18 Scenes From “Twilight” That Will Forever Be Funny

Everyone say thank you to Kristen Stewart.

Ahh, Twilight. The source of drama and epic romance in my middle school years, the source of comedy in my twenties. Here are some of the funniest scenes in the movie franchise you still love even though it is, honestly, totally bonkers:

1. First, when Bella walked into the classroom and Edward was so captivated by her smell that he had to leave the room.

2. When Edward revealed his vampire body in the most dramatic way possible…

3. …and Bella reacted to him being a vampire the way any normal person would.

4. When Edward told Bella he frequently broke into her room to watch her sleep at night and everyone acted like it was super romantic instead of, you know, stalkerish.

5. When everyone was apparently fine with the Cullens dating each other despite technically being adoptive siblings.

6. When the Cullens played a dramatic game of baseball during a thunderstorm because that’s a totally normal family activity.

7. When Bella got a paper cut and Jasper just went for it.

8. This very dramatic sequence of Bella saving Edward at the end of New Moon.

9. The entire mess that was Jacob and Bella’s first kiss.

10. Whenever Edward would bring up that, despite looking the same age as Bella, he was actually old enough to be her great-grandfather.

11. When Jacob stripped in front of Bella’s dad to explain that he was a werewolf, because there was apparently no other way to prove this.

12. When Bella wanted to have sex, so Edward promptly schooled her on the evils of premarital sex.

13. When Edward finally just said what everyone was thinking.

14. When Jacob gave this extremely passionate speech.

15. And when he had some helpful survival tips about surviving the cold.

16. Just how deeply uncomfortable Charlie looked walking Bella down the aisle at her and Edward’s wedding.

17. When Bella and Edward had sex for the first time and he literally broke the bed.

18. And finally, the most iconic scene in all of cinematic history.

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