San Andreas 2 Movie Update Shared By Star Alexandra Daddario

Alexandra Daddario, who starred in the 2015 disaster film San Andreas alongside Dwayne Johnson, shares an update on the progress of the sequel.

San Andreas star, Alexandra Daddario, shares an update on the progress of the sequel. Released in 2015, San Andreas is a disaster film starring everyone’s favorite WWE superstar turned action hero, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, as a helicopter rescue pilot, Carla Gugino as his estranged wife, and the aforementioned Alexandra Daddario as their daughter. Despite mixed reviews, the film went on to gross $474 million worldwide, well past the threshold usually required to warrant a sequel.

With just about every film Dwayne Johnson stars in, San Andreas was shaping up to be a potential franchise starter due to his box office appeal. Soon after the film’s release in 2015, this was looking like a real possibility as a sequel to San Andreas was reportedly in development at New Line Cinema with director Brad Peyton returning. Screenwriters Neil Widener and Gavin James were even brought on board to pen a script centered on the eruption of the Pacific Ring of Fire. However, it seems these plans have fallen through.

Appearing on the Collider Ladies Night podcast to promote her new projects, Daddario also provided an update on the progress of San Andreas 2, which has gone quiet for years now. The San Andreas star says a draft for the sequel has been written but, as far she knows, “it’s not happening.” Read what Daddario had to say below:

It was mentioned to me several years ago when I went in to New Line. I don’t think that the exec that I was speaking to is there anymore. But they had a draft written. As far as I know, it’s not happening. It’s been a long time. I don’t think so. I think it was in development at one point, I should say. But that happens in Hollywood all the time.

As Daddario points out, it’s not uncommon for a potential sequel to enter development and go as far as completing an early draft of a script, only to fizzle out later on. Sometimes this phase can last for multiple decades before the project is revived, which can then turn into a legacy sequel. In the case of San Andreas 2, it sounds like a draft was completed, but it did not garner enough interest from Warner Bros. and New Line to get off the ground.

The movie’s cast also quickly went on to work on other projects, as Johnson starred in Central Intelligence, Fast & Furious 8, and Baywatch, the last of which also featured Daddario. While the sequel that San Andreas fans were hoping for might not be happening, The Rock has not stopped pumping out blockbusters, the newest of which is Disney’s Jungle Cruise. Daddario’s projects, The White Lotus on HBO and the romantic crime thriller, Die in a Gunfight, also offer a blend of drama and comedy which can help fill the void left by San Andreas 2.

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