Harry Potter: 10 Quotes That Prove Bellatrix Is The Most Evil Character In The Movies

In Harry Potter, Bellatrix does not shy away from violence and harm. These are the quotes that prove she is the evilest character in the movies.

In the last four installments of the Harry Potter series, Bellatrix Lestrange eagerly sets out to fulfill Voldemort’s ultimate mission, sparing no feelings of remorse or guilt.

Her unpredictable rage, reliance on dark magic, and indifference towards others’ suffering are all contributing factors to Bellatrix’s villainous character. Her most notable lines throughout the films showcase her evil nature.

When She Mocks Neville After She Murders His Parents

“Neville Longbottom, Is It? How’s Mum And Dad?”

After killing Neville’s parents with the Cruciatus Curse, Bellatrix Lestrange meets face to face with Neville in the Hall of Prophecy in The Order of The Phoenix. She taunts him by asking about his parents, even though she knows full well that she was the reason they were taken from him.

Bellatrix shows no remorse for this horrific act and, instead, finds a way to be sarcastic and insensitive towards Neville’s grief and suffering.

When She Forces Snape To Make The Unbreakable Vow

“Swear To It … Make The Unbreakable Vow.”

While accompanying her sister, Narcissa Malfoy, Bellatrix insists that Snape swears to protect her nephew Draco while at Hogwarts.

An Unbreakable Vow, if broken, leads to death, and, because Bellatrix is highly skeptical of the Death Eater’s allegiance to Voldemort, she deliberately tests him by threatening his life.

When She Always Looks For An Opportunity To Instill Fear

“Or Was It A Stinging Jinx. Was It You Deary? Give Me Her Wand, We’ll See What Her Last Spell Was. Ah Ha, I Got You!”

During The Deathly Hallows Part One, the Snatchers bring Harry, Ron, and Hermione to the Malfoy mansion, but Bellatrix was quick to examine Harry’s face.

Although Hermione was trying to conceal Harry’s identity with a spell, Bellatrix can see right through it. Amongst the other Death Eaters, Bellatrix is one of the most unpredictable and ruthless witches who always finds a way to strike fear into her enemies.

When She Undermines Her Sister, Narcissa Malfoy

“Cissy, You Can’t Do This. He Can’t Be Trusted.”

As Narcissa’s older sister, Bellatrix criticizes her sister’s every decision, including one that involves an arrangement between them and Severus Snape.

Bellatrix also likes to assert her power as the eldest sibling by telling Narcissa what to do and who to take as prisoners in the Malfoy mansion.

When She Disregards Half-Bloods & Mud-Bloods

“How Dare You Speak His Name! You Filthy Half-Blood!”

The first time Harry and Bellatrix meet, Harry is ready to face and kill Voldemort, and to Bellatrix’s surprise, he’s not afraid to call Voldemort by his name. This greatly upsets Bellatrix because she is such a loyal follower of the Dark Lord and so she impulsively yells insults at Harry.

Like the rest of the Malfoy family, Bellatrix prides herself as a pure-blood witch who has a long magical lineage and looks down upon any other wizard or witch who is less than that.

When She Persecutes Dumbledore

“Well Look What We Have Here. Dumbledore Wandless, Alone And Cornered In His Own Castle! Well Done, Draco!”

As the Death Eaters join Draco and Dumbledore in the Tower, Bellatrix acknowledges Dumbledore’s vulnerable state and urges Draco to carry out his mission to kill the Great Headmaster.

Her lack of respect for Dumbledore reflects her disdain for anyone who stands for justice and peace. As much as she wants to kill Dumbledore herself, she knows that the Dark Lord’s command is stronger than her own intuitions.

When She Reprimands The Malfoy Family In The Final Battle

“No! No, Come Back! Lucius! Come Back! Come Back And Fight!”

To everyone’s surprise, Harry Potter is alive and everyone starts to fight back Voldemort’s army, but the Malfoy family decides to refrain from fighting and leave the battleground at Hogwarts castle, a location in Harry Potter with many hidden details.

Bellatrix is not only enraged to see other Death Eaters apparating, but she is also greatly disturbed to see her own family cower away from the fight. Bellatrix’s thirst for more bloodshed definitely serves as a higher priority than escaping with her family.

When She Volunteers To Kill Harry Potter

“My Lord, I Would Like To Volunteer For This Task. I Want To Kill The Boy.”

Amongst all the Death Eaters, Bellatrix is, undoubtedly, the most eager one to get the job done. Her servitude to Voldemort validates her violent methods and her proposal shows that she is more than capable of defeating Harry.

Her loud cackles and sinister grins along with her impulsive curses make her an intimidating opponent, but, to her disappointment, Voldemort’s passion for revenge prevents her from causing any harm to Harry.

When She Kills Dobby

“You Stupid Elf! You Could Have Killed Me!”

When Dobby, a beloved Harry Potter character with many memorable quotes, comes to rescue the Golden Trio from Bellatrix’s torment, he disarms her and she finds it completely offensive that an elf is standing up to his master and fighting back.

Her disbelief only stuns her for a moment and, acting quickly, she throws her wand into Dobby’s apparition and ends his life. The evil grin she makes when she knows her plan succeeded is a very eerie image of her twisted and conniving mind.

When She Kills Sirius Black

“I Killed Sirius Black. You Coming To Get Me?”

Murdering Harry’s godfather is already a tragedy in itself, but knowing that Bellatrix ended her own cousin’s life is a whole other trajectory of vileness. As a pureblood family, the Blacks have a complicated history throughout their lineage and this Shakespearean-type of betrayal definitely fits within the generational calamity.

To make things even worse, Bellatrix effortlessly taunts Harry about Sirius’ death and impels him to come after her to seek revenge. Her desire to wreak havoc and disorder throughout the wizarding world proves her evil nature.

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