Here’s What Justin And Hailey Bieber Have Been Up To In 2021

From road trips to work trips and everything in between, the Biebers have kept busy in 2021.

While most people don’t bat an eye when they see a well-dressed couple going out for a date night or a pair going on a road trip, things are slightly different in the celebrity realm. When Justin and Hailey Bieber do just about anything, it becomes entertainment news, and it’s not hard to see why. Both Justin and Hailey are immensely talented, and as a couple, they’re supportive and compassionate towards one another in a way that seems wise beyond their years.

They know what it means to be truly in love with one another, and it’s evident in everything from the way they act when they’re together to the sweet social media posts they share with snippets into their lives.

So what have the pair been up to this year so far? Honestly, they’ve been doing quite a lot. From road trips to work trips and everything in between, they’ve kept busy in 2021. Here’s a look at some of the things they’ve been doing together, and a lot of it is so relatable.

They’ve Spent Time With Family

Something a lot of people took away from the last year and a half of a global pandemic is the true importance of family. While so many of us were forced to be away from loved ones, and some still are, it’s a testament to how much we crave time with those we love. Justin and Hailey have spent time with their family and loved ones this year, and it’s been time they’ve treasured. While Hailey and Justin don’t hesitate to share their love on social media, they don’t share snaps of their time with family as often, so the photos they did show fans this year were special!

They’ve Spent Time With Christ

Being close to God is important to the Biebers, and they’ve spent more time with Christ this last year. Justin often shares his relationship with God, and you can tell it’s something significant to the couple. Bieber has shared a few social media posts this year (and in years prior) about God’s love for you and how important it is to look forward to that love and build that bond.

Hailey Launched A YouTube Channel

Hailey launched a YouTube channel this year and has already hit some pretty impressive milestones with it. On her channel so far, she’s showcased everything from hair and skincare to interviews and chats with some of her friends. From decorating cupcakes to tackling social issues, Bieber is using her channel to appeal to many different people, from existing fans to new ones.

They’ve Been Hard At Work

As we mentioned, Hailey launched her YouTube channel, and she’s been hard at work in her other professional realms, too, gracing the covers of magazines and modeling the latest fashions. Justin, too, has been hard at work in the studio and on the road. The pair have many projects, and they’re supportive of one another through all of them. Having a partner who understands your work ethic and encourages it is so important.

The Biebers Have Gone On Road Trips

They’ve also made time for each other to take in the small things and be together. Hailey and Justin went on a road trip this summer, and she shared a peek with fans on her Instagram. The photos looked beautiful, and it seemed to be just the relaxing vacation they needed. From connecting with nature to connecting with one another, they certainly enjoyed their time away together.

Justin Bieber Played A Surprise Concert

Justin surprised fans at a concert last month with The Kid Laori, Machine Gun Kelly, and G Herbo. The show was a major success, and they had a great time together. The Kid Laori’s hit with Justin, “Stay”, is a radio smash and easily the kind of song that gets stuck in your head.

Justin And Hailey Make Date Night A Priority

An important thing that the couple focuses on is date night. They ensure that they get time together and enjoy date nights often. From bowling with friends to special times together just the two of them, they always have a beautiful time. They also always look absolutely stunning while they do it.

They Constantly Support One Another

The support they have for one another is quite possibly the most beautiful thing about their relationship. As we shared, they often send love and positivity to each other for their projects socially, but you can see that the love they share is real and very intimate in their own setting, too. In an interview earlier this year, Hailey shared that she saw Justin go through his hardest time with his Lyme disease diagnosis, and she stood there every step of the way with him. So it’s not just in their bright moments where the support exists; it’s also in the moments that are harder and more intense to work through.

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