Kim And Kanye’s Divorce: How Will Their $2.3 Billion Fortune Be Divided Up?

On February 19, 2021, Kim filed her divorce papers, setting in motion the legal end of one of the most iconic celebrity marriages.

KimYe are no more. On February 19th, Kim Kardashian filed her divorce papers, setting in motion the legal end of what has been one of the most iconic celebrity marriages of the century. The media personality and her rapper husband Kanye West have been married since 2014 and share four children together: North, 8, Saint, 5, Chicago, 3, and Psalm, 2. Their marriage has endured several difficult experiences: lie-threatening pregnancies for their first two children, a robbery at gunpoint, and mental health struggles for Kanye. But it all became too much for the couple last year, with Kim claiming their extensive time apart and lack of common interests was leaving her feeling lonely and isolated, causing her to finally call time on their seven-year marriage.

In addition to questions about what will happen to their children and their shared business interests, the issue of what will happen to their shared $2.3 billion in assets is also something which is leaving fans scratching their heads. So how will their colossal fortune be divided up?

How Much Are The Couple Really Worth?

Estimates vary, however, the couple are certainly worth an extraordinary amount well in excess of $2 billion. According to Forbes, Kim is worth an estimated $1 billion, ‘up from $780 million in October, thanks to two lucrative businesses—KKW Beauty and Skims—as well as cash from reality television and endorsement deals, and a number of smaller investments.’

Kanye West has been named the wealthiest black man in America. However, compared to wife Kim, ascertaining his net worth is a little more complicated. While the ‘Stronger’ rapper asserts that his assets total to a hefty $3 billion, Forbes begs to differ, and says the real figure is probably around half of that: ‘All told, our current net worth estimate for Kanye West: $1.3 billion, which he’ll be pleased to note is $300 million more than little sister Kylie.’

So in total, we’re looking at a ball-park figure of $2.3 billion.

What Does The Prenuptial Agreement Say?

Staying true to the lyrics of his hit song ‘Gold Digger’, Kanye did indeed sign ‘pre-nup.’ The pair made a legal agreement just before their 2014 wedding, the details of which are explained by Screen Rant: ‘It was said that the KKW Beauty founder would receive $1 million for every year that she was married to Kanye and keep all of the gifts he gave her during their time together. Considering the recent divorce filing, it’s possible that Kim and Kanye have agreed to him giving her $6 million for the six total years they were together. The couple will also stay in their respective homes in Calabasas and Wyoming.’

What Are Their Biggest Assets?

In addition to their enormous cash reserves, there are also a number of valuable assets to be considered in the divorce proceedings. These alone total around $70 million. According to Forbes, the former couple own ‘a number of homes—and have a number of mortgages—together, including a Calabasas mansion in Los Angeles County, Miami condo and two ranches in Wyoming.

‘There’s also $5 million in art, nearly $4 million in vehicles, $3.2 million in jewelry and even $300,000 worth of livestock that could be co-owned by the couple. Who gets what will be dependent on the terms of their prenup and whatever settlement their lawyers can negotiate. For now, we’ve assumed they’ve split it equally. What we can say with certainty: Neither party will walk away wanting for much.’

What Will Happen To Their Homes?

Its no secret that the couple have been living apart for some time, with Kanye on his dream ranch in Wyoming, and Kim in her hometown of LA with the kids. Though their homes make up only a tiny fraction of their total wealth, at just 5%, and they have decided to stay in their respective homes, their division will be significant due to more personal reasons; the couple must decided where their kids will live, and consider their emotional attachments to the respective properties. It is expected, however, that Kim will keep their Calabasas home.

The Couple Have Agreed To Joint Custody Of Their Children

One thing the couple have agreed upon is how their children will be cared for following the divorce. Kanye has reportedly agreed to share joint custody of the four kids, matching Kim’s divorce filing, according to the BBC.

So How Will Everything Be Shared Out?

To summarise, Kim and Kanye’s property will remain separate, as per the terms of their pre-nuptial agreement. Neither has asked for spousal support. Their children will be in joint custody between the parents. Their large assets such as art, vehicles, and precious items, will likely be divided equally depending on secret details of the pre-nup and what the lawyers can negotiate. Kim is likely to benefit most, if she receives an amount of Kanye’s net worth, considering hers is significantly less, her net worth will swell. She will receive a $6 million payout for their six years of marriage, and keep all her lavish gifts from during that period.

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