This Is The Funniest Scene In Sons Of Anarchy According To Fans

During its seven-season run on FX, Kurt Sutter’s biker drama series “Sons of Anarchy” was known for pushing the boundaries of television with gritty tales of tough guys and gals doing the sorts of things you might expect tough guys and gals to do. One thing it was not particularly well known for was making its viewers laugh, opting more frequently to make them either cringe, flinch, or cry. That’s not to say “Sons of Anarchy” was a humorless affair, however. But in reality, there just wasn’t much room for comedy in Sutter’s sprawling, Shakespearean exploration of biker-gang culture.

To the credit of the “Sons of Anarchy” creative team, it’s worth admiring that when they did go for a laugh, they really made them count. That was never more apparent than in a key Season 6 scene where the writers underscored some high-stakes prison drama with a legitimately laugh out loud bit of comedic grandstanding. And per the “Sons of Anarchy” fandom, it’s the most unabashedly funny scene the show ever delivered.

The funniest Sons of Anarchy scene came courtesy of the one and only Clay Morrow

Ron Perlman pumping fists

As most “Sons of Anarchy” fans can attest, things got real and then some during the show’s sixth season. That was especially true for traitorous O.G. SAMCRO brother Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman), who found himself behind bars for most of the season. That prison stint provided no end to the drama, but per a recent Reddit thread, it also provided the show’s funniest moment in Morrow’s infamous chapel outburst where he declared female genitalia his personal savior. 

Morrow naturally used a vulgar term for said anatomical feature, but that didn’t stop Reddit user u/SonsofTheSons from using all-caps to declare it utterly hilarious, stating, “NOW THIS IS DEFINITELY THE FUNNIEST SCENE.” Fellow Redditor u/taeempy backed up the statement with their own post declaring, “That was pure comic genius,” and u/adamtaylor4815 went so far as to hail it the, “Best Clay scene without a doubt.”

In another comment, u/carolbell123 threw some love in the direction of Ron Perlman for making the scene so memorable, offering, “Gotta hand it to Ron Perlman. He was great in that scene. His delivery was hilarious.” And as for u/B_KOOL, they claim the scene was not only the series’ funniest but one of its all-time best, posting, “Absolutely love this scene! Thanks to either brilliant writing or beautiful improvisation it’s one of the top 10 scenes from the entire show!” Quite frankly, it’s hard to argue those points.

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