7 Reasons Why The Twilight Movies Are Worth Re-Watching

Over a decade later, the Twilight series is still worth rewatching for its iconic performances and epic narrative.

Over a decade since the first movie in the franchise was released, Stephenie Meyer’s fantasy saga Twilight still seems to enthrall its devoted fanbase. The mixed opinions about both the books and the films might seem controversial, but that doesn’t hinder the love and appreciation the supernatural young adult fantasy still elicits from its devotees.

With the recent release of Midnight Sun in 2020, the Twilight fans seem more excited than ever to revisit some of their favorite characters like Edward, Alice, and Jacob and debate who Bella should end with at the end. After a long pause, the novel’s release ignited renewed interest in the franchise, and with the series leaving Netflix in 2022, the fans seem more enthralled to rewatch each film before they exit the streaming service.

The Plotline Is True To Relationships And Family

The series centers around the romantic relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen and their chaotic journey together. Yet at its heart, the story is a also tale of family and relationships.

The saga has a long and rather intriguing plot behind the origins of the Cullens. Similarly, Bella’s relation with her dad is relatable to every teenager who has had a fragile relationship with their parents. Finally, Jacob’s relationship with his wolf pack and his dad was explored significantly by the series’ end. The Twilight Saga is a true testimonial to families and how they cope with troubles and grow together.

The Films Are Faithful To The Books

Many fantasy fictional movies are adapted from books that later become big-budget films. Many of them even go as far as altering certain events mentioned in the books to suit movie-goers. The fans who have stayed long with the series before its adaptation usually have higher expectancy and are seemingly critical about certain scenes.

With its questionable lead romance and cringy lines, The Twilight Saga misses the mark at some points but still delivers by being faithful to what worked so well in the novels. In particular, each film stays true to Stephenie Meyer’s vision of a gothic, forbidden romance by making the central relationship between Edward and Bella appealing and believable, even in a fantastical world where supernatural beings secretly exist.

The Stunning Cast Lineup

The Twilight Saga was and continues to be popular with most adolescents, not just for its over-the-top plotlines or cliched romance or the improbable love triangle, but for its stellar cast lineup. Way before Robert Pattinson could charm fans with his version of the Caped Crusader, he was a teen heartthrob who was adored by many Twilight fans. Kristen Stewart played the troubled and relatable protagonist and since then has taken on a variety of challenging and high-profile roles, most recently as Princess Diana in Spencer. With impressive supporting performances from future stars such as Anna Kendrick, Michael Sheen, and Dakota Fanning, the Twilight series possessed a talented cast that effectively embodied their characters and is a large reason why the films are so appealing today.

A Strong Protagonist

Once a rarity among blockbuster franchises, Twilight‘s main protagonist, Bella Swan, is female and has a strong personality. The saga revolves around an overly dramatic teenager trying to understand love and relationships only to be sucked into the world of vampires and werewolves endangering herself.

Bella Swan is portrayed as a “typical” teenager: sullen, dreamy, awkward, and confused. She moves to Forks to live with her dad, where her curiosity instantly draws her to Edward Cullen, a century-old vampire. Her love story might have twists and turns but, that doesn’t break her faith in her love. She is headstrong and stands for what she believes in, which is evident in how she is willing to protect her and Edward’s daughter at any cost, including her own life.

Eye-Catching Visuals

A New 'Twilight' Movie Is 'A Possibility' if Stephenie Meyer Wants to Write  One | Moviefone

For a set of films released over a decade ago, The Twilight Saga still looks good due to its stunning cinematography and immersive visual effects, especially in the last three entries in the franchise. From the transformation of the werewolves to the otherwordly vampiric abilities of Twilight‘s sad Cullen family, each film showcases an impressive array of special effects that convincingly portray a dangerous supernatural world.  In addition, the films’ lush cinematography, particularly in its depiction of the natural beauty of Bella’s hometown, helps create an intimate, gothic mood that is perfect for the franchise’s dark subject matter.

Relatable Characters

Something that gets the audience hooked is its relatability. For a story to be relatable, the characters introduced need to connect with the viewers first, and Twilight has a plethora of personalities who connect with a variety of moviegoers.

As the lead protagonist, Bella’s character is one of the most relatable ones in the saga. In particular, her intelligence, bravery, and flawed nature make her easy to like and admire, especially with the franchise’s core young adult female demographic. In addition, supporting characters like Alice, Jessica, and Esme are sympathetic and interesting, allowing the audience to quickly care about them and, as a result, the dramatic stakes of the narrative.

An Appealing And Fantastical Storyline

The Twilight series couldn’t be farther from reality, and the audience loves it for that. Utilizing a traditional romantic story, the franchise fictionalizes a world filled with vampires and shapeshifters. The series has its flair that transports the audience to this make-believe world that resonates with teenagers who’d want to explore the supernatural.

The series has an intriguing plotline that connects with relatable characters in a completely fictionalized world. The saga received its fair share of backlash and is even said to have portrayed an unhealthy relationship, but the gripping plot taps into the evergreen wishes of some teenage girls who long for a dreamy romance in their very own fantasy world. It’s why the Twilight franchise was so successful when it was first released, and it’s the primary reason why fans re-read the books and re-watch the films in the present.

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