10 Times Gordon Ramsay Made Us Cry (Tears Of Joy)

Gordon Ramsay is one of the greatest culinary geniuses of all time. Though he's built a reputation of being mean, sometimes he can be funny and nice.

Gordon Ramsay is one of the greatest culinary geniuses of all time, having built up an incredible career for himself. But while his restaurants are a hit, it is his work on the television that has made him so popular, which is mainly due to the fact that he’s notoriously grumpy and harsh to other people.

Gordon being quite rude to other people is often a lot of fun and is part of his character. However, Gordon isn’t always horrible to others, in fact, he can be sweet and kind on a regular basis as well, which can lead to some amazing moments that lead to people crying with joy, rather than the usual screaming that Gordon provides.

10 Dressing Up As Elf

Gordon Ramsay is often shown taking things seriously when it comes to food, which is why the funnier side of himself isn’t often on display. However, during one episode of MasterChef Junior, Gordon had everybody laughing when he dressed up as Buddy The Elf.

It’s something that absolutely nobody expected to see from him, but it had fans laughing hysterically when they saw it. It showcased a lighter side to him, proving that he doesn’t have to take himself too seriously and creating a great moment.

9 Trying To Read Lips

Saturday Night Takeaway is an amazing show in England that sees Ant & Dec put together an hour of hilarious entertainment. From sketches to live performances, pranks, and quizzes, the show has everything, and each week it also has a celebrity guest involved in at least one segment.

On the most recent series, Gordon Ramsay ended up as one of those guests where he was involved in a read my lips game. He had earphones on and had to guess foods that people were saying at home, and throughout he comes out with some amazing guesses that had audiences in hysterics.

8 Running A Cooking Competition

Fans love seeing the differences between Gordon Ramsay on specific shows, at times being kind and others being the total opposite. When he appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, he blended both of his worlds while promoting MasterChef Junior. 

Jimmy competed in a crepe competition against two of the Junior Chefs and Gordon judged. He was sweet and kind to the children, guiding them and helping to teach them, while winding Jimmy up, even bringing out his famous ‘idiot sandwich’ quote to wrap it up in a segment that audiences loved.

7 His Lockdown Content

People had to be following Gordon Ramsay on his own social media and YouTube channel to have enjoyed this, but Gordon Ramsay worked hard to entertain the masses during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gordon hosted a weekly video where he would teach people how to cook meals so they could do it along with him, and it always led to hilarious moments.

These videos were typically filmed by his children and they would have hilarious jokes together about their camera work, while they mocked the fact he never finished the meals in the time he promised. The videos were sweet and enjoyable, which showcased a great side of himself and entertained people in a fun way during a tough time.

6 His TikTok Videos

Speaking of the content Gordon Ramsay puts out on social media, his TikTok content is a great example of the funniest side of his personality. Gordon isn’t on here screaming at people or showing horrible unclean kitchens, but he provides hilarious content that leaves fans in tears of joy.

Whether it’s his funny reactions to different people cooking food or his videos with his daughter where they prank each other or get in on the latest trends, which are always fun to watch.

5 Gordon Ramsay Cooks Against His Daughter

Gordon Ramsay has a great relationship with his daughter, Matilda, who has taken to following in his footsteps in the world of cooking. A sweet moment between them came on The Late Late Show With James Corden when they appeared in a cooking segment together.

They competed against each other cooking a traditional full English breakfast in the show and it led to a hilarious segment where they tried to one-up each other, showcasing their love of cooking and spending time together.

4 Checking The Apple Pie

While Gordon Ramsay is typically a lot kinder in MasterChef Junior than the adult version of the show, that doesn’t mean he can’t be nice in that show. When one baker, Christine was on the show having a lot of doubt about the quality of her apple pie, Gordon was quick to shut down her worries and build up her confidence.

Rather than just quickly telling her that it was nice, Gordon took the time to go through every detail with her. He used sounds to help her understand what a perfect bake it was since Christine’s vision is affected by an autoimmune disease, Neuromyelitis optica. The fact he took the time to do that and what it clearly meant to Christine left viewers smiling.

3 Not Leaving Without A Smile

Gordon Ramsay’s work on MasterChef Junior has provided a lot of his sweetest moments, and few are better than this one. When one contestant was getting upset about what was happening with their food, Gordon was quick to be there to help cheer them up.

He picked up her spirits and made it clear to her that he wasn’t leaving until she smiled, which created an amazing moment. The Englishman was kind and really went out of his way to make her happy again.

2 Gordon Surprises Chef Christina

For anybody who has watched a lot of Gordon Ramsay’s content, they will know that Chef Christina is one of his most loyal employees. She is someone who works hard for him, and when he got the chance to thank her, he did exactly that.

Working on the YouTube show, My Houzz, Gordon was able to renovate both her living room and her kitchen as a big surprise that she wasn’t aware of. It was a sweet moment and her genuine reaction and the happiness it created were amazing to see.

1 Gordon Takes On The Hot Wings

The YouTube show, Hot Ones is one of the most popular on the platform. Each week Sean Evans interviews a celebrity guest about their careers and projects, but all while they battle some of the hottest chicken wings on the planet.

Gordon Ramsay was a guest people really wanted to see, and when he finally appeared he didn’t disappoint. He struggled his way through the wings, with the heat getting the best of him, and his reactions are up there with the best of anyone who has been on the show. Seeing him squirt lemon juice like a mad man is truly a moment that fans of the show, or Ramsay won’t forget.

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