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Peaky Blinders: Esme Shelby’s 10 Best Quotes

In Peaky Blinders, Esme is one of the liveliest and most opinionated members of the Shelby family. Consequently, she has great quotes too.

In Peaky Blinders, Esme Shelby easily adjusts to life as a member of the Shelby family after being paired with John in an arranged marriage meant to create peace with the Lee Family. She develops strong feelings for her husband and relates well with her fellow wives but never quite manages to be at peace with the way the Birmingham gang conducts its business.

Esme is especially not fond of Tommy and her hatred for the man is mostly what inspires her remarks. She considers him egotistical and self-centered, something not many fans will agree with. Some of Esme’s quotes are also inspired by her love for her family as well as her own unique perspective on how critical issues ought to be handled.

Esme Assures Polly She Won’t Broadcast Her Secret

“I Don’t Need A Knife To Stop Me Telling Secrets Given In Confidence. It Is A Matter Of Honor.”

During a chat with Polly, Esme informs her that she knows she went to see a medium. Polly isn’t too happy about that, so she holds her knife to Esme’s throat and instructs her to not tell anyone.

Esme might not agree with most things the family does but she is disciplined enough to not jeopardize them. Polly would definitely lose credibility if people found out she was seeing a medium. Besides that, Esme is aware that enemies of the Peaky Blinders might use such information to badmouth the criminal organization.

Esme Complains About The Ladies Being Left Alone

“Sat Here Like A Pudding.”

The male siblings once go hunting to honor their dead father, who taught them how to kill. Back at home, Esme laments that the ladies have been left in charge while the boys are out there having fun.

Esme never misses the opportunity to lament, a trait that often prevents her from being one of the most likable members of the Shelby family. The boys are obviously not being selfish or irresponsible for opting to go hunting. Nonetheless, Esme’s quote is lovely because it incorporated a simile. It’s not only hilarious but also shows how bored she is, perhaps implying that the ladies ought to have fun a bit more.

Esme Warns Tommy About Expanding To London

“But London Is Just Smoke And Trouble, Thomas.”

Tommy calls a family meeting where he reveals that he is planning to expand his bookie business to the capital. Esme thinks it’s a bad idea because the turf wars in London are unregulated.

As a family woman, Esme cherishes stability. Given what she’s heard about London, she believes there will be constant chaotic violence once Tommy moves into the territory. She is also certain Tommy will ask everyone to move with him, something she isn’t so keen on doing because she’d prefer to raise kids in a tranquil environment. Unfortunately for her, Tommy isn’t one to consider second opinions once he sets his mind on something.

Esmee Tells Tommy Not To Disturb John

“As A Matter Of Fact, He’s Doing Me Today.”

Tommy heads over to John’s apartment to remind him that they’ll be doing “it” later in the day. The “it” he is referring to is the street battle with Billy Kimber’s gang. Well, Esme, who was in bed with her husband, objects, insisting that John will be with her the whole day.

Watching Esme act with such desire over John isn’t a surprise as she falls in love with him very quickly after their arranged marriage. While it initially seemed like their union would be a tumultuous one, the two become inseparable, making love all the time. Tommy understands this, but he isn’t going to let marital bliss get in the way of gang duties. He, therefore, orders the two to finish up quickly.

Esme Reacts To Tommy’s Threat To Cut Her From Her Family

“What Family?”

When Esme hints that she and John are planning to run away and start a new life in France, Tommy almost combusts with fury. He threatens to cut Esme from the family if she does that.

Esme’s predilection to stand up against intimidating men like Tommy is what makes her one of the strongest women in Peaky Blinders. She feels that the Shelby family isn’t strong enough and while she might be right about the dysfunctional nature of the family, there’s still great unity between the members, something that has been instrumental in sheltering them from danger.

Esme She Declares She Is Exiting The Family

“I’m Taking The Children On The Road, To Live With Decent People.”

Esme finally gets enough of all the chaos that comes with being a member of the Shelby family, She takes off her rings and declares that she will be going on the road with her children.

Esme has always been happy with John but she has never truly been content with being a member of the Shelby family. After John’s death, life becomes even more challenging for her, forcing her to make the tough decision. With John no longer around, Tommy sees no reason to stop her from doing whatever she desires.

Esme Dismisses John’s ‘Half A Brain’ Argument

“No Argument There!”

During one of their arguments, John asks Esme to go easy on him because she already knows he isn’t that smart. Esme counters, claiming that’s no way for him to defend himself.

What makes John and Esme one of the best Peaky Blinders couples is that they understand each other’s flaws. A lack of intelligence might be a turnoff to most people but not to Esme, who believes John is useful in many other ways. And no matter how badly the lovebirds tend to clash, they always manage to patch things up.

Esme Argues That Tommy Abandoned The Family

“We Were Together At The Gallows, With One Man Missing!”

After getting arrested in the fourth season, several members of the Peaky Blinders almost get a death sentence but an order is brought to stop the execution. Esme later argues that they are united because Tommy was missing when they were about to be executed.

Esme maintains her position as Tommy’s biggest critic by calling him for not being present when the rest of the members were about to die. Her abhorrence for the man blinds her from the fact that they are also free because of him. If Tommy wasn’t connected to powerful people, they all would have been executed at the gallows.

Esme Agrees With John That They Should Ask Arthur For Their Money Instead Of Stealing It

“Seems Kinda Roundabout, But Okay.”

Esme immediately comes up with the proposal to go through Arthur’s belongings and steal any money he has when John informs her that he owes them a lot. John prefers asking for it instead, but Esme feels that’s just using the long route.

Esme might not be a violent gangster but she isn’t completely innocent either. She has never shied away from stealing, a behavior John knows too well about but doesn’t seem to care much. She can’t help but wonder why John would go through the long process of asking Arthur for his money yet they can just take it from his belongings.

Esme Reassuring Finn That The Baby Will Kick

“Sorry, This Is Taking So Long. He Kicked For Everyone Else.”

Everyone touches Esme’s belly to feel the baby kicking when she announces that she is pregnant. But when Finn touches, the baby doesn’t kick.

The moment shows just how tight the Shelbys are as a family unit. The announcement that a new member will be joining soon brings plenty of excitement. The bump-feeling moment always creates the opportunity for family members to joke about each other, with John claiming the baby isn’t kicking because Finn tends to put people under so much pressure to perform.

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