Sons Of Anarchy: 11 Characters Stronger Than Jax (And 9 Weaker)

Everyone knows Jax is a major player in Sons of Anarchy, but who is he stronger than.

Jax Teller is certainly a force to be reckoned with. All of his time on Sons of Anarchy has been devoted to a power struggle, and in the end, Jax comes out on top and leads his motorcycle club in his vision. In the world of underground bikers, it takes an incredibly strong person to lead, and it is a testament to Jax’s strength, intelligence, and virility that he is able to take all matters into his own hands. Jax’s strength does surely make him a target, and just like he had always worked toward becoming the leader of SAMCRO, other members had similar aspirations.

Long-time members also had their sights set on the chair and were planning their own ways to get it. While a prime quality of the group members is loyalty, they must also think about their own future. Considering the strength of some of the club’s members, Jax would have had his work cut out for him if he wanted to maintain leadership. The wealth of knowledge from some of the other members of the club surpasses Jax’s, and some could have even overthrown Jax if they decided it was time. Thankfully, for every person that is stronger than Jax, there are also those who he never had to worry about. Jax got into the position that he was in on his own, which means he was more than capable of defending himself if he needed to. Here are 11 Characters Stronger Than Jax (And 9 Weaker):

20 Stronger: Gemma

Not every adversary needs to be physically stronger in order to one-up Jax Teller. While Gemma would not have been able to win in a fist-fight against her son, she would have won a battle of wits. Gemma’s ability to maintain mental control against whoever she wants to is her strongest asset. In fact, she was able to manipulate most people around her without them realizing it. When all the dust settled, she had the most control out of any member of the Sons.

Up until he finally put her away, Gemma had been manipulating Jax since he was a child. Her games of mental chess kept her hidden as the person pulling all of the strings for the club. In fact, her manipulative abilities were so strong that Jax never did find out her role in John Teller’s demise. Even though Jax got the final drop on her, Gemma still won.

19 Weaker: Chucky Marstein

As the resident SAMCRO whipping boy, there are few people that Chuck could take on in a fight. Usually, the ability to fight is a prerequisite in order to be affiliated with a motorcycle club, but it seems that Chuck missed that memo before he became associated with the Sons of Anarchy.

While most people would have trouble handling Jax in a fight, Chuck would likely have the most trouble out of anyone. He may have been involved in the crime-world, but he was not a violent criminal. In fact, any time he is seen in a violent situation, he is usually on the losing end, not to mention that he does not have full use of his hands anymore, which puts him at a further disadvantage. If given the choice, it would be in Chuck’s best interest to avoid any conflict with Jax, and hopefully, he can accept that.

18 Stronger: Opie

Thankfully, there was nothing but love between Opie and Jax because there is no question who would have won in a fight. Jax may be a very resourceful and strong man, but Opie would still have come out on top due to his bravery and toughness.

While Jax is certainly a formidable fighter and leader, Opie has been through so much in his life that it has made him even tougher. Opie’s extended time in prison hardened him up, which has also made him extremely dangerous. The only thing that was able to fully take down Opie was an unfair fight in prison, but beyond that, there is very little that could have stopped him, including Jax Teller. While it is likely that they got into smaller fights in their years as friends, Opie probably never fully unleashed on Jax. If he ever did, there would not be much of Jax left.

17 Weaker: Clay

When all was said and done, Jax was finally able to get one over on Clay. Despite Clay holding power over Jax for a number of years, Jax never fully gave in to him. Even while Clay held the leadership of the Sons, Jax was never blissfully compliant. If Clay made a decision that Jax didn’t agree with, he was always there to challenge it, and despite Clay’s status, Jax was never intimidated by him.

Clay may have thought he held all the power over Jax, but it was Jax who wound up with the upper hand after Jax was finally able to beat Clay at his own game. Clay’s age, and more importantly, his mistakes, finally caught up with him, and Jax was able to overtake him.

16 Stronger: John Teller

Jax may not have known his father for very long, but he certainly takes after him. However, there is one difference between father and son: John would never have done some of the surprising things that Jax did. In fact, if JT were to come back to life, he would have opposed some of the decisions Jax made.

John Teller envisioned the Sons of Anarchy as a much more peaceful group than what Jax turned them into. His vision was to remove them from the criminal underworld and just live an outlaw lifestyle. However, John was certainly able to defend himself and would have no problem letting his son know where he went wrong. He may have enjoyed poetry, but he also knew his way around a fight.

