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Prison Break : 10 Characters Michael Could Have Ended Up With Other Than Sara

Michael and Sara's story is a romance for the ages. But there were other characters from Prison Break the young Scofield could've ended up with.

Michael Scofield was undoubtedly one of TV’s most desirable characters. Not only was he loved by fans but by many in and outside the walls of Fox River. With an undeniable charm and intelligence, Michael Scofield was able to enlist the help of many characters in order to facilitate his escape,  building various relationships along the way. 

Although it was the good Doctor Sara who he eventually ended up with, there were many characters in Prison Break who not only admired Michael but also loved him. So here are 10 other people Michael could’ve ended up with other than Sara.

10. Alexander Mahone

An individual who has constantly been taken aback by Michael’s intelligence is Alexander Mahone. We see this earlier in S2 when Mahone centers the entire Fox River 8 manhunt around Michael. In order to stop him, Michael also uses these exact tactics and the two become quite focused on each other.

Ultimately this obsession is what lands them both in jail in S3 where they build a surprising but tolerable relationship. It is in S4 that the two finally make amends and work together as a team against The Company,  which proved to be quite a success. Alex and Michael’s understanding of each other would have made for an intelligent union should they have ended up together. 

9. Katie

Although Sara Tancredi was part of Michael’s escape plan, there is a high possibility that Katie, the nurse at Fox River could have been allocated to treat Michael instead of Sara. We know that Katie often helped Sara with some of her patients and was very knowledgeable of patients’ conditions and backstories.

Should Katie had administered Michael’s insulin that day in the S1 premiere, it is possible that the two would have built a relationship instead. This meant that Katie would have helped Michael with the escape and the two may have ended up together.

8. Veronica Donovan

We know that Veronica Donovan,  Lincoln’s lawyer, and former girlfriend,  also had strong ties with Michael. After all, they all grew up together and Veronica often spoke of how much she knew the brothers and the way they functioned. Surprisingly,  it was revealed in the S1 flashback Episode 16 “Brothers Keeper” that Michael and Veronica were once interested in each other. After a drunken night out, the two nearly sleep with each other but are interrupted when Michael receives a call from Lincoln.

Remembering that Veronica was once Lincoln’s girlfriend, Michael tells Veronica that he thinks they shouldn’t go ahead with it. Should Michael and Veronica have spent the night, things could have turned out very differently for everyone involved as the two could have built a life together and ultimately ended up together. 

7. Nika

Nika Volek was, as we found out in the S1 Episode 10 “ Sleight Of Hand”,  Michael Scofield’s wife. Though this came as a surprise to everyone including to the inmates at Fox River, this union was purely a business based transaction for Michael. Up until S2, Michael had prearranged favors from Nika as part of the escape plan in exchange for a green card.

However as we find out in the S2 Episode 4 “ First Down”, Nika was actually in love with Michael the entire time and actually felt used by him. This meant that had Michael not gone to prison, he could have built a steady and loving relationship with Nika ending up with her instead of Sara. 

6. T Bag

Theodore ‘T Bag’ Bagwell has shown both admiration and vengefulness towards Michael Scofield. Ever since Michael’s first arrival at Fox River, T Bag has made various advances towards Michael, all of which were rejected. To show how much he wanted to stay with Michael, Tbag even handcuffed himself to the latter in the S1 Finale. He then coincidently found himself incarcerated in Sona with Michael in S3 and once again working both for and against the company with Michael in S4.

In S5, T Bag is also the one who receives clues that Michael could be alive.  It seems as though wherever Michael was, T Bag would also find his way there, and given the nature of this relationship, it is fair to consider that Michael and T Bag could have ended up together in an alternate Prison Break universe. 

5. Sucre

Sucre is Michael’s most trusted friend.  From life inside and outside of prison, their bond and loyalty towards one another have only grown stronger over the years. Sucre has been there to help Michael in any situation and vice versa. The two could have easily ended up together given that in S2 Episode 8 “Dead Fall” they planned to run away with Charles Westmorelands $5 million treasure. 

Though they both encountered troubles along the way, they always helped each other get across the line and reunite frequently to do so. Should they have ended up together, Sucre and Michael would have had the most trusting and loyal relationship in the series.  

4. Whip

Just like Sucre in previous seasons, Whip worked as Michael’s whip- hand (hence the name) in the show’s 5th season. Not only were the two teammates but also colleagues as they had previously broken out of prisons other than Ogygia before.

Whip had not only gotten used to Michael and his way of working but built a friendship with him over the years. Should Whip had survived, there is a high chance the two would have ended up together.

3. Lincoln 

It is an undeniable fact of the series that Michael loves his brother Lincoln and would do anything for him. We know that he was willing to go to extreme lengths for him even if it meant others or himself would get hurt. With that in mind, Michael’s original plan of escape was for him and Lincoln to live out their days in Panama.

In S1 and 2 the two often talked about owning a surf shop down there and living undetected forever. Should have everything gone according to plan, Michael could have lived out his happy ending with his brother. 

2. Anyone In His Previous Life

Prior to being an escaped convict, Michael Scofield was a renowned individual in his field of work. As a structural engineer, Michael definitely lived the upper-middle-class lifestyle frequenting white-collar bars and people.

This means that Michael could have ended up with any other individual his age or within his social stratosphere. With his charm, intelligence, and good looks, Michael was not only the whole package but one that would surprise and entertain anyone. 

1. Himself

Simultaneously, there is a high chance that Michael could also have ended up by himself. After all, when we first met him in S1, he looked like he had nothing to lose and had only Lincoln’s freedom as his main motivation.

Michael has even said that falling for Sara was not part of his plan and given that he had already established such intricate plans for life on the run, there surely would have been no time for him to find himself a partner along the way. A life of singleness definitely sounds like an option for any individual willing to sacrifice everything for their loved ones.

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