Seinfeld: 10 Things Fans Find Relatable, According To Reddit

Fans love the classic jokes and funny plotlines on Seinfeld, and viewers are talking about the most relatable parts of the show on Reddit.

At first glance, not everything about Seinfeld is relatable. Kramer and George don’t work very much and Jerry lives a famous, comfortable life as a comedian with a charmed life. But when viewers think about their favorite storylines and episodes from this classic ’90s sitcom, they can’t help but find the characters and the situations that they find themselves in to be very easy to relate to.

There are many reasons why fans can relate to Seinfeld so much, and viewers are sharing how they relate to the popular sitcom and its main characters on Reddit, with many people sharing that they can see themselves in George.

10 Seinfeld Shows Viewers That Daily Life Is Funny

While some Seinfeld jokes aged badly, much of the show is about the “nothing” that everyone experiences on a regular basis. Elaine gets frustrated with a co-worker, George can’t catch a break, Jerry runs into an acquaintance who he doesn’t want to talk to.

For Reddit user DonDraper85, “Seinfeld taught me that the humor of life is hidden in the small details of everyday life.” Many fans find it easy to relate to the idea that while life can be annoying at times, it’s also hilarious and it’s better to approach it with a smile than a grimace. While Jerry and his friends might be pretty cynical, they do find themselves in funny situations.

9 George Voices Many Common Opinions

Reddit user MegaSystem88 said that George is a character who says what everyone “thinks but doesn’t act on/say out loud.”

This is definitely something that many fans find relatable about George. While it’s fair to say that no Seinfeld character has much of a filter, this might be truer of George than of anyone else, as he speaks his mind and then tends to offend others or upset them. While most people can stay quiet to preserve some peace and calm, George doesn’t care about that at all.SCREENRANT VIDEO OF THE DAY

8 Kramer’s Quirks Are Relatable

Without Kramer, Seinfeld would seem a little bit quieter and less intense. While the other main characters could carry enough hilarious storylines to still make it a great show, there’s something about Kramer that just makes the show feel fresh and exciting all the time.

Reddit user MoonInHisHands finds Kramer relatable because “I’m quirky to say the least.” Kramer might confuse the other characters, but they like him and respect that he’s a bit different and offbeat.

7 When George Tells Karen That He Wants To Be Liked

In the season 5 episode “The Masseuse,” Karen gets incredibly frustrated with George, which results in a relatable moment.

One Redditor shared a meme of Karen asking George “Does everybody in the world have to like you?” and George replying, “Yes. Yes. Everybody has to like me. I must be liked.” The fan wrote that this is an example of “George being relatable as always.” Karen is one of George’s most likable Seinfeld girlfriends, especially since she’s not afraid to ask George some difficult questions. Everyone is George here, admitting that they just want people to love them and think that they’re cool.

6 Elaine’s Strength Is Relatable

Elaine is a relatable character for many Seinfeld viewers and she’s an easy way to connect with each episode.

Reddit user Illustrious-Chip-245 wrote, “I relate to her so much now as an adult” because she’s Not afraid to call people out on their bullsh*t…” but the fan noted that Elaine finds it exhausting to deal with people all the time and that is perhaps even more relatable than her strong, tough attitude. The fan added, “Sometimes it’s just better to roll your eyes and pick your battles.”

5 George Is Honest About Looking For A Good Time

Reddit user rageengineer shared that when George says “I’m just saying I wanna have some fun,” this is “the most relatable line in the show.”

Unlike Jerry, who is a super successful comedian and who seems to do very well, and Elaine who holds down various tough publishing jobs, George wants to have a good time and ignore adult responsibilities. While fans likely work harder than George, it’s hard not to relate to his love of fun and entertainment.

4 “The Parking Garage” Episode Is Familiar For Many

There are many rewatchable Seinfeld episodes and that includes season 3’s “The Parking Garage” when Kramer has no idea where he left his car.

Reddit user goodsam1 mentioned this episode and said that it’s relatable because “its happened to everyone with a car, they just spend an episode looking at what you are feeling in that moment.” It’s definitely true that watching the characters walk around for a long time, getting more frustrated by the second, is a familiar experience.

3 The Plotlines Seem Like They Really Could Happen

Reddit user goodsam1 also said that the events in the sitcom seem like they could take place but they’re just a bit wild and silly: “its mostly plausible and actually happens but is just blown out of proportion.”

From bad parties to difficult jobs, and many moments of confusion and insecurity, it does seem like many Seinfeld plotlines are fairly realistic.

2 Elaine’s Love Life Is Accessible

When comparing Elaine’s boyfriends on Seinfeld, it’s clear that if there is one character on the series who has a difficult time dating, it’s Elaine. Fans like that they can watch the show and feel connected to Elaine who is trying to find someone who she likes while suffering through awkward moments and strange encounters.

One Redditor said that they find Elaine to be a relatable character because “I’m now mid twenties and dating and stuff is kinda relatable.”

1 Fans Understand How The Characters Feel

In contrast to some other sitcoms, it’s fair to say that the characters on Seinfeld feel a lot of strong emotions on a regular basis, and this makes them easy to relate to.

Reddit user FoolOnThePlanet91 says, “you relate to the show in many ways” because “we’ve all done this and that, we’ve all felt like each character at some point.”

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