Harry Potter: The 10 Best Quotes From Return To Hogwarts

Throughout Return To Hogwarts, these stars deliver some truly delightful quotes, which provide revealing insights into Harry Potter's creation.

New Year’s Day saw the release of many exciting television specials, but one of the greatest was the Harry Potter reunion show “Return To Hogwarts.” This one-off factual program sees many of the franchise’s cast and crew come together to reflect on their time shooting one of Britain’s most famous fantasy sagas.

Throughout the 100 minute special, these stars deliver some truly delightful quotes, which provide some revealing insight into the creation of the Harry Potter movies. Fans have been enthusiastically sharing many of these lines since the reunion’s debut, with viewers enthralled by what the franchise’s cast and crew have to say.

Christopher Columbus:

 “I Was Always Adamant That Hogwarts Should Feel Like A World That Shouldn’t Exist In Reality.”

Director of the first two Harry Potter movies, Christopher Columbus brought his own unique style to the fantasy series. “Return To Hogwarts” features the director explaining his approach to the franchise, as he explains his thinking process behind his work on The Philosopher’s Stone and The Chamber Of Secrets.

Columbus envisions the Wizarding school as a place divorced from reality, as his words suggest a whimsical take on the Hogwarts location. Columbus’ work on these movies perfectly captured the sense of childlike awe and wonder upon seeing the castle for the first time, and his statement here reflects this more guileless approach nicely.

Tom Felton:

“I Thought Richard Harris Worked Here As A Tour Guide For A While!”

Tom Felton delivered some of the evilest quotes as Draco Malfoy, but his real-life persona as a child was somewhat different. In “Return To Hogwarts,” Felton discusses his experience working with some of Britain’s most famous actors at such a young age when he was significantly less aware of their illustrious careers.

The actor provides an amusing anecdote, as he recalls believing that Richard Harris was a tour guide.  Felton’s worldview during his childhood meant that he saw these esteemed actors as more ordinary folk, rather than as the famous public figures they had become.

Ralph Fiennes:

“I Didn’t Think Voldemort Was That Human. He Was The Essence Of Evil.”

Ralph Fiennes brought a great sense of menace as Voldemort, helping to cement the wizard as arguably one of cinema’s greatest villains. “Return To Hogwarts” features the actor detailing his process towards playing this nefarious character, offering his own take on JK Rowling’s wicked creation.

Fiennes proves exactly why he was the right choice to play Lord Voldemort, as he shows a clear understanding of the character’s spirit. The actor paints the Wizarding dictator as a man who is devoid of humanity, and who as a result acts as the physical embodiment of evil. Ralph Fiennes presents a deep and layered perspective on Voldemort, demonstrating the impressive amount of thought he placed in his performance of the dark wizard.

Daniel Radcliffe:

“Emma Obviously Looked Very Beautiful In Her Dress, And Me And Rupert Looked Like Austin Powers’ Mates.”

Daniel Radcliffe provided some of the funniest quotes as Harry Potter, and the actor proves just as entertaining in the reunion special. Discussing Goblet Of Fire’s Yule Ball sequence, Daniel Radcliffe delivers an especially amusing quote, comparing himself and his co-star Rupert Grint’s appearance to “Austin Powers’ mates.”

This line is an entertainingly honest reflection on their presence in the Yule Ball sequence, as he compares their somewhat more outlandish clothes to Emma Watson’s elegant dress. Daniel Radcliffe utters these words in a hysterically deadpan manner, offering one of “Return To Hogwarts'” funniest moments.

Helena Bonham Carter:

“I Think It’s Great To Be A Misfit, And I Think That’s Why It’s Popular. Everybody Wants To Feel Like They Belong.”

Some of the franchise’s greatest characters are those who are perceived as ‘odd.’ Helena Bonham Carter believes these quirky individuals are a major factor behind the series’ popularity. “Return To Hogwarts” sees the actor give her verdict on why audiences have taken to these larger-than-life people.

Bonham Carter delivers a deep and meaningful speech here, as she speaks positively about the notion of being a “misfit.” The actor’s wise words feel true to the experiences of many fans, with the actor stating her view that these eccentric characters allow audiences to feel as though they belong.

