Sons of Anarchy: 10 Ways Wendy Got Worse & Worse

Wendy was one of the most consistent supporting characters on Sons of Anarchy, and here's how she just kept getting worse.

Wendy Case began her story on Sons of Anarchy as the meth addicted ex-wife of series protagonist Jax Teller, and her latest relapse resulted in the near death of she and Jax’s son, Abel. But, like any character on any series, Wendy evolved a lot throughout the course of Sons, and by the end she was one of the most sincerely kind and reliable people in this seedy world.

But with that said, Wendy was far from perfect, and every step of her evolution over the course of the show was not a positive step. Here is exactly how Wendy got worse and worse throughout the series.


Obviously addiction is a disease and not a moral failing, but Wendy has an unfortunate history of relapsing, and that makes her an unstable character and an unsettling influence on the life of the entire Teller family.

And where Wendy really failed as a person was when she allowed herself to relapse while she was still pregnant with Abel, an unfortunate slip that nearly wound up killing him.

9Coming Into Abel’s Life Before He’s Ready

So while Wendy can be forgiven for relapsing, and perhaps she can even do something to try to ameliorate the fact that she nearly ended Abel’s life before it even began because of her drug addiction, what was incredibly unfair and selfish was that she tried to push her way into Abel’s life before he was ready.

She was thinking about herself instead of thinking about him, because she should have understood how confusing and scary it would be to have a stranger suddenly playing mommy to him.

8Trying To Get Custody Of Abel

Again, Wendy did have a point when it came to the fact that Jax and the business with the club did put Abel’s life in a dangerous and unstable position.

However, to push for custody of him when she had barely recovered from drug addiction, and when she used to support and benefit from the club, was not okay. She once again was putting herself ahead of Abel’s emotional stability and comfort.

7Trying To Romance Jax

There’s no crime in being in love with your ex-husband, but Wendy really went out of her way to try to manipulate Jax into a relationship with her, and she often times did so at the expense of Tara.

For a long while she wanted she, Jax, and Abel to be a family, and she didn’t seem to have a lot of concern or consideration for what she would do in order to make that happen.

6Going After Jax

Once Wendy had finally gotten over Jax for good, it was like the pendulum of her feelings about him swung in the total opposite direction. When Jax was no longer a romantic option for her, she had no qualms about trying to get custody of her son away from Jax and Tara.

She may have had a point, but it seems incredibly hypocritical and doesn’t show a lot of consideration for anyone besides herself.

5Going After Tara

Eventually towards the end of Tara’s character arc, she and Wendy became a team and they were on the same page about what had to be done for their sons and their family.

However before that, Wendy had done a lot to undermine and hurt Tara in a lot of ways. Sometimes it was intentionally targeted towards her, and sometimes Tara was just collateral damage in the plan, but Wendy did a lot to hurt Tara even though she was the only mom Abel had for a while.

4Conspiring With Gemma

For whatever reason, a lot of the characters in Sons of Anarchy didn’t quite recognize what a threat and danger Gemma was until it was far too late.

But after all of the horrible things that Gemma has done and said to Wendy, she should have known better than to conspire with her and try to manipulate Jax and Tara’s relationship with her. It had bad news written all over it, but Wendy did it repeatedly anyway.

3Helping Gemma And Juice

Wendy’s no killer, but the fact that she is not at all suspicious of the fact that Gemma and Juice are working together immediately after Tara’s death, and that she goes out of her way to lie to Jax when they seem to be reconciling (at least as friends) and Jax is finally being honest with her, is strange.

By this point she’s one of the most stable and normal characters in the series, but this is a huge and dangerous blunder.

2Manipulating To Get What She Wants

One of Wendy’s biggest weaknesses has always been that, even when she’s trying to be on the straight and narrow, Wendy has a habit of lying and manipulating to get what she wants.

Even when she doesn’t necessarily have to do that, she’ll still choose to, and even though she makes a lot of noise about changing her toxic ways over the course of the series, she never really drops this personality trait.

1Becoming Sanctimonious

In the grand scheme of things, this obviously isn’t the worst thing that anyone on Sons of Anarchy has ever done, and it’s not even the worst thing that Wendy has done. But it just might be the most annoying thing that she’s done.

She was a drug addicted biker chick for a good chunk of her life and she never fully extricated herself from that world, but she was also incredibly judgmental towards anyone who was a part of that world once she started to leave it.

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