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Priyanka Chopra Jonas: My body has changed as I’ve gotten older

Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas says she has come to terms with the changes in her body over the years by adapting herself, both mentally and physically.

Actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas says she has come to terms with the changes in her body over the years by adapting herself, both mentally and physically. In an interview with Yahoo, the 38-year-old star said she gets affected by the scrutiny on her life that comes with her star status and she counters it by having a positive mindset.

“I won’t lie that I don’t get affected by it. My body has changed as I’ve gotten older, just as everyone’s body does, and I’ve had to adapt mentally as well with like, ‘OK, this is what it looks like now, this is what I look like now, it’s alright’ and catering to my now body and not my 10- or 20-years-ago body,” Chopra Jonas said.

“I think that that’s very crucial and I feel like that really takes finding a sense of confidence in what you bring to the table outside of what you look like,” she added.

The “Quantico” actress said she consistently evaluates her contribution, her place and purpose in the world.

My Body Has Changed As I've Gotten Older,” Says Priyanka Chopra – The Asian  Post

“I try to be myopic about feeling good about other things, even on days that I don’t feel the best about my body, and I work toward whatever makes me happy at that time.

“I just try to remind myself that I am loved and I feel good from the inside. I feel confident when I walk into a room and I try to remind myself that that has nothing to do with my body. Even though this culture gives credence to that, too much, maybe.”

To preserve her mental health, Chopra Jonas said she ensures spending ample time with her family.

“It makes my heart feel lighter. It makes me feel like your days are worth something when you come back home to a house full of people or whoever is with you at that point… that really helps me. Especially during this pandemic, it was really helpful to stay in touch with my friends and family, wherever in the world they are.”

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On the work front, the actor most recently featured in the Oscar-nominated movie “The White Tiger”, on which she also served as an executive producer.

She will next star in the sci-fi feature “The Matrix 4”, romantic comedy “Text For You” and Amazon’s spy thriller series “Citadel”. 

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