Sons Of Anarchy: 10 Low-Key Villains On The Show

In addition to the outright antagonists on Sons of Anarchy, the FX motorcycle crime drama show features characters who aren't as good as they seem.

In Sons of Anarchy, the baddies aren’t easy to miss. No good can be expected of Ethan Zobelle when he is revealed to be the leader of the white supremacist organization, L.O.A.N. No one expects Damon Pope to suddenly become a saint either after he torches Tig’s daughter to death. However, there are characters who seem decent but their actions keep proving otherwise.

While the intentions of the obvious antagonists are clear, things are more complicated for the low-key ones. Some have absolutely no idea that whatever they are doing is putting the protagonists in a difficult spot. Others are exactly aware of what they are doing, as well as the consequences, but they strongly believe their actions are justified.

Margaret Murphy

The St. Thomas Hospital administrator values discipline and morality and is uncomfortable upon finding out that Tara’s boyfriend is a biker gang member. Margaret thus begins detesting the doctor.

Margaret’s intentions aren’t bad. She just doesn’t want physicians with questionable backgrounds in her hospital. However, she comes off as annoying whenever she targets Tara and pelts her with accusations. Margaret sinks further and further into pettiness by going as far as to get Tara’s hospital privileges suspended. Luckily, she becomes Tara’s friend later on.

Wayne Unser

For the most part of the show, former Charming police chief Wayne Unser is a useful ally to the Sons. Unfortunately, he is shown to be a bit too obsessed with Gemma, who never has good objectives.

Unser uses his powers as one of the best law enforcement officers in Sons of Anarchy to help Gemma in just about everything she does. By enabling her, he makes her commit more villainous acts. The worst thing he does is misread Tara’s intentions. Thinking she is going to cut a deal against the club, he tells Gemma about it. Consequently, Gemma stabs Tara in the back of the head with a barbecue fork. It’s an unnecessary kill that robs the show of one of its best characters.

Luann Delaney

The owner of the Cara Cara pornography studio seeks protection from SAMCRO after her rival Georgie tries to bring down her business. In exchange for protection, the club demands a cut of the profits. Unfortunately, Luann steals from the club then tries to cover it up.

By robbing SAMCRO, she hurts their revenue streams and sabotages their goal of earning from legitimate businesses. Her lack of appreciation extends to the fact that she sleeps with Bobby so he can help her cover up the theft. The betrayal stings since Bobby is her husband’s colleague and it’s Otto who helped her set up the studio in the first place.

Tig Trager

As a gangster, Tig is formidable, hence it’s no surprise that he’s among the Sons of Anarchy characters with the highest kill counts. Most of the things he does are in the best interest of the club, but his actions do lead to the deaths of many innocent people.

Tig’s major problem is his eagerness to take lives without analyzing situations first. His loyalty to Clay makes him rush to try and whack Opie, accidentally killing Donna in the process. It’s also Tig’s reckless attempt to try and kill the One-Niners boss that also leads to much of the war that takes place later in the show. Not only does Opie die as a result of Tig’s actions but his own daughter does too.

Ima Tite

The adult film star and “Crow Eater” is keen on making enough money from her career. Since SAMCRO members hang around the studio a lot, she becomes infatuated with both Jax Teller and Opie and ends up sleeping with both of them.

All the “Crow Eaters” on the show have dreams of becoming “old ladies” to the Sons so Ima can’t be faulted for trying to seducing two of the most formidable bikers in Charming. However, she does so in a disrespectful manner that damages their marriages. She brags to Tara that she slept with Jax, causing the doctor to lose all trust and consider leaving Charming with children. Her decision to boast to Lyla about sleeping with Opie also leads to the end of their union.

Romero “Romeo” Parada

Galindo cartel enforcer Romeo does business with SAMCRO on behalf of the cartel. It soon emerges that he is an NCS member who has a deal with the CIA to help eliminate other Mexican cartels for there to be one stable cartel. The problem is that in order to do so, Romeo has to force SAMCRO to stay in the gun business.

The show has constantly emphasized that the gun trade is the source of all problems for the Sons. By forcing the club to keep dealing arms, Romeo proves to be an obstacle to Jax’s goal of steering the club to legitimate businesses.

Tyne Patterson

The San Joaquin County District Attorney is introduced after the school shooting, one of the most upsetting Sons of Anarchy scenes. Tyne Patterson hopes to address the gun issue in Charming but while doing so she indirectly pushes the Sons into a corner.

Patterson’s decision to work with former U.S. Marshal Lee Toric is especially counterproductive since Toric is obsessed with seeing the Sons go down. Furthermore, Patterson’s intentions aren’t only to find out who sold the gun involved in the school shooting; she hopes the case will boost her career. As she fuels her ambitions, Patterson puts Jax in a position where he has to make a deal, destabilizing the club in the process.

David Hale

The deputy chief of Charming P.D. earns himself the nickname “Captain America” due to his heroic ways and squeaky clean persona. As the show progresses, he becomes corrupted by L.O.A.N. and ATF agent June Stahl, with whom he is romantically involved.

Being a clean cop means Hale is unable to work well with the Sons, and he often gets in their way. By doing so, he paves way for the rise of the other gangs. His actions contradict those of Unser, who understands that working with the Sons is beneficial since the club helps suppress other gangs and petty criminals. And as Hale makes one of the most questionable choices in Sons of Anarchy by sleeping with Stahl, he doesn’t see how problematic her actions are. Consequently, the ATF agent hurts SAMCRO in more ways than one.

Mary Winston

Opie’s mother and Piney Winston’s ex-wife returns to Charming to parent her grandchildren after Opie gets nabbed. However, she soon gives up on taking care of them and leaves.

Giving up on her own children makes Mary an unlikable character since they are dependent on her. She proves irresponsible by dropping them off at Opie’s place when he is not fit to take care of them. Not only is he still grieving his wife but he also hasn’t figured out his legal problems. He clearly needs help but Mary doesn’t see it.

Bobby Munson

Bobby is portrayed as one of the more good-hearted Sons, but he has his flaws. As the club’s bookkeeper, he not only sleeps with Luann but helps her cook the Cara Cara books too.

Bobby’s affair with Luann infuriates Otto, who almost considers snitching on the club. The tryst is also an act of betrayal since it’s a cardinal sin for club members to sleep with each other’s partners. Even worse, cooking the books messes with the club’s earnings.

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