Sons Of Anarchy: Bobby’s 10 Best Quotes, Ranked

Fans are still mourning the loss of Bobby Munson, one of the most beloved characters in Sons Of Anarchy, with plenty of iconic quotes to his name.

The demise of Robert “Bobby” Munson aka “Bobby Elvis” would be close to the top in a list of TV’s most heartbreaking deaths. As one of SAMCRO’s few level-headed members, Bobby’s death at the hands of August Marks touches the bone. It’s sadder because, before that, he had been subjected to one of the most gruesome torture scenes ever featured on the show.

The sad moment aside, Bobby has plenty of memorable moments throughout the series. He also serves as SAMCRO’s interim president for a short while as Jax Teller prepares to turn himself in to protect Tara and the Club. The character also tends to have interesting things to say whenever he opens his mouth.

10“You Are The James T. Kirk Of The MC World.”

Right from the start of the series, Jax Teller does things that remind everyone just how much of a daredevil he is. He even beats up a man who was taking a picture next to his bike. “Don’t ever sit on another man’s bike,” he says, before riding away with the picture-crazed man’s girlfriend.

That and many of Jax’s other actions impress Bobby who goes on to label him the James T. Kirk of motorcycle gangs. Kirk is a popular character in the Star Trek franchise. He is the captain of the USS Enterprise space ship and is known for “going where no man has gone before. “

9“The List Is Too Long, My Friend.”

Age has taken its toll on Opie’s dad and First 9 member Piney Winston. He suffers from Emphysema, forcing him to move around with an oxygen tank. For emergency purposes, another tank is also fixed to his Harley-Davidson Electra Tri-Glide bike. Out of curiosity, the crazy Tig begins wondering whether someone can use the oxygen in the tank to get high.

His remarks shock Piney who asks Bobby if Tig is truly sane. An amused Bobby lets Piney know that the list of things wrong with Tig is simply too long. That’s quite accurate as Tig’s actions have distinguished him as the craziest SAMCRO member.

8“They Gotta Cut His Frenum. What The Hell Is A Frenum?”

After doing one of his Elvis Presley impersonations in Tahoe, Elvis retreats to a corner and begins pondering over his life. Clay spots him and realizes he is looking sad. He goes on to label him “Sad Elvis.” He also asks him why he is overworking himself.

Bobby lets him know that it’s all about supporting his children. His ex-wife is asking for child support and he is two months late. His oldest son has to undergo surgery too and it’ll involve cutting his frenum. Well, the frenum is the muscle located on the front teeth but it’s likely that Bobby isn’t the only person who doesn’t know what it is.

7“When You Want Blind Action, You Go To Tig. When You Want The Truth, You Come To Me.”

When LOAN leader Ethan Zobelle begins provoking the Sons to force a retaliation that would make it easy for authorities to nail them, Clay considers acting. He proposes striking back but Jax is against it. The club thus goes to a vote and to Clay’s surprise, Bobby gives a “No” vote. There is a tie in the tally, meaning there will be no retaliation.

After the vote, Clay stays behind with Bobby, questioning him on why he voted against him. The level-headed Bobby informs him that he won’t follow him blindly the way Tig does. He makes it clear that he will always do what’s right. Bobby’s words prove once again that he is his own. Chibs is Jax’s guy, Tig is Clay’s guy but Bobby is Bobby’s guy.

6“I’ve Never Seen Us Beat Up This Bad. Half Of Our Crew Is In Hospital Beds. The Medical Bills Alone, They’re Gonna Bury Us.”

In Season 2, the Sons get pinched by authorities after they try to capture Ethan Zobelle at a Christian convention. Inside the prison, they find themselves in danger because they haven’t made a protection deal with any gang.

A concerned Bobby accurately states that it is really a bad time for the club. Now that a good number of them are in jail, they won’t be able to make any money. It’s bad because there are a couple of Sons in the hospital too and they’ll need money to pay for the medical bills. Bobby is right to be concerned. The lack of money soon drives the club to make deals out of desperation.

5“I Love You, Brother. But I Love This Club More.”

Clay’s streak of bad decisions as a leader continues when he makes a deal with Galindo enforcer Romero Parada to supply weapons to the cartel and transport cocaine. Jax agrees to support Clay on the condition that he will be allowed to leave SAMCRO when Clay’s tenure as president ends.

Bobby thinks it is a bad idea because SAMCRO has never dealt drugs. He makes it clear that he respects Clay but he can’t support the move. Clay dismisses him, letting him know that he didn’t ask for his opinion. Clay ought to have listened as this decision among others, leads to his downfall.

4“Remember When Our Biggest Problem Was Which Mayan To Kill?”

The Mayans and the Sons manage to sort out their differences and remain on good terms for most of the series. When events kicked off in the series, the two clubs were not seeing eye to eye and Bobby feels like the days when they were at war were the better days. Jax agrees with him.

He is somehow right because back then, the Mayans were the only problem they had to deal with. Then came the RICO cases, the crazy ATF agents, the Lin Triad, and Pope Partners Inc. By the final season, the Sons have too much on their plate. Everyone is feeling the pressure. When times have gotten too tough, there is no choice but to reminisce on the good old days.

3“C’mon, Man, We Were So Good Together.”

When Bobby gets shot during an attempt by the Irish to take Clay from a prison transport vehicle, former Reno, NV charter member Orlin West is tasked with taking care of him. Orlin eventually grows tired of his new task. The part he doesn’t really like is helping Bobby relieve himself.

Soon, he asks to leave, claiming he’d rather be out there getting shot at than tending to Bobby. The SAMCRO member doesn’t take offense, telling Orlin that he doesn’t need to leave because they are so good together. Viewers can’t help but feel that those words should be directed to his ex-wife instead.

2“Just Get Married. That’ll Stop It.

After Donna’s death, Opie begins seeing the adult film star Lyla. Their relationship turns out to be a rocky one. Opie wants more kids but Lyla secretly takes birth control to prevent herself from getting pregnant. Opie also wants her to quit her job because he doesn’t want her to sleep with other men but she doesn’t feel the same way.

They briefly break up but when Jax spots them together again, he asks Opie if they have reconciled. Opie says it’s hard because they end up sleeping together every time they try to talk. Bobby then comes up with a piece of advice on how to make the sex stop. Get married! He is clearly reinforcing the stereotype that married couples have less sex.

1“Fox News!”

During a sit-down with Oscar “El Oso” Ramos, the president of the Mayan Stockton charter, Nero, Jax, and Bobby let him know that they have found out about the Chinese gun shipment. He is shocked because he thought that information was a secret.

Oscar asks them how they know and Bobby jokingly claims that it was on Fox News. It’s a fitting reply since, in the underworld, nothing remains a secret for long. Word eventually gets around.

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