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Peaky Blinders: The 10 Most Romantic Quotes

The characters in Peaky Blinders are mostly known for talking tough and backing up their words. However, they can be quite romantic too.

Things are always tense in Peaky Blinders, with Tommy Shelby and his band of outlaws having to deal with complex problems every single day. Luckily, occasional humor eases that tension. So does romance. Every main character has been struck by Cupid a number of times, with outcomes ranging from adorable to tragic.

When Tommy Hides From The Authorities At Grace’s Apartment

“I Found You. And You Found Me. We’ll Help Each Other.”

Tommy hides at Grace’s apartment when Inspector Campbell finds the cache of government weapons in Danny Whizzbang’s fake grave. After a lovemaking session, Tommy tells Grace that he’d like her to be an advisor and shoulder he can lean on.

The Blinders boss isn’t usually one to need assistance. Grace is as astonished as the viewer that Tommy wants her to be his helper but his words show just how much he trusts her. He understands that they both have hurdles and he’s very willing to help her if she’ll do the same for him.

When Ada Tells Freddie Why She Loves Him

“I’m With You Because You Are The Only Man Around Here Not Afraid Of Them.”

Freddie and Ada’s relationship is a forbidden one because the Shelby brothers don’t want their sister to see a Communist. Freddie knows the risks but he keeps seeing Ada.

Freddie embeds himself in Ada’s heart by risking everything for her. Since she is also one of the bravest characters in Peaky Blinders, Ada hugely appreciates her lover’s efforts And it’s not just the Blinders that Freddie is unafraid of. Even when it’s considered too dangerous to see Ada after she gives birth, he still shows up, a decision that leads to his arrest.

When May Tries To Reconnect With Tommy After Grace’s Death

“The Truth? You’re Unlike Any Man I’ve Ever Met.”

May Carleton shows up in Birmingham to inform him that his new horse which will be named “Dangerous,” after a legendary 19th-century horse that won the Epson Darby. Not convinced, Tommy asks her to tell him why she really came.

May never gets over Tommy when he chooses Grace over her. She, therefore, takes the opportunity to try and rekindle their love when Grace dies. Her confession makes sense to fans since it’s evident that there aren’t many men in the show like Tommy. He is not only confident but courteous, traits that make him appealing to women.

When Grace Jokingly Warns Tommy That She’ll Break His Heart

“Already Broken.”

As Grace sings the Irish song “Black Velvet Band” at the Garrison Pub, she realizes just how much Tommy is into her. She warns him that she’ll break his heart but he has a retort.

With his words, Tommy makes it clear that nothing will stop him from being with Grace. He is ready to risk everything for her. Interestingly, she isn’t entirely joking when she says she’ll break his heart. It happens twice, first, when she tells Campbell where the weapons are located and second when he calls her in London but another man picks up. Luckily, they manage to get through both situations

When John Assures Esme That He’ll Buy Her A Home

“It’s All Going To Change, Esme.”

Esme, one of the strongest women in Peaky Blinders, gets paired up with John as part of an arranged marriage. They soon fall deeply in love but Esme gets frustrated with the life Tommy has forced them to live.

John’s decision to move to the countryside with Esme is inspired by two things. First is the realization that he cannot tailor his life around his brother’s plans. The second reason is that he loves Esme more than he has ever loved anyone in his life. He is thus willing to give her anything she wants.

When Linda Distracts Arthur From Work To Have Sex With Him

“In The Words Of My Sinful Catholic Mother…”

Arthur misses out on the family vote meant to decide Luca Changretta’s fate because Linda gets all naughty with him. She stares at him seductively before telling him that it’s her duty to please him sexually, words she says come from her mother.

Arthur and Linda don’t always have the perfect relationship but this moment serves as a reminder of why they are perfect for each other. They are not only crazy but can tolerate each other quite well too. Unfortunately, their numerous crazy moments end up not being enough to hold their marriage together.

When Polly Makes Out With Aberama Gold In The Woods

“You Are A Strong, Handsome Man.”

Tommy hires Aberama Gold—a ruthless Romany Gypsy hitman— when Italian mobster Luca Changretta proves too formidable an enemy to get rid of. Polly is initially cautious around him, given his reputation, but she soon falls in love with him. When the two find themselves alone in the wood, things escalate quickly.

Polly feels she has a lot in common with Aberama because she is a widow and he, a widower. He is tougher than most men she has interacted with, and that means a lot because she has interacted with hundreds of gangsters in the past. The two go on to have one of the best relationships in Peaky Blinders since they never fight.

When Lizzie Reassures John That She Loves Him More Than Tommy

“I Don’t See The Same Thing In You That I See In Tommy’s Eyes.”

As part of his mission to assassinate Field Marshal Henry Russel for The Crown, Tommy uses Lizzie to lure him since he’s aware the man is ever lustful. Regrettably, Russel assaults Lizzie. John then concludes that she was assaulted by one of her clients but Lizzie neither confirms nor denies it. Instead, she tells John that she loves him more.

John’s love for Lizzie fades when he finds out that she used to sleep with Tommy during her days as an escort. This devastates her but she is left with no choice but to continue doing favors for Tommy in order to earn a living. Her heart remains with John, who she goes on to reassure, despite knowing that they might never be together again.

When Tommy Asks For Tea Instead Of Rum

“You Want To Impress Me?”

Grace is surprised when Tommy visits her and insists on having tea instead of rum. It’s unlike him since gangsters of his kind are known to desire liquor rather than basic beverages. Well, Tommy does admit that he is seeking to impress her.

Tommy learns quite early that Grace is a special kind of woman so he softens himself around her. He is careful not to do anything that will paint him as irresponsible in her eyes. She can see that he is trying hard but she is impressed by it. His deep love for her ends up being the reason she quits her undercover job and takes his side.

When Tommy Gives Lizzie Cash

“It Was You Who Stopped My Heart From Breaking.”

When Tommy gathers family members to inform them that arrest warrants have been issued on nearly all of them, he surprises everyone by handing Lizzie cash. He follows the gesture with warm words, confessing that she has done a good job of taking care of him.

Tommy and Lizzie’s marriage is mostly problematic because he doesn’t get over his dead wife Grace. He doesn’t respect her enough either because she used to be an escort. Nonetheless, Lizzie keeps trying to make things work, and even though she never stabilizes the ship, Tommy begins appreciating her more and more.

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