‘Seinfeld’: The 3 Christmas Episodes You Must Watch During the Holiday Season

For nine seasons, Seinfeld never missed an opportunity to point out the absurdities of everyday life. Jerry Seinfeld and his friends were imperfect people, and much of their bad behaviors and pettiness came out around the holiday season. That’s what makes Seinfeld so fun at Christmas. If you are feeling a bit cynical, these 3 Seinfeld Christmas episodes are sure to make you laugh. 

George Costanza’s season 3 antics created comedy gold for ‘Seinfeld’ 

During each holiday episode, Seinfeld fans can count on George Costanza to create plenty of comedy. The season 3 episode, “The Red Dot,” was one of the character’s more complicated holiday storylines, and fans still chuckle over his clueless behavior decades after the episode originally aired. 

In the famed Seinfeld episode, George gives Elaine Benes a flawed sweater to thank her for helping him get a job. Elaine, offended that he purchased her a damaged item just to get a discount, gives him the sweater back. The same sweater, and its red dot, eventually gets him fired from his job. While it isn’t the best holiday-themed episode, it is a top three Seinfeld Christmas episode. 

The Best Seinfeld Christmas Episodes | Reader's Digest Canada

The Season 6 episode, ‘The Label Maker’ is perfect for fans who are totally over gift-giving 

Gift-giving isn’t something everyone enjoys. In fact, for some people, finding the right gifts for their loved ones, and receiving gifts they have almost no use for, makes the holiday season incredibly stressful. Seinfeld fans looking to commiserate about the annoying aspects of Christmas can do just that. If you’re not a gift-giving and gift-getting fan, the season 6 episode “The Label Maker” is a perfect way to decompress after the gifts have finally been opened. 

In this famous Seinfeld Christmas episode, Elaine Benes finds out that Tim Whately regifted the label maker she gave him to Jerry. Much of the episode revolves around Elaine figuring out if Whately had actually regifted the item. As a bonus, fans get to watch Cosmo Kramer and Newman play a particularly intense game of Risk. 

The ‘Seinfeld’ Christmas episode that created Festivus is an absolute must-watch

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The Seinfeld universe celebrates Festivus on December 23. That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the season 9 episode that introduces the alternative holiday on Christmas Day, though. “The Strike” has a little something for everyone and features Frank Costanza pretty heavily. 

In the episode, the Costanza family introduces the world to Festivus. The alternative holiday had different elements, including the “airing of the grievances” and the “feats of strength.” While the Festivus storyline is the main draw of the episode, both Elaine and Kramer have impactful storylines that eventually weave into the Festivus celebration. It is arguably the best Seinfeld Christmas episode.

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