10 Things That Actually Aged Well In The Twilight Saga

Before Marvel & DC swept audiences away, there was The Twilight Saga. We look at the 10 things that makes Edward & Bella's odyssey worth rewatching.

There was a time when young-adults were the biggest market to appeal to. Series like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Twilight Saga ruled the box office at the beginning of the decade, before the superhero genre took over in popularity.

The Twilight Saga used to have as many haters as it did fans, and was easily the most polarizing out of all franchises out there. Since those days, though, there has been more appreciation for the series. Over time, fans and former haters have outgrown their previous attitudes, and these 10 things about The Twilight Saga have aged the best.

10The Nostalgia Factor

Some series get exposed for their failures years after they were produced, and their replay value is severely hindered since they’re now seen as lacking in quality. However, The Twilight Saga already faced enough criticism in its running days for that not to be an issue now.

In fact, the perception of the series has doubled in appreciation, as fans now love diving into the nostalgia the series offered and reminds us of the years between 2008 and 2012 where most of us were teenagers. For that reason, most of the series’ flaws are easily overlooked.

9 The Will They/Won’t They Angle

This kind of angle exists even in superhero movies and TV shows, and The Twilight Saga thrived in presenting this to fans. While the dynamic between Edward and Bella was what drove the series at the time, it has become better over the years.

8 Jacob’s Character

Having a supportive friend is something we all want in life, and Jacob providing this quality is something that was always going to age well. Looking back, you get the sense you probably didn’t appreciate him as much you should’ve when the films were new. 

His role in The Twilight Saga: New Moon in particular is lauded in re-watches by fans as being the perfect one since Edward had left Bella high and dry at the time. With Taylor Lautner also seldom seen nowadays, fans like to watch him in this series to remember him better.

7 The Soundtrack

You can accuse the film to be of low quality if the source material isn’t exactly your speed, but you can’t fault the soundtrack in the same way. If there was one thing that was done right in the films, it was the accompanying music to situations.

Darker settings had a shift in tone, while action sequences carried that fast-paced beat that made them amp up the adrenaline. Watching clips of these scenes has been a better experience due to the music reminding the viewer that there was definite quality in these movies.

6 The Unintentional Comedy

Who says being unintentionally funny is supposed to be bad thing? After all, this is one way that can garner fans who otherwise wouldn’t have arrived at all. There’s a whole fanbase out there for The Twilight Saga who have enjoyed the nonsensical elements in the series.

Today, these fans head on over for repeat watches to get a kick out of the things that tickle the funny bone. Unlike those who dislike the series, these viewers are genuine fans who enjoy the experience, and the comedic moments only make it better. Even those who used to be sensitive of the hate for The Twilight Saga now see the humor in these moments.

5 Theme About Family

Now that the rabid fangirls who used to lose their minds over the attractive men in the series have matured, they’ve stopped to consider the theme behind the series. At its heart, The Twilight Saga was about keeping family close no matter how many problems there might be. 

Those who revisit these films have an appreciation for this theme, especially since they’ve grown up and come to experience similar moments in their own lives. Overlooking the attractive guys and getting into the story has become much easier with time.

4 The Thoughts And Feelings Of A Teenager

People always accused Bella of being an obsessive girl who was crazy about a vampire with a very sketchy past, but the reason why this worked was because teenagers do have a fantasy concocted in their heads. Since most fans aren’t teenagers now, they appreciate how accurately The Twilight Saga portrayed their feelings at the time. 

After all, who doesn’t like the idea of an exciting romance filled with danger and fantasy? It’s something that teenagers enjoy in particular, and looking back it’s clear The Twilight Saga did catch on to what teenage girls liked.

3 Presentation Of Werewolves

The vampire and werewolf genre has simmered down considerably in the last decade, to the point you don’t really see movies like these anymore. Watching the werewolf fights now in The Twilight Saga is a reminder of how cool they really were. 

Although the shirtless guys in droves is still lame, their transformation and execution as werewolves is something that definitely hasn’t gotten old. The vampires don’t come across as all that great, but werewolves are a monster that do have great replay value in this series.

2 Its Simple Style

Nowadays, every series seems to require having some kind of drawn-out storyline that has intrinsic themes and twists, so it’s always fun to watch a series that doesn’t rely on these elements. The Twilight Saga is pretty simple in that it’s about a teenage girl who gets embroiled in the world of monsters. 

There are a few stories that had some deeper meaning, but at its core this was a story about a girl in love. It’s a good watch for those who don’t want to be bogged down by huge plot points, and a breezy film can never be written out.

1 Robert Pattinson’s Performance

With the actor now confirmed to be the next Batman, Robert’s performances have been given retroactive respect since it has become clear that this guy really is talented. He’s played a wizard, a vampire, villains, heroes, and is even seen in dramatic and indie roles. 

For this reason, Robert’s role in The Twilight Saga is one that has been given a layer of range, as watching him as Edward now confirms he can deliver a wide array of performances. He’s been able to shake off the pretty boy image as well, and looking at him here reminds you he owns whatever part he’s cast in.

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