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10 Most Unexpected Things To Happen In Prison Break

Throughout the five seasons, Prison Break always kept audiences guessing because of its frequent unexpected storylines and plot twists.

The must-watch crime drama Prison Break gained huge popularity when it was introduced to the world in 2005. Over 12 years, the show blessed audiences with some incredible plot twists that kept them gripped for several seasons. There are a few series that compare to Prison Break in terms of character arc.

Countless characters started out as villains, yet somehow paved their way to becoming some of the most beloved in the entire show. From unexpected friendships to numerous deaths and resurrections, Prison Break always succeeded in keeping fans guessing.

Michael And Mahone’s Friendship

First introduced in season 2, Mahone was hired not only to capture the Fox River 8 but to kill them as well. His character was incredibly unlikeable and he and Michael were enemies from the start. However, as the seasons progressed, this slowly started to change.

Captured together in Sona, Michael and Mahone teamed up to escape. Their friendship solidified in season 4 and Mahone became one of Michael’s most trusted friends. Having witnessed their relationship in the earlier seasons, the idea that the two could be friends was extremely far-fetched, however, that’s why fans came to love their friendship.

Veronica’s Death

Despite being a target for most of season 1, Veronica managed to survive and finally found what she needed to exonerate Lincoln. However, before she could do anything, she was murdered in the first episode of season 2. People had reason to believe that her character was safe because she was one of only two main females on the show.

Veronica was a fan favorite from early on and the suddenness of her death came as a huge surprise. The timing of it was perfectly executed in terms of shock factor because deaths rarely occur in a season premiere.

Michael’s Return

At the end of season 4, it seemed like Michael’s fate was sealed. Before his “death” he recorded a message for Lincoln and Sara that revealed his brain tumor had returned, therefore despite it being a heartbreaking moment, his death felt like the perfect closure for his character.

That’s precisely why it came as a complete shock when it was announced that season 5 was in the works. Although season 5 (and any other future seasons) would be impossible without Michael Scofield, his return was still unexpected because his character’s story came to a satisfying end.

T-Bag Has A Son

It’s no secret that T-Bag committed some heinous crimes in his time, however, that still didn’t stop him from being one of the greatest characters in the series. He was a violent and manipulative psychopath, yet his highly intelligent mind meant he was easily able to attract women.

Despite this, no one could have anticipated that season 5’s Whip would turn out to be T-Bag’s son. The revelation seemed extremely random at the time and was certainly a Prison Break plot twist that didn’t make sense.

Kellerman Switches Sides

Arguably one of the most hated characters in the series, Paul Kellerman did several things that proved his loyalty to the president and those framing Lincoln. At a moment when it looked like Michael and Lincoln were trapped by two men wanting to kill them, Kellerman turned at the last minute and gave the two a way out.

Up until this point, Kellerman showed no signs of switching sides, even going as far as torturing and almost killing Sara for information. Surprisingly, Kellerman never went back on his decision and was the person who eventually exonerated both Michael and Lincoln.

T-Bag’s Hand Gets Cut Off

T-Bag did some awful things before and after being incarcerated in Fox River. Although he was due to be punished, his hand getting cut off certainly wasn’t the first thing that came to mind. After escaping Fox River, T-Bag handcuffs himself to Michael to ensure his safety.

A failed attempt at cutting the handcuffs saw John Abruzzi take matters into his own hands when he savagely cut T-Bag’s hand off with an ax. The inmates proved countless times that they are ruthless in their treatment of each other, but an important character losing a hand still left fans in disbelief.

Sara’s “Death”

Sara played a pivotal role in the first two seasons and became the only main female character in the series, which is why her death came as such a shock in season 3. After Michael was put in Sona, Sara was supposedly decapitated.

It was more confusing than anything because she was such an important character, yet her death wasn’t filmed on screen. However, this meant that there was an opportunity to bring her back. It was revealed in season 4 that the severed head was someone else’s, nevertheless, many see this as a Prison Break storyline that was never resolved.

Michael’s Burnt Tattoo

A tattoo holding the blueprints of Fox River was one of the smartest components of Prison Break. As Michael’s tattoo was on his own body, it seemed like no problems would arise surrounding it.

When Michael leaves his cell to explore the prison’s pipes, he sees a prison guard. To avoid being spotted, Michael is forced to lean against a hot pipe that burns through his uniform and his skin. When Sucre rips the uniform off, a section of Michael’s skin goes with it. Something was always going to set Michael back, however, no one considered that part of the tattoo would disappear.

Lincoln’s Adoption

The love that Michael and Lincoln had for each other was what drove the show and was the reason Michael was in prison in the first place. Despite the two having different surnames, no one could have predicted that they weren’t related because they had the greatest bond.l

In season 4, Christina Scofield revealed that Aldo Burrows felt guilty for Lincoln’s biological parents’ death and adopted him when he was three. Both Michael and Lincoln went to extreme lengths to save each other on several occasions, so finding out that they weren’t biologically related was one of the most unexpected things that happened on the show.

Bellick’s Redemption

Prison Break had its fair share of hated characters and Bellick was one of them. Introduced as a prison warden in season 1, Bellick often abused his power and seemed like a one-dimensional character. However, his character unexpectedly began to display depth and his arc completely changed.

When Bellick was incarcerated in Sona, his evil persona disappeared, and he turned into somewhat of a broken man. Bellick found full redemption in season 4 when he sacrificed himself and died a hero. It was impossible to expect that this once loathed character would later become such a vital and beloved member of Michael’s team.

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