Twilight: The Most Powerful Volturi, Ranked By Ability

The Twilight series introduced the world to a timeless group of vampires called the Volturi who serve as vampire royalty. Here's how they compare.

The Twilight series introduced the world to a timeless group of vampires called the Volturi who served as royalty among their kind. They used their influence to keep order among the vampires by instilling a set of rules in order to keep their presence a secret. The vampires with the most potential and best abilities were invited to join their coven which offered lifelong protection and an endless supply of human blood.

The vampires in this coven each have their own special set of abilities, but some are more powerful than others. Some of these vampires listed did not make an appearance in the films, although, they were mentioned throughout the books. Keep reading to learn which of the Volturi were the most powerful according to their supernatural ability!

10 Corin (Contentment)

Corin was mentioned in the index of Breaking Dawn and she has the ability to instill a feeling of contentment in those around her.

This works similarly to the ability that Jasper Hale possesses and it can be useful when tempers are rising to the point of escalation. She is often found near the wives of the leaders as she keeps them at ease and satisfied with their captive lives.

9 Heidi (Attraction)

The Volturi rely on human blood, rather than the animal blood that the Cullens are used to drinking. This means they need a way to acquire a bunch of humans, and this is where Heidi uses her gifts.

Her natural ability is attraction, which means that the ‘tours’ she organizes fill up fairly quickly as those around her are drawn to her presence. It is not super helpful in battle, but not starving is a key to any victory.

8 Afton (Psychic Invincibility)

Afton had the ability of psychic invincibility, but he was another character that was left out of the film franchise. He can make himself virtually invisible to pursuers, as well as shield those from a  searching mind as well, but it is not foolproof.

The strongest of the vampires can see through his little trick, although, he is still ranked above the others because most times it will give him a chance to escape. He could live virtually undetected for his entire life unless someone with an ability like Bella Swan came along and rendered it useless.

7 Marcus (Detect Relationships)

Marcus has a knack for sensing the relationships that bond two people together as he can sense their connection. It is part of what made him co-leader in the first place as Aro utilized his ability to sense the relationships between individuals in order to use it against them.

It gives him power, but not enough for him to take a stand against the abilities of other vampires in this coven.

6 Demetri (Tracker)

Demetri is a tracker, which means that no one can hide from him as long as they exist on Earth. His ability allows him to sense the signals a person’s mind emits and his power was so strong that he even put the previous tracker out of a job.

It made all of the Volturi’s enemies vulnerable as no one could hide from his ability, making him one of the more powerful members of the coven.

5 Renata (Repel Opponents)

Renata might not have existed in the films, but she should have as her ability was one to be envied. She had the unique ability to drive away pursuers and repel her opponents, which is why Aro chose her to be his personal bodyguard.

This Volturi member would often be used on the battlefields and it was almost like she was invincible as no one felt comfortable attacking her or those she was trying to protect.

4 Chelsea (Influence Relationship-Related Emotions)

This is another Volturi member who didn’t make it onto the big screen, but her ability was quite useful to the coven. Her ability is similar to that of Marcus’ in that hers is relationship-oriented, but she can actually influence them.

The effect she has could be positive or negative and in the books, she is responsible for ensuring that Marcus stays loyal to Aro and the Volturi. It is an interesting power that keeps law and order within the coven itself, but can also encourage others to change their own allegiances.

3 Aro (Tactile Telepathy)

Aro might be the leader of this coven, but there are others who could easily take his place. The only thing he has going for him is his ability to see the past memories and thoughts of those he happens to touch, which is fairly useful for blackmail.

It is a unique and strong ability, although, many will argue that this alone doesn’t grant him power as it only helps him create a possible system of allies by connecting to them through this gift.

2 Jane (Induce Pain)

Jane is often used in the film to inflict a mental pain upon those who Aro needs to follow his commands.

All it takes is one look and a vampire will be falling to the ground in a fit of painful convulsions. She doesn’t need anyone to protect her because her powers do enough to keep her safe as she incapacitates anyone who threatens her well-being.

1 Alec (Sensory Deprivation)

Alec is Jane’s brother and they have similar abilities, but his ability is much worse. He deprives opponents of their senses which means they can no longer see, hear, feel, or taste anything around them.

It puts them in a state of fear as they enter an endless void that he controls. Many vampires fear his ability more than Jane’s as at least there is an end in sight there, but his power could have someone trapped in sensory-deprived darkness forever.

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