Stormi Is Already Worth $3 Million: How Kylie Jenner’s Daughter Amassed Her Wealth

Kylie Jenner recently sued a company for trying to trademark “Stormi Couture.” The company filed for that trademark a month after Stormi was born. With the unique spelling of Stormi’s name, it seems like too much of a coincidence. In legal documents, Kylie’s team said, “The Stormi name is well known and uniquely and unmistakably is associated with Stormi Webster.” Kylie believes the company is trying to capitalize on her daughter’s name and fame.

In 2019, Kylie filed for several trademarks under Stormi’s name, including “Stormiworld”. Many celebrities do that for their children in case their kids want to create their own companies someday. Others do it to protect their children from companies who want to profit from their kids’ images and names. The real question is: Why didn’t Kylie do this as soon as she knew Stormi’s name? If she had, she would’ve saved herself several legal battles.

Even though Kylie is fighting against the company trying to use the name, “Stormi Couture”, Stormi doesn’t need really need that brand name. She already has a net worth so high that she won’t have to work a day in her life.

13 Stormi Collection

Kylie Cosmetics has done many collaborations over the years. There have been collaborations with Kris Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Jordyn Woods, and Stormi. At two years old, Stormi is probably is the youngest person to come out with her own makeup collection. Seeing as how Stormi was just two years old when the collection was put together, she probably just pointed at products she liked.

Kylie Cosmetics X Stormi Collection! Kylie Jenner launches a new  butterfly-adorned collection for her daughter's birthday

12 Designer Items

Before Stormi was born, she already had a closet full of designer clothing. In the photo above, she’s being pushed in a designer stroller. Now that she’s gotten older, she wears diamond earrings and has a designer purse collection. Designer clothing and purses are considered investment pieces because some of these items do go up in value. Hopefully, Stormi doesn’t spit up on anything.

11 Kylie Cosmetics & Kylie Skin

Kylie has mentioned before how she’d love for Kylie Cosmetics and Kylie Skin to become family businesses. As she’s used to working with family, it wouldn’t be an issue of conflict for her. She hopes Stormi will want to take over one day. However, if Stormi chooses another career direction, Kylie will be fine with that, too.

10 Stormiworld

People go all out for their kids’ first birthdays. Kylie and Travis Scott took it to a whole other level by turning a first birthday party into a theme park called ‘Stormiworld’. The name is a cute take on Travis Scott’s album, “Astroworld”. On Stormi’s second birthday, they brought ‘Stormiworld’ back with new attractions. With all the press the parties have gotten, Stormi could open an amusement park in the future.

Kylie Jenner anuncia su nueva marca de ropa para niños

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

While Kourtney’s kids are the only ones from the new generation of Kardashians who appear on the hit reality show, Stormi could decide to be on it when she’s older. Kylie has mentioned in interviews how she’ll keep Stormi off the show until she’s old enough to make the decision on her own.


Kylie has several properties. She recently bought a mansion listed for over $36.5 million. No one knows if Kylie intends to live there or if she intends to flip it by selling it on to the highest bidder. Stormi is set to inherit Kylie’s property portfolio.

Social Media

Stormi’s birth announcement (and first photo on Instagram) went viral. Since then, every picture and video Kylie posts of her daughter gets a ton of likes and favorites. When Stormi makes her own accounts, she’ll easily have millions of followers within the first couple of hours.

Stormi Is Already Worth $3 Million: How Kylie Jenner's Daughter Amassed Her  Wealth

Magazine Covers

Stormi is only two years old, but she already knows her way around a photoshoot. Kylie tries to take her daughter everywhere. When she has to go do a magazine cover, Stormi gets to jump in for a few photos. Eventually, Stormi will get tired of the photos, so Kylie should enjoy it while she can.


Most people on social media have their own branding. Stormi Webster, despite her age, is not an exception. During her ‘Stormiworld’ party, there was a gift shop inside that sold exclusive ‘Stormiworld’ merch with her name and face. If Stormi and Kylie wanted to, they could sell the merch online. It would sell out in hours.


Stormi has two famous and wealthy parents. Kylie Jenner is the youngest “self-made” billionaire and Travis Scott is a Grammy-nominated rapper. Between Kylie’s and Travis’s businesses, properties, cars, jewelry, clothing, TV shows, documentaries, and albums, Stormi won’t need to work unless she wants to.

Kylie Jenner 'Can Drop Upwards of $100k' on Stormi Webster 'a Week'

TV Show Appearances

Stormi has yet to make an appearance on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but she has been on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, for Ellen’s ‘Hot Seat’ segment. She had a great time with her mom and loved pressing the giant red button. As Stormi gets older, we think she’ll appear on ‘Ellen’ frequently.

Weather Collection

Stormi has had multiple collections with Kylie Cosmetics. Her first collaboration wasn’t the Stormi palette. The first Stormi collection was called the ‘Weather Collection’. Stormi was only a few days old when her mom released this collection, inspired by her daughter’s name. Kylie knew what she was doing when making this savvy business decision.


Stormi is prominently featured on Kylie’s YouTube channel. It doesn’t make sense to us that Kylie prefers this over Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Maybe she likes it because she has more control over the content and Stormi can leave halfway through shooting? Most YouTubers dream of having their own TV shows – not the other way around.

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