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What Is ‘The Fix’ Actress Robin Tunney’s Net Worth?

Robin Tunney has a successful acting career under her belt, but she hasn’t had a starring role in any major shows too recently. However, she’s now the star of ABC network’s newest drama The Fix, which greatly mirrors the O.J. Simpson murder trial. Tunney may have a brand new role, but what is the actress’ current net worth?

Tunney had a few acting jobs here and there before landing a major role

Tunney was raised in Chicago but didn’t move to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career until she was out of high school (her parents were not in the entertainment industry). She then set out on various auditions and landed roles here and there before settling into anything a little more permanent. Tunney had roles in several films in the 1990s; she also made guest appearances on shows such as Law and OrderLife Goes On, and Class of ’96. The actress made an appearance during the first episode of House, but she did not have a recurring role on the show.   

Robin Tunney talks starring on 'The Fix,' rebooting 'The Craft' and getting  fired from Ann Sather - Chicago Tribune

Tunney starred in shows such as ‘Prison Break’ and ‘The Mentalist’

The actress got a major television role when she was cast as attorney Veronica Donovan in the first season of Prison Break. While she appeared in nearly every episode in the first season, her character was killed off in the second season’s premiere. Tunney once again was cast as an important role in the television series The Mentalist, where she played a senior agent who worked alongside the show’s main character, Patrick Jane. The characters eventually end up together. The show ran from 2008 to 2015, and Tunney’s character was there through the entire series.

She’s now the leading role on ‘The Fix’

After The Mentalist went off air, Tunney wasn’t seen for a little while. However, in 2019, it was announced she would be the star of a brand new ABC drama called The Fix. The show was created by Marcia Clark, who is the former attorney of Nicole Brown Simpson. Tunney plays Maya Travis, an attorney who previously lost a case involving a famous actor who was acquitted of murder. The premise of the show is that the actor is once again allegedly involved in a murder, and Travis is doing her best to bring him down — it’s her second shot at justice. The show resembles the O.J. Simpson murder trial, but Clark insists that the show is entirely fictional.

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Today, she’s worth around $8 million

Tunney’s acting success has given her a solid net worth estimated around $8 million. By the end of The Mentalist, Tunney was reportedly raking in more than $100,000 per episode. It’s unclear how much Tunney is getting paid for her role on The Fix, but if the show is successful, whatever she’s making will probably double over the next few seasons. The show is only two episodes deep, so it’s also unclear if it has even been renewed for a second season yet. Time will tell if Tunney has a permanent acting job in this newest drama.

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