15 Weaker: Agent Josh Kohn

While federal agents usually pose a danger to Jax, Josh Kohn was out of his league when he went toe-to-toe with him. Despite having considerable resources to take Jax and SAMCRO down, Kohn went about things the wrong way. Building a case against the Sons was only a guise to get close to Tara, but he failed to realize one thing: Jax will do anything to protect her.

Kohn was so blinded with his obsession of Tara that he did not realize how dangerous Jax really was. Each time they came into contact, Jax put him in his place so he would stay away from her. But when he didn’t yield his warnings, Jax brought him to meet “Mr. Mayhem.” Even with his agent status, Kohn didn’t stand a chance once he found himself in Jax’s crosshairs.

14 Stronger: Damon Pope

Some of the most powerful people in the world do not even need to engage in violence. Damon Pope was one of the most powerful crime lords and had control of almost every situation. While Pope had no problem with one-on-one confrontation, he had the connections to take Jax out before it came down to that.

Pope’s power was not in his muscles, but in his power over the criminal underworld. As Jax learned during his time in prison, Pope is able to control the lives of anybody he chooses. Had it not been for Jax’s incredible planning, he never would have gotten the drop on Pope. Some people are so incredibly dangerous that even the best fighters cower at the thought of their power. Some may even say that Jax just got lucky during his final interaction with Pope.

13 Weaker: Juice

While it is possible for someone to be smarter than Jax and not as strong, Juice experiences the opposite issue. He may have a strength advantage over Jax in some situations, but Jax’s ability to plan things out is far superior to Juice’s.

Juice acts very impulsively, without planning to get ahead, and once he goes on the run from SAMCRO, he does not work very strategically. In fact, he winds up at the mercy of Jax very quickly and Jax is able to manipulate him with ease. Towards the end of the series, Juice’s life turns to shambles all because he decided to cross Jax. As much as Juice tried to avoid and surpass Jax, he did not have the ability to evade him.

12 Stronger: Chibs

Even the leader of the Sons needs someone to look up to, and while he may have served Jax during their time in the club, Chibs is certainly not a lesser man than Jax Teller. Chibs’ loyalty should never be mistaken for weakness as he could have easily muscled the power away from Jax if he wanted to. The only thing stronger than Chibs’ muscles is his loyalty to SAMCRO.

Chibs’ time as a solider and IRA member gives him power that few other Sons have. His strength in battle, combined with his intelligence and strategic nature, make him a great ally and also someone that shouldn’t be crossed. Jax should be thankful that Chibs was on his side as he could have made life very difficult otherwise.

11 Stronger: Tig

As intelligent as Jax is, Tig Trager is just as unpredictable. There is certainly a reason why Tig was the Sons of Anarchy Sergeant-at-Arms for so long. He is a man who thrives on violence, and while he has chosen to remain a loyal ally of Jax’s, Tig could overthrow him with ease.

Tig is the type of person that should never be crossed as his unpredictability makes him very dangerous. It’s a good thing for Jax that he stands beside Tig in battle, otherwise it would spell big trouble if he were to ever go against him. There are very few things that could stop Tig if he ever wanted to hurt Jax, and Jax alone is not one of those things.

10 Weaker: Ethan Zobelle

Out of all the villains who crossed Jax, Ethan Zobelle may have had the best strategy: he ran away before Jax could get him. Considering all of the pain that he caused Jax and his family, it is unimaginable to think of what Jax would have done if he got his hands on Zobelle. Unfortunately, this is one thing that fans will never get to find out.

Zobelle was the type of criminal to manage things from the background instead of the front lines. With loyal members of “The League” willing to do the dirty work for him, Zobelle was inclined to sit back, and while this is sometimes a true sign of power, it was more to hide Zobelle’s own shortcomings. It is not that Zobelle chose to avoid confrontation with Jax, but it’s more that he would not have been able to defend himself at all.

9 Stronger: Happy

Each of the members of the Sons have their own strengths, and Happy Lowman’s is very simple: he loves to hurt people. While this is a great aspect for someone on Jax’s side, it would spell disaster if he were not. Keeping Happy close as an ally is a good strategy because he could easily tear through Jax if he needed to.

Do not let Happy’s aloof disposition be misleading, he is thirsty for violence and does not hesitate to do unspeakable things to his enemies. While Jax is capable of defending himself, there is little to defend against someone who is borderline psycho. With such a proclivity for violence, there is little that Jax could do to stop Happy if he decided to turn on him – that’s just how dangerous he is.

8 Weaker: Piney

Piney may have once been an intimidating founding member of the Sons, but he does not pose much of a threat in his later years. Although he continued to be an active member of SAMCRO, he wasn’t able to participate like he used to. A battle with emphysema has left Piney dependent on an oxygen tank and unable to ride a bike like he used to. Piney may have the respect of his brothers, but would not be highly useful in battle.

