Letterkenny: Daryl and Squirrelly Dan Fight Over Katy’s Big Tarts in Season 10 Clip

Wayne's buttons get pushed as Daryl and Squirrelly Dan argue over Katy's big tarts in a double entendre-fueled scene from Letterkenny's 10th season.

An argument over a dessert pastry results in Daryl and Squirrelly Dan making Wayne more than a little bit uncomfortable in the first real look at Letterkenny’s 10h season.

The double entendre-loaded scene is full of the show’s trademark wordplay, as Daryl and Dan argue over what happened when the former threw out half of a giant tart Katy baked rather than sharing it with his fast friend. As per usual, Wayne attempts to play peacemaker, but his efforts are repeatedly derailed by his frustration over the smutty-sounding argument involving his sister’s legendary baking skills.

Letterkenny Problems was born in 2013 as a series of YouTube skits featuring Wayne, Daryl and their observations and stories about the fictional, rural town the show took its name from. In 2016, Canadian network Crave picked up the show, where it became a cult hit. In 2018, Hulu landed the streaming rights for the series, and its popularity took off in the United States soon after.

Letterkenny filmed Season 10 and 11 back-to-back, meaning the fans shouldn’t have to wait another full year for the next batch of episodes. Previous seasons have been released two per year, but the show’s production was affected by the pandemic’s shutdowns, resulting in a longer than usual wait this time around.

In addition to that, the series’ co-creators Keeso and Jacob Tierney have announced that the first full-length spinoff (the series previously released a series of animated Littlekenny shorts) is currently in development. Titled Shoresy, the show will center on the titular hockey-playing character played by Keeso, though it is uncertain if he will be reprising the role for the spinoff. The official description released by Hulu reads, “Shoresy joins a senior triple hockey AAA team in Northern Ontario on a quest to never lose again.” Other than this, few details regarding Shoresy have been released.

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The Season 10 synopsis is as follows:

The residents of Letterkenny belong to one of three groups: the Hicks, the Skids, and the Hockey Players, who are constantly feuding with each other over seemingly trivial matters that often end with someone getting their ass kicked. In season 10, McMurray and Wayne do some dickering, the Hicks attend a sausage party, the Hockey Players and Skids have a video game battle, the men of Letterkenny receive head-to-toe physicals…and that’s just for starters, buddy.

Letterkenny Season 10 debuts on Hulu and Crave on Sunday, Dec. 26.

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