Game of Thrones’ Best Duos Shared One Essential Trait

There are many great things Game of Thrones managed to achieve, and one of these things is developing iconic duos which all had one thing in common.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Game of Thrones is the gorgeous landscape across the Seven Kingdoms, and the hilarious duos who travel among these landscapes. Banter, fights and jokes are shared among the best duos who fans least expected to be together, which makes for great character development and entertainment.

Having two characters travel together for days or even months is an essential part of the HBO series, as it forces these characters to work together even if they hate each other. These duos have managed to bring out the best in each other and some comedic moments to relieve the fans of traumatic times in the otherwise grim series.

Arya Stark And The Hound Developed A Reluctant Bond

This duo was an unlikely one to come about given the Hound killed Arya’s friend Mycah in Season 1 and she proceeded to put the Hound on her kill list. But their story really begins after the Hound kidnaps Arya to ransom her off to Robb Stark who is later killed at the Red Wedding. Their journey then continues with Arya as a captive as the Hound attempts to find different ways to ransom off Arya.

It’s questionable that these two ever formed a true friendship as their attempted murders of each other and constant fighting acted as the foundation of their relationship. But that’s what made these two characters together so interesting. The Hound’s bluntness and Arya’s determination constantly battle each other but they’re forced to be together because they don’t have a purpose beyond their travels together. Some of their greatest moments are when they put their differences aside and work together, such as disguising themselves as a hog farmer and his daughter, and fighting Lannister soldiers together in a tavern.

Podrick’s Undying Loyalty Annoyed Brienne Of Tarth

Podrick Payne and Brienne of Tarth’s relationship first developed with some distance as Jaime Lannister forced the young squire onto Brienne, who didn’t feel she needed a squire. Podrick’s persistence to work with Brienne became an annoyance to her, only because she felt he would slow her down.

Their relationship started off pretty rocky with Podrick calling Brienne “Ser” and showing no display of actual squire knowledge or skills, but they eventually found the value in one another. Their best time together is when Brienne apologizes for her rude behavior towards him and offers to teach him how to wield a sword and fight so he could work his way up to become a knight.

Jaime Lannister And Brienne Had An Enemies To Lovers Arc

Podrick wasn’t the only man Brienne was reluctant to trust. Brienne’s relationship with Jaime grew slowly from hatred to love throughout the series. Brienne first holds Jaime as a prisoner who continuously mocks her because of her desire to become a knight as a woman, which was never heard of in the history of Westeros.

The defining moment of their relationship is when Jaime prevents Brienne from being raped by a group of soldiers loyal to the Boltons. In retaliation, the group’s leader cuts off Jaime’s hand, which is essential for his status as a knight. Brienne is grateful towards Jaime and even defends the morally ambiguous character to Sansa Stark when he offers to protect Winterfell from the army of the dead.

Game Of Thrones’ Best Comedic Duo Was Tyrion Lannister And Bronn

There was no funnier friendship than the one between Tyrion and Bronn. Their time together on the show was just them attempting to outwit each other, and it never became repetitive. After championing for the Lannister in a trial by combat at the Eyrie, Bronn becomes Tyrion’s personal bodyguard and closest ally.

Even though Bronn chose Cersei’s bribe over helping save Tyrion during his second trial by combat, he did confront Tyrion face-to-face out of guilt and respect for him. Although the two went their separate ways, Tyrion still thought of his old friend when advising Daenerys Targaryen on taking Casterly Rock by referencing the impregnable Eyrie Bronn was determined to conquer.

Tyrion And Varys Outsmarted Everyone Together

Tyrion and Varys are the smartest characters in the show, which made sense why they were constantly advising everyone else. The two formed an unlikely friendship after Varys helped Tyrion escape King’s Landing after he was mistakenly convicted for the murder of Joffrey Baratheon.

The two constantly poke fun at each other’s physicality, with Tyrion’s short stature and Varys’ status as a eunuch. After escaping King’s Landing, the duo had plenty of time spouting insults at each other while Varys increasingly became annoyed at Tyrion’s drunken depression. But when they put their jokes aside, they ended up achieving great things together working for Daenerys Targaryen, even if it did end in Tyrion’s regrettable betrayal against Varys.

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