Rupert Grint:

“David Yates Described Us As Astronauts, Because Nobody Else Has Experienced This On This Scale, And We’ll Always Be Bonded Over That.”

Rupert Grint has delivered some of the best quotes as Ron Weasley, and he also provides some great lines for “Return To Hogwarts.” The actor speaks favorably of his time starring in the fantasy franchise, as he fondly recalls how director David Yates described the series’ ambitions in regards to its younger cast.

Rupert Grint’s words reflect the unprecedented nature of the series’ production, which saw the child stars grow into adulthood over the course of the movies’ behind-the-scenes filming.  Grint talks of how Yates compared the young cast to ‘astronauts,’ as the children found themselves in the unique position of living their childhood on the set of a big-budget film franchise. It’s a magical and awe-inspiring quote, which speaks to the close bond that has formed between Harry Potter’s cast and crew.

Robbie Coltrane:

“The Legacy Of These Movies Is That My Children’s Generation Will Show Them To Their Children. So, You Could Be Watching Them In 50 Years’ Time, Easy. I’ll Not Be Here Sadly, But Hagrid Will…”

As Hogwart’s loveable gamekeeper Rubeus Hagrid, Robbie Coltrane embodies one of Harry Potter’s most endearing characters. The star features throughout the reunion special and gives one of the program’s most memorable lines as he discusses Hagrid’s undying popularity.

Robbie Coltrane’s speech feels somewhat bittersweet, with the actor reflecting on the sad reality that one day he will no longer be here. However, while Robbie Coltrane won’t always be around, Rubeus Hagrid will live on forever, in the eyes of viewers both new and old.

Emma Watson:

“There’s Something About Harry Potter That Makes Life Richer, Like When Things Get Really Dark And Times Are Really Hard, Stories Give Us Places We Can Go, Where We Can Rest, Feel Held…”

Emma Watson’s portrayal as Hermione Granger involved her delivering some of the best quotes in the series, resulting in some of the franchise’s most unforgettable moments. Watson also imparts a particularly impressive line in the “Return To Hogwarts” special, with the actor referring to the importance the Harry Potter stories can hold in the lives of others.

This quote by Emma Watson neatly conveys the power these narratives possess to transport their audience to other worlds. Watson’s words echo the Harry Potter series’ ability to act as a form of escapism from life’s darkest moments, as they provide a fun diversion from the real world. The actor aptly describes the value this series holds for many people, who would otherwise feel lost without Hogwarts waiting to welcome them home.

Daniel Radcliffe:

“I Do Love You And I Wish I’d Been Born 10 Years Earlier, Because Then I Might Have Been In With A Chance…”

Harry Potter and Bellatrix Lestrange are sworn enemies during the Harry Potter series, however, one revelation in “Return To Hogwarts” reveals their acting counterparts were much closer behind-the-scenes. The reunion special sees Daniel Radcliffe admit to developing a crush on Helena Bonham Carter, as Bonham Carter encourages the Potter star to read a letter he wrote at 17 years of age.

Radcliffe’s letter is hilarious to witness, as he confesses his romantic feelings towards his co-star. The actor expresses his wishes that he was born a decade earlier, representing a cheekier side to the actor’s off-screen personality. Daniel Radcliffe provides one of the special’s most humorous moments, that’s unlikely to be forgotten by viewers anytime soon.

Mark Williams:

“The Weasley Family Values Were Consideration, Thoughtfulness And Fun…”

As the Weasleys’ father figure Arthur, Mark Williams provides one of cinema’s greatest on-screen Dads. The actor also demonstrates a deep understanding of the family’s central ethos, expressing his own thoughts on what it means to be a Weasley in the “Return To Hogwarts” special.

This line from Williams acts as the perfect interpretation of the Weasley family motto, which he describes as “consideration, thoughtfulness, and fun.” The Weasleys become a second family for Harry, as they treat him as their own. Arthur, meanwhile, represents the family’s fun-loving nature, as he quizzes the Boy Who Lived on various muggle functions. Mark Williams’ words summarize the Weasleys’ kind attitude well, as they capture the family’s wholesome approach.

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