Sons Of Anarchy: 5 Reasons Gemma & Nero Were The Perfect Couple (& 5 Why She Was Better With Clay)

Gemma was the powerful matriarch on Sons of Anarchy. Her relationships with Nero and Clay both had their high and low points.

Gemma was certainly a controversial character within Sons Of Anarchy, as some people absolutely loved her while others totally loathed her. There’s no doubt that Gemma certainly stirred the pot and caused a lot of the issues that happen on the show, but she doesn’t exactly have it easy herself.

That is clear by her luck in the romance department. She has two major relationships over the course of the show, that being with Clay and Nero. Both relationships come with their positives and negatives, but which man was she better off with?

10 Nero: Pulling Away From The Club

Despite the fact that the motorcycle club is what Gemma knows and loves, there is no denying it brings nothing but pain and misery into her life. That’s why she is best with Nero because despite his business dealings, he also clearly wants to get out of that situation.

He has no interest in being part of a motorcycle club, and he doesn’t want Gemma in that world either. That was the relationship that could have taken her out of the danger and provided a chance at normality, whatever that may mean for her. He gave her the chance for freedom, but Gemma turned it down.

9 Clay: Early Club Days

The first few episodes of the series see Gemma and Clay really at their best as they are happy to just work together and control everything. They seem perfectly happy and try to keep everyone doing what they need to in order to keep things in control, and that worked out well for them early on.

They simply seemed like the perfect couple as they ran everything, taking care of any troubles that came through as a team which is what any good relationship would do.

8 Nero: Fights Back Her Issues

When Nero first meets Gemma she is not in a good place. She is slipping into being an alcoholic, to the point where she doesn’t even remember who he is the next day after sleeping with him, pulling out a gun on Nero to really push that point home.

However, the fact that he persists throughout it all and continues to deal with any and all problems that she throws his way is a testament to him and the relationship they have. He doesn’t fly off the handle in the same manner as Clay and that’s why they’re better together.

7 Clay: Healing Hands

It’s very clear throughout the show that Gemma likes to care for everyone around her, going above and beyond for those she loves. This is especially true with Clay, who is beginning to deal with arthritis problems, which are causing him issues when riding his motorcycle.

However, that is something Gemma helps to deal with, doing the medication for him and being his private nurse, keeping things quiet from everyone else. These caring moments show a softer side to these two characters, which is something that shows them as a great couple.

6 Nero: Passionate Nights

A big part of any relationship is the romance side of things and that is showcased a lot more between Gemma and Nero than it is with Clay. That’s because they have a lot of intimate moments of passion together, with Gemma often turning up at his place to see him.

They often even manage to take their fights and turn them into these moments and that’s why they’re better together. Rather than being aggressive and fighting, they take their passion and turn it into love.

5 Clay: Fun At The Fair

There aren’t too many moments where the characters get to really enjoy a date and showcase their love too much, but when the fair comes, Clay and Gemma certainly do that. The scene works as a great visual to prove how happy they can be together when it’s just them having fun.

They have fun and laugh together, jumping into the photo booth and genuinely just being like a couple of young children in love. It’s the perfect relationship and it is a really happy moment for them which makes them seem like a perfect couple.

4 Nero: Trying To Keep Her Alive

Even when Nero learns that Gemma has killed Tara, he still cannot fully shake his feelings for her. He tries his best to keep her alive and stop Jax from murdering her, even though he understands why he wants to commit that brutal act.

If that doesn’t showcase the true love that they shared then nothing does. Plus, even after she died, Nero still takes on the responsibility of looking after Wendy and Jax’s children when he leaves to commit suicide.

3 Clay: He Still Cares

In season two, Gemma is horrifically attacked and it leads to some serious emotional and mental scars for her. While she initially thinks that Clay doesn’t see her in the same way post-attack, it turns out that couldn’t be further from the truth as he steps up as a partner during this point in time.

He is there for her and proves to her just how much he still cares about her and how it hasn’t changed any of his feelings, which is exactly what she needs at that point to rebuild herself.

2 Nero: He Respects Her

While Clay clearly must have loved and respected Gemma at some stage in his life, when the show takes place, it is clear that he uses her for leverage at times to keep his position of power. However, that isn’t really the case with Nero, as he genuinely loves and respects her.

Ultimately, that seems to be what Gemma needs, someone to comfort her and take care of her, rather than bringing her into the unnecessary drama as Clay does. Being loved is something that Gemma should take as the main priority, and that is where Nero wins the day and while it isn’t a specific moment, it is obvious that they’re meant to be together.

1 Clay: Ultimate Power Couple

Speaking of power, that is arguably the main reason why Gemma is better off with Clay because when they are together, especially early on in the series, they are the power couple of the area. They call the shots and absolutely everybody is afraid of them.

Gemma is quite vulnerable deep down, and therefore with Clay and the role she had, the fear factor created a persona that Gemma thrives from. She clearly loves being the woman everyone is too scared to say anything to, and that’s something she can only get with Clay.

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