Given Piney’s track record as a former second-in-command of SAMCRO, he certainly had great abilities once before. However, considering that Jax has both youth and strength on his side, it would beat out Piney’s experience due to his health.

7 Stronger: Frankie Diamonds

Even though Jax and SAMCRO eventually got the drop on him, there is no doubt that Frankie Diamonds is a force to be reckoned with. For what he lacks in intelligence and planning abilities, he makes up for in strength. He may have tried to take on the club and failed, but Jax would have been outmatched if he had to face Frankie one-on-one.

Not only is Frankie physically imposing, but his past is also intimidating. While little is known about Frankie Diamond himself, the actor who portrays him does have ties to real-life motorcycle clubs. Chuck Zito is actually a former Hell’s Angel leader from the New York chapter, giving him real street cred. Knowing this, he is certainly not someone that Jax should be messing with at all.

6 Weaker: Kyle Hobart

Strength is not just about physicality, but also about inner strength. One thing that Jax values above everything else is loyalty, and in order to be a good member of the club, it needs to be unwavering. Unfortunately, Kyle Hobart is anything but loyal, especially under fire (pun is intended).

During his time in the Sons Of Anarchy, Kyle’s true colors were very visible. After leaving Opie behind during a task that resulted in him getting arrested, Kyle was excommunicated from the club since leaving a man behind is one of the worst sins someone could make, and Kyle wound up paying the price. He may have endured some intense treatment, but his inner-strength will never be enough to even be in the same league as a club member.

5 Stronger: Otto Delaney

If there is one person who should be considered the strongest member of SAMCRO, it is Otto Delaney. While he is not on the outside riding his motorcycle anymore, he endured more pain than any other member in the name of the Sons. Otto has gone through some unspeakable things, but has always remained incredibly strong through it all. After knowing what Otto has gone through, there is only one question left: could Jax have endured the same treatment?

By the end of it all, Otto was left a broken shell of a man, and only someone with the highest amount of strength and determination could have endured all of it. Otto deserves everyone’s respect and is certainly not someone who should be messed with.

4 Weaker: Ernest Darby

Despite being a heavy adversary for SAMCRO, Ernest Darby is not a man to be intimidated by. While his ideals and outlook towards minorities are offensive, Darby himself is not in a position to take down SAMCRO. Each time that he attempts to win the war, he is stopped at every turn, and he is simply outmatched in every way when he tries to face Jax. At the end of it all, Darby made the best decision he could: he gave up.

While Darby and his NORDIC group are initially a thorn in the club’s side, he eventually tires of losing to them and walks away from the criminal world. Not only could Darby not take on Jax physically, but he was mentally weak as well. When the going got tough, Darby got going and couldn’t handle the fight.

3 Stronger: August Marks

Jax may be strong, but some of his enemies are just stronger. While the former SAMCRO leader is well-versed in combat, he is no match for brute strength. August Marks is one of the most well-built villains that Jax encounters, and while he may be dressed in nice suits and uses others to do his dirty-work for him, there is no mistaking that August Marks is incredibly dangerous.

While Jax did come out on top of his war with Marks, it would have been much closer in a one-on-one situation. Marks is shown to be as violent as he is professional, which does not spell out good things for Jax. If Marks had decided to roll up his sleeves and deal with Jax himself, it would not have been a very back-and-forth encounter.

2 Weaker: Wayne Unser

While some people like to test their luck against the Sons of Anarchy, others know better not to do it. It makes sense that an outlaw group of bikers would need to be very strong, but others still try and cross them. Despite being a man of the badge, Wayne Unser did something that made the most sense for him: he joined alongside SAMCRO instead of being against them. Given the fact that he would likely not have been able to resist them, it made sense for him to cooperate.

Imagine if Unser had resisted Jax and his group? Even Unser knows that he would not have had a choice in the end, and although Unser has made it clear that he does not always agree with Jax’s decisions, he puts up very little resistance. Perhaps he knew that if he did, he would have been coerced into it anyways.

1 Stronger: Bobby Munson

When characters go through intense treatment in the name of the club, it proves how tough they are, and although he did not make it out the other side, Bobby Munson proved just how tough he was by enduring so much pain.

In order to protect the club’s hidden information, Bobby goes through some unspeakable acts. However, despite all of this, he still remains silent and refuses to reveal the information. This is someone who earned his stripes as one of the strongest members of SAMCRO.

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