Seinfeld: 5 Times Jerry Was A Grown Adult (& 5 He Was Too Immature)

On Seinfeld, Jerry was a successful comedian with a good life. However, the sitcom protagonist had many childish moments, especially in relationships.

Of all the main characters on Seinfeld, Jerry’s life was going really well. He lived in a nice, pleasant apartment and had a close group of friends whom he saw regularly. He had a successful stand-up career and even got the chance to create his own sitcom.

While Jerry seemed like a grown-up, and he made some smart decisions throughout Seinfeld’s nine seasons, he also made some mistakes that proved he embraced his inner child perhaps a bit too much. He never stopped making viewers laugh, but he could have changed his behavior on many occasions.

10 Grown Adult: Realized It Might Be Time To Settle Down

Kramer could be a terrible friend to Jerry, but he did try to give his friend some solid advice.

In the season 7 episode “The Engagement,” Jerry told Kramer that he and George made a plan to get married and move forward with their lives. He said, “We were talking about our lives and we both kind of realized we’re kids. We’re not men.” Kramer let Jerry know that marriage wouldn’t be that great because he wouldn’t be able to watch TV while eating dinner and would have to chat about his day. While this was a hilarious oversimplification of a long-term relationship, it was great that Jerry realized it might be time to settle down. He considered a serious romance, and that proved he could be a grown-up.

9 Immature: Hated A Pal From Childhood And Couldn’t End The Friendship

The first season of Seinfeld has few great episodes and one of the most memorable storylines was in “Male Unbonding.”

Jerry didn’t like one of his pals from childhood, and he didn’t want to have anything to do with him anymore. He had trouble ending the friendship and was worried that he would have to keep hanging out with him. This was definitely a moment when Jerry was immature and acting like a child. He should have told the friend that he wasn’t able to continue the friendship, or he could have made enough polite excuses that the relationship would have fizzled out naturally. He got too upset and made too big a deal out of the situation.

8 Grown Adult: Wore The Puffy Shirt For A TV Appearance

In season 5, Jerry wore a puffy shirt for a TV appearance, and fans will never forget it.

Jerry had no idea that he had told Kramer’s girlfriend that he would wear a shirt that she designed on TV since no one could hear what she said. While he wasn’t thrilled with this situation, he did wear the shirt on live TV, which proved that he could be mature and adapt to uncomfortable situations. Some people would have definitely refused to go on TV after seeing this silly piece of clothing.

7 Immature: Disregarded People’s Feelings

While fans related to a lot of what Jerry said, he was a bit harsh in the season 2 episode “The Pony Remark” when he said, “I hate anyone who ever had a pony when they were growing up!”

Jerry had a tendency to say whatever he was thinking, and this could really hurt the feelings of others. Since he was in the business of being funny, he didn’t think too carefully about his statements, but if he wanted to act more adult, he definitely should have been cautious in certain settings.

6 Grown Adult: Caught Uncle Leo Stealing

In season 9, Jerry saw Uncle Leo stealing from a bookstore, and he told the security guard along with his parents. He was grown-up enough to know that this was wrong and that he should tell someone what he witnessed, even though it was tough since Leo was family.

Leo tried to avoid getting into trouble by suggesting that he stole because he was older, and Jerry’s parents seemed to agree with this defense. This was a time when Jerry was much more mature than his relatives.

5 Immature: Gave A Restaurant Owner Advice When He Didn’t Know Much About The Industry

In the season 1 episode “The Cafe,” Jerry gave a restaurant owner some advice. He was trying to be a good person and do the right thing, but this backfired big time as things got even worse. Babu said it was Jerry’s fault.

While Jerry thought he was being nice, he was actually being immature, as he should have realized that he didn’t know enough about the restaurant industry to help anyone out. If he had worked at some restaurants or knew the business better, then sure, he could have talked to Babu. But this wasn’t the best idea.

4 Grown Adult: Gave George A Pep Talk Before Their Big Pitch

George had trouble in many social situations and when he had to impress people in a work scenario, he sometimes failed terribly.

The season 4 episode “The Pitch” saw George freaking out during the pitch meeting at NBC. Jerry did his best to stay chill and help his friend by giving him a pep talk beforehand. Out of these two characters, Jerry was more mature and grown-up, and all he wanted to do was deliver a smart pitch and hear that his sitcom was greenlit.

3 Immature: Wanted To Date A Hit-And-Run Driver

In the season 3 episode “The Good Samaritan,” Jerry saw a hit-and-run, but since the driver was a woman he thought was pretty, he wanted to date her.

This was incredibly immature and also a prime example of Jerry being a bad person and not doing the right thing in a situation. Anyone else would have reported the crime, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his love life and how much he was attracted to this woman.

2 Grown Adult: Bought His Parents A Fancy Car

Jerry had no problem spending money and while sometimes he spent too much, he also wanted to show his love for the people in his life with great presents.

In season 7, Jerry bought his mom and dad a Cadillac. This became very dramatic and chaotic, as Jerry’s storylines with his parents always did, but he proved he was a grown-up with this expensive and thoughtful gift.

1 Immature: Drugged His Girlfriend So He Could Play With Her Toys

Jerry changed by the series finale, but in many ways, he was still like a little kid.

In the season 9 episode “The Merv Griffin Show,” George and Jerry got Jerry’s girlfriend to fall asleep after giving her red wine and turkey. After she was knocked out, they played with her vintage toys that they were very taken with. It’s hard to think of a more immature thing for these characters to do and this is really beyond the pale. Though playing with toys isn’t exactly nefarious, this is very problematic, predatory behavior.

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