Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Best One-Shot Characters

In the FX series Sons Of Anarchy, some characters appeared in only a single episode. Despite the limited time, they still managed to impress.

In Sons of Anarchy, the most popular characters show up frequently, making audiences familiar with them. However, there were dozens of interesting outlaws and associates who appeared in only a single episode each. These characters either provided a break from the narrative or helped push it forward.

While some of these one-shot characters are forgettable, others leave a mark. This isn’t necessarily because they are likable but because they appear in memorable scenes or had unique traits. For some, the main players fill in their backgrounds through dialogue, letting fans feel like they had known these briefly seen characters for a while.

10 Kyle Hobart

This former SAMCRO member was excommunicated after he abandoned Opie while the two were committing a crime together. As a result, Opie was arrested and served five years in prison. When Kyle returned to Charming to see his daughter’s band play, the Sons forcefully burned off his SAMCRO back tattoo.

Though there were betrayals, club members were always expected to look out for each other on the show. By fleeing, Kyle not only demonstrated cowardice but a lack of concern. His decision-making was poor too, since he could have had his club tattoos removed in a safer manner by a professional instead of putting himself in a position where he’d get captured by the Sons and have the tats burned in what was one of the Sons of Anarchy scenes that fans still get nervous rewatching.

9 Russell Divine

Russell Divine, the leader of the Black Guerilla Family gang at the San Joaquin Correctional Facility was sought after by Clay, who wanted him and his gang to protect incarcerated Sons. He agreed to do it as long as the Sons outside the prison protected two excommunicated members of his gang.

For a gang leader with plenty of influence, Russell was very calm and understanding. Unlike other inmates, he wasn’t keen on engaging in violence. This could be seen when he tried to stop a riot. And even though he respected the Sons and could have afforded to protect them for nothing in return, he was smart enough to go for a “scrub my back and I’ll scrub yours” type of deal.

8 Benny

The SAMTAZ vice president made a deal with the president to deal heroin without informing his colleagues. When Clay discovered what was happening, he informed the rest of the SAMTAZ members. As a result, Benny was excommunicated.

Despite appearing only briefly, Benny stood out as one of the best non-SAMCRO bikers on the show. He was ruthless and manipulative, willing to frame associates to keep his secret business going. He also appeared to be more ambitious than most of the gangsters on the show, hence a longer story arc would have been better for him.

7 Bachman

Stephen King is one of the stars who fans forgot were on Sons of Anarchy. The legendary author played Bachman, a reputed Crescent City “cleaner” whom Tig hired to get rid of Amelia’s body. He normally charged a $3,000 fee but accepted $1,600 from Tig.

Though Stephen King has never really placed much focus on acting, he’s had a few minor roles in adaptations of his books. It was thus refreshing to see him on a show that was neither horror-related nor based on his work. King took the role simply because he was a fan. Bachman’s mannerisms were also creepy as he seemed to enjoy listening to ’80s ballads while dissolving the dead body.

6 Veronica Pope

The daughter of Oakland crime boss Damon Pope was seeing Laroy Wayne. While she was on a date with Laroy, Tig ran her over in an attempt to kill the One-Niners leader. He had wrongfully believed that the One-Niners had attacked Clay.

Veronica’s purpose on the show was to serve as the source of the feud between the Sons and Pope Partners Inc. Though the hit-and-run was one of the worst things Tig ever did on Sons of Anarchy, Damon Pope went too far while trying to exact vengeance on the bikers. Even after having Tig’s daughter and Opie killed, he still demanded more blood. Not one to be bullied, Jax tricked him into his own death.

5 Fawn Trager

Tig’s daughter Fawn was introduced in the most awkward manner. While looking for her in order to keep her safe from Pope, he found her having sex with a man. He then told her to go to a safe place before informing her that her sister had been killed. Jax would later give her boyfriend money to take her out of the town.

Fawn’s state showed just how much one person’s actions can inconvenience so many people around them. She was comfortable with her life, but she had to pack up and leave simply because her father had tried to kill an innocent man. Since she was never seen again, it was implied that her relationship with her father broke down completely. No one could fault her for being mad at him.

4 Dondo

David Hasselhof appeared on Sons of Anarchy as a porn director named Dondo. After Luann was murdered, Dondo assisted the Sons in finding her rival, Georgie, who was believed to be responsible for the death.

Thanks to Dondo’s intel, justice was eventually served. Georgie was quite the elusive character too, even moving to Thailand to start a new business. As someone who was in the same industry, Dondo understood Georgie’s moves, so he was in a better position to help. By going about the hunt themselves, the Sons would have had a hard time locating him and delivering street justice.

3 Chris Dun

Lin Triad member Chris Dun was first seen chatting with Gemma during Jax’s party in Stockton. Gemma later framed him for Tara’s death, and as a result, Jax killed him. It was one of the times fans truly hated Gemma on Sons of Anarchy.

Dun’s death was a sad moment because he gave the impression of a good man. During his chat with Gemma, it felt like the two would strike up a romance, but all she was really doing was preparing him for slaughter. Though he wasn’t on the show for long, his death was an important moment as it basically kick-started Jax’s downfall.

2 Ivo Alexei

Alexei attacked Jax at the Stockton State Prison for double-crossing the Russian mafia. He and his buddies were then attacked by SAMCRO-allied Mayans in the showers. Alexei was spared at the time, but Otto later stabbed him in the ear.

Only a few people had the guts to attack Jax, and Alexei showed just how courageous he was by doing this. Through him, the hierarchy of gangs in prison also became evident. The Russian mafia was clearly the lowest since they were on foreign soil. SAMCRO, on the other hand, had plenty of influence.

1 Warren

Warren approached Gemma in a bar, then flirted with her before the two slept together. He stole Gemma’s car while she was asleep, so Nero and the Sons tracked him down and took all the money he had.

Gemma was rarely outsmarted, and by being one of the only characters to do so, Warren stood out. Gemma’s alertness was always something to behold, so by stealing her car without her even noticing, Warren distinguished himself as a very sneaky thief in a town where there were plenty of criminals.

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