Anthony Hopkins Sequel Reportedly Becomes First Film To Shoot In Antarctica

Sequel to the virtually filmed thriller Zero Contact, starring Anthony Hopkins, reportedly becomes the first in history to film in Antarctica.

A sequel to Anthony Hopkins’ Zero Contact is reportedly the first feature film ever to shoot scenes in Antarctica. The thriller stars Hopkins as Finley Hart, a tech titan who, upon his death, entrusts five strangers across the globe to shut down potentially catastrophe-causing technology. Zero Contact, shot virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic, takes place almost entirely through Zoom sessions and video messages left by Hopkins’ Finley. Although producers Enderby Entertainment weren’t the first to release a movie filmed virtually, they were the first to release a feature-length film through the non-fungible token platform, Vuele.

And now, upcoming sequels to Zero Contact are looking to continue the movie’s unique streak, becoming the first films in history to shoot in Antarctica. During an interview with Deadline, director Rick Dugdale confirmed that 15 members of Zero Contact‘s cast and crew – not including Hopkins – made the trek to Antarctica to film scenes across six days. The team also received advice from explorer Sebastian Copeland and author David Childress to help them prep for their journey. Dugdale also spoke about the excess of protection the crew underwent to fend off the cold, saying they were advised to wear safety goggles as much as possible, hand-warmers were attached to cameras and the crew wore multiple layers to stay safe and warm.

It’s difficult to think of somewhere more incredible that Zero Contact could go, following Antarctica, but it hasn’t stopped producers from showing off other stunning locations in their quest to make the Hopkins thrillers a success. The first movie was filmed across 17 countries, and the upcoming sequels have so far touched down in 14 locations, including exotic locations, like Malaysia and Peru. Even if Zero Contact doesn’t evolve into the thriller franchise that Dugdale wants it to be, it’s interesting that it’s willing to experiment with so many factors. As moviemakers and moviegoers alike continue to adapt to the ever-changing Covid landscape, the future of cinema relies on the likes of Zero Contact to push boundaries, with its Zoom-centric storyline and unique NFT release. Zero Contact will become available to a wider audience in May, when the movie will receive a limited theatrical release.

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