Twilight: 10 Things About Vampires That Make No Sense

Stephanie Meyer came up with her own brand of bloodsuckers, but there are plenty of things about vampires in Twilight that make no sense.

If there’s one thing every Twilight fan knows, it’s how enchanting vampires can be. Especially the vampires in the Cullen family. With their wicked good looks, magnetic charm, and mysterious way about them, they dazzled Bella and audiences around the globe.

There’s just something unforgettable about the Twilight series that keeps viewers coming back for more! Today, more than a handful of vampire movies exist including UnderworldBuffy The Vampire Slayer, and Nosferatu but the most popular amongst tweens, teens, and the phenomena we have come to know as “Twi-moms” is Twilight. Even so, there’s a lot that doesn’t make sense about the Cullens, and here’s a list of 10 confusing things that prove it.

10 For Some Reason, They Love Playing Baseball

In the movies, it’s apparent that the Cullens love baseball. For them, baseball is their way of bonding with the family and is a tradition they enjoy taking part in. The catch is that the Cullens can only play baseball when there’s a thunderstorm outside. This is because they hit the ball with so much force that it sounds exactly like thunder when the ball comes into contact with the bat.

It’s easy to wonder why the Cullens didn’t just choose a sport they could play any time rather than limiting themselves to something they can only play when it’s storming. Even Bella was confused about their choice in sport and asked Edward “since when do vampires like baseball?” before being the game’s umpire.

9 Their Skin Is As Hard As Stone

In the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer describes vampire skin to be extremely hard and marble-like. If this is the case, how was it possible for Bella to be affectionate with Edward?

Kissing Edward would be like kissing a statue or human-shaped rock. A perfectly chiseled rock, yes, but still a rock nonetheless. Not only would this be an extremely uncomfortable experience but it would be starkly different from kissing or being affectionate with someone who is human. With this in mind, how was it even possible for Bella to continue being affectionate with Edward? Wouldn’t this have hurt her?

8 Edward Is Super Fast

In the famous baseball scene, it’s clear that Edward is the speedy one in the family. This becomes most apparent when his sister Rosalie hits the ball in what appears to be a home run. Bella asks Esme “that’s gotta be a home run right?” but Esme shakes her head and tells her that Edward is “very fast.” Clearly, this is something the Cullen family already recognizes as one of his special traits.

All of the vampires in the series are blessed with speed but why is Edward the fastest of them all? There’s simply no explanation as to why Stephenie Meyer decided to give him the extra kick in his step.

7 Edward Can Jump Really High

Not only can Edward run faster than most vampires but he can jump extremely high. In one scene Edward takes a stab at parkour vampire style and carries Bella on his back as he jumps high up into the treetops to take her to see a magnificent waterfront view. Impressed by this (as she should be) she almost can’t believe her eyes.

Though there’s also no explanation for being able to jump like this, there’s no doubt about the fact that Edward swept viewers off their feet just as he did Bella in this scene.

6 The Cullens Are Extremely Good Looking

Nothing and no one is perfect but vampires always seem to be, especially when portrayed in the movies. From flawless skin to glowing eyes, and perfectly chiseled bodies, the modern vampire is smokin’ hot. This definitely applies to the Cullen family. Not one of Edward’s siblings nor do his parents, Carlisle and Esma have any flaws what so ever.

If the Cullens were real, it’s more than likely that they’d look a little rough around the edges. Think about it, they’ve been dead for hundreds of years! Rather than having a pale glow to them, it’s likely they’d be slightly more…fresh out the morgue looking.

5 Skin Does Not Sparkle Naturally

Yes, it is true. These days golden hour is the key to radiant, shining skin but unfortunately, the skin does not have a natural shimmer to it. Unless some kind of body glitter is used, there’s no way anyone would shine like Edward Cullen on a sunshine-filled day.

When viewers first laid eyes on this scene where Edward’s skin touches sunlight, the beauty of Edward Cullen and the charm of a world filled with vampires came at everyone in full-force but one question comes into play. How come the Cullens don’t sparkle when sunlight shines through the clouds? Sure, Forks is dark and gloomy most of the time but cloudy days don’t necessarily block sun rays. So why is it that Edward and his family don’t sparkle in the daylight?

4 Their Biggest Enemies Are A Pack Of Werewolves

In the Twilight saga, vampires and Quileute Werewolves are sworn enemies. Their beef goes back generations when a vampire started killing in Quileute settlements. The conflict between vampires and werewolves emerges in the first Twilight movie and becomes even more apparent with the tension between Edward and Jacob who compete for Bella’s heart.

Knowing full well that Quileute Werewolves settled near the Washington town of Forks, why is it that the Cullens chose to live there. Perhaps they were following the saying, keep your friends close and enemies closer but even so, why would they want to add flame to the fire and put themselves in danger by living near their long-time enemies?

3 Jasper Can Manipulate People’s Emotions

Some of the vampires in Twilight have special powers. The one thing they can’t do is get inside Bella’s head because Bella has something called a “mental block.” This mind block protects Bella from any vampire’s power that tries to mess with her brain.

For example, Alice can peer into Bella’s future but can only do so because the future has nothing to do with Bella’s thoughts. Jasper, however, can manipulate Bella’s emotions. This doesn’t make sense because emotions are tied to one’s mind. Therefore, how was it possible for Jasper to do this to Bella?

2 They Still Go To High School

One thing that never made sense about the Twilight movies was why the Cullen siblings still went to high school. The purpose of this was to blend in with people their own age but doing so they didn’t try to make friends with their fellow classmates. Instead, they kept to themselves which made them appear unfriendly and antisocial. Their strange approach actually made them stick out more amongst their peers, which was the opposite of their intention.

It would have made more sense if the Cullens said they were taking online courses or were being homeschooled by their parents. This would have kept them away from other people and would have allowed them to not waste their time in school (something they’ve already repeated too many times).

1 The Cullens Are Wildly Wealthy

Something that’s also confusing about the Cullens is their extreme amount of wealth. They live in a mansion in the middle of the forest! The big question here is, where does their money come from?

Sure, doctors make the big bucks but how much money could Dr. Carlisle Cullen be making for his large family while living in the small town of Forks Washington? In addition to owning a beautiful home, the Cullens drive nice cars. Again, how can they afford this? It’s not like Edward’s siblings have their own income.

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