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From Met Gala to Oscars: 5 times Priyanka Chopra caused meme fests with her outfit choices

For every millennial and Gen-Z memes are like caffeine- we need our daily fix. Since memes are the coolest thing about this century, everyone everywhere makes memes about everything and all the time. Even brands, politicians and actors join in. Recently, one actress is the subject of all memes.

Actress Priyanka Chopra, the desi girl of Bollywood, is known to make bold choices. Be it her life, career or outfits. PC makes a fashion statement almost every time she steps out. She has a unique, bold and elegant manner of clothing. At every award function, Priyanka is a sight to behold.

However, everyone makes mistakes. Every actor sometimes wears outfits that amuse people. Some people tend to shame and criticise actors and designers but not memers, cause memers are cool creatures. No matter what happens, they make memes. You can always count on memers for a healthy dose of entertainment.

Recently, Priyanka wore a green orb-like dress which inspired a lot of memes. In a video, Priyanka wore this dress while taking fashion inspiration from the popular dog Tika the Iggy.

So, here are five times when Priyanka gave rise to online meme fests with her outfit choices:

Met Gala 2017:

Oscars 2017:Advertisement

Met Gala 2018:


Met Gala 2019:

Her Wedding:

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