‘Twilight’: Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Fought With Producers

These days, the Twilight movies are considered to be a global phenomenon. However, when the first film was being shot, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart had no inklings about how huge the franchise would become. In fact, Summit Entertainment, who produced and distributed the film, grossly underestimated how much money the film would make.

But even though nobody knew that Twilight would make hundreds of millions of dollars, everyone involved had some expectations for the film. As the film had a huge built-in audience, thanks to its eponymous books, there was significant buzz about the film. And while the books catered to young adults, Pattinson and Stewart had no interest in making a teen movie. In fact, the actors frequently argued with the producers and studio executives to make a darker, more intense film.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson fought with the producers of ‘Twilight’

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“Me and Kristen were kind of really, really fighting to try and — we didn’t want it to be a teen movie,” Pattinson revealed to the Washington Post when discussing Twilight. “We were kind of ridiculous about it. It was fun fighting against the studio executives and the producers and stuff and butting heads with them all of them all the time.”

Stewart has certainly echoed Pattinson’s thoughts. According to the Spencer star, the studio executives were constantly in communication with her and her co-star. However, she and Pattinson had no qualms about going toe to toe with them. In fact, the Twilight leads seem to think that it was fun.

Stewart admits she enjoyed arguing with the studio executives

“What I remember the most about the first one is sitting with Rob [Pattinson] in a room tearing our hair out over the script,” Stewart shared with the Los Angeles Times. “We were getting notes from the studio incessantly. Every day. I now love everybody but then I was like ‘Don’t you dare say anything to me.’ It was such a fight. That’s my thing. It’s great.”

The ‘Twilight’ cast members couldn’t really argue with the producers after the films blew up

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While Pattinson and Stewart enjoyed the back and forth they had with producers on Twilight, those arguments didn’t really continue on the subsequent sequels. At that point, the Twilight films became huge blockbuster films with the budgets to match. There was less time and freedom for the cast to go back and forth with the studio executives. Instead, the cast and crew had a laser focus on getting the films shot under tight

Pattinson actually spoke about the shift in energy on set between Twilight and New Moon. “But then once it gets so huge and once you’ve already dived in, basically, you can’t — it’s a strange thing,” Pattinson shared. “You don’t really know where you should focus your energy afterwards. On the first one, it was really easy to know.”

Clearly, the energy on set of the first Twilight movie was unique. Perhaps that’s part of the reason the film is so drastically different from its four sequels.

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