hound, to steal the show. While he possessed plenty of anger and hatred towards the people around him, the delivery of his lines and choice of words resulted in him being incredibly funny at times.

On their journey to capture a white walker, Tormund approaches the Hound and asks him if hates wildlings. The Hound’s hilarious and blunt reaction doesn’t bother Tormund, only prompts the beginning of a brilliant conversation between two of the funniest characters.

Tyrion’s Unappreciated Joke

“Very Well. She’s A Lovely Girl. Missing Some Of Loras’ Favourite Bits But I’m Sure They’ll Make Do.”

There’s no better place for Tyrion Lannister than in a room with Tywin and Cersei. While they are two of the most serious characters and their family dynamic is far from normal, Tyrion’s humor seems to light up in their presence.

When Tywin explains that the Tyrells are plotting to marry Sansa to Loras, Tyrion is more than accepting. However, he is first to note that Sansa doesn’t possess a certain something that Loras desires. While Tywin claims that Tyrion’s jokes are not appreciated, they certainly are by the audience.

Tormund’s Comparison Of Two Queens

“And You Need To Convince The One With The Dragons? Or The One Who F***S Her Brother?”

Mad man Tormund Giantsbane was one of the standout characters in Game of Thrones, proving to be one of the best introduced after season 1. He was someone that provided comic relief wherever he could and his heartfelt friendship with Jon is a highly memorable aspect of the show.

When Jon realizes that he needs to prove that White Walkers are real, Tormund asks which Queen Jon needs to convince. The way he describes the two Queens is simply brilliant as there is no better way to tell them apart.

Tyrion’s Bright Idea

“Next Time I Have An Idea Like That, Punch Me In The Face.”

Tyrion Lannister is arguably the most popular character in Game of Thrones. While he is one of the more sympathetic characters, his dry sense of humor means he is responsible for some of the best and funniest one-liners in the show.

In season 6, Tyrion comes inches away from death when he sets Rhaegal and Viserion free. While he often displayed impressive intellect, this was certainly a time where Tyrion got lucky. When he leaves the pit of the Great Pyramid alive and sees Varys, it’s clear he realized how reckless the idea was.

Samwell’s Million Dollar Question

“Didn’t Know Where To Put It?”

The friendship between Samwell Tarly and Jon Snow was one of the most wholesome aspects of the show. While the two encounter several dangerous moments, they share many light-hearted conversations during their time at Castle Black, especially when the topic of girls comes up.

Noting that many officers from Castle Black sneak off the brothels, Sam expresses the unfairness of the situation to Jon. After Sam admits that he’s a virgin, Jon explains that he is too, however, once came close. Wondering why he didn’t go all the way, Sam suggests an amusing reason why Jon might have struggled.

Bronn’s Response To A Compliment

“That’s Like Saying I Have A Bigger C**K Than Anyone In The Unsullied Army.”

Within all the deceit and murder, Bronn stood as a light-hearted figure who gave audiences some hilarious quips during every season. No matter what the situation was, his dark sense of humor was always nearby, and that is why he is involved in some of the funniest scenes from Game of Thrones.

In season 6, Jaime and Bronn arrive at Riverrun where Jaime tells him that he believes Bronn has better instincts than any officer in the Lannister Army. Bronn is less than satisfied with this comment and responds with a hilarious comparison of his own.

Brynden Tully’s Opinion On Walder Frey

“I’ve Seen Wet S***S I Like Better Than Walder Frey.”

Despite only appearing in season 3 and season 6, Brynden Tully quickly made a name for himself. He was by far the most competent Tully, and his blunt nature meant he had no problem giving an honest opinion on others.

On the way to the Twins for the wedding of Edmure Tully, Catelyn informs them that they shouldn’t aggravate Walder Frey by being late because he is prickly by nature. Brynden isn’t overly keen on Catelyn’s choice of words and makes his dislike for Frey amusingly apparent.

The Hound’s Confusion

“What The F***S A Lommy?”

The Hound was a seriously violent and aggressive man, however, within him was a humorous side that stemmed from caring about nothing. In a surprising turn of events, The Hound and Arya formed an unlikely friendship, and they spent several seasons in each other’s company which makes for brilliant viewing.

In season 4, Arya and The Hound reach a tavern where Arya recognizes Polliver and explains that he killed Lommy. In genuine confusion, The Hound asks what a Lommy is and his unintentional comical delivery is near perfect.

Tyrion’s Ultimate Response

“As Has Jaime Repeatedly, According To Stannis Baratheon.”

Game of Thrones hosts several villains, but arguably none are worse than Cersei Lannister. While her character makes for incredible viewing, she is deeply despised, unlike her brother Tyrion. The two have always had a tricky relationship, but Tyrion’s quick wit around Cersei is what makes him hilarious to watch.

Believing he is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne; Stannis starts spreading the word that Joffrey is a bastard. When Cersei tells Tyrion that everything has fallen on her, Tyrion sees this as the perfect moment to bring up rumors of her affair in a hilarious fashion.

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