Letterkenny: Wayne’s Toughest Opponents Become His Closest Friends

In Letterkenny, being the toughest guy in town is a big deal, but these brawls also led to Wayne meeting two of his closest friends and allies.

There are a lot of highly engaging characters on Letterkenny, each one of them bringing something different to the table. But the series’ main focus is Wayne, a self-described hick and the toughest man in town. It’s a title he earned through a lot of hard fights with some seriously tough guys. But what’s interesting is how many of those opponents became close friends, such as Tyson and Joint Boy.

Being the toughest guy in Letterkenny is not a title that is simply handed out. That person has to prove it every time the opportunity comes up. Wayne was considered the toughest of the tough for years. But as fans learned in Season 1, Episode 1, he had given up the brawling lifestyle due to his ex-girlfriend Angie. She didn’t like Wayne getting in fights and insisted that he make a change for her.

Letterkenny: How Tyson and Joint Boy Became Wayne's Closest Friends

However, Angie cheated on Wayne and left him for another man. Wayne’s first fight back was actually against Angie’s new guy, and he laid a beating on him when he talked trash about Katy. After that, the job became re-earning the title he had given up for his ex. As such, Squirrely Dan and Daryl got to set up a series of bouts for him.

Season 1, Episode 2, saw Wayne work his way through a few guys, including Joint Boy. A massive dude who has a passion for marijuana, Joint Boy earned his name and his reputation. Wayne narrowly beat him. The same was true of Tyson. He challenged Wayne in Season 1, Episode 6, but the fight finished in Season 2, Episode 1. Again, Wayne barely won, cementing his status in town.

Funny enough, both Tyson and Joint Boy became two of Wayne’s closest friends. Since their initial fights, both men have regularly backed Wayne up in much bigger brawls. The same is true of Daryl, Katy and Squirrely Dan, who have all come to trust the duo. Beyond that, Tyson and Joint Boy have become an inseparable team. After nine seasons of Letterkenny, it’s truly rare to see one without the other.

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Wayne’s friendship with Tyson and Joint Boy is a testament to the nature of their battles. While Wayne has been involved in more than a few personal brawls on the series, a lot of times, it’s just business. There were no personal issues between the guys. They were just fighting for the title of the toughest guy in Letterkenny. Despite their friendship, even Tyson and Joint Boy still fight occasionally just to sort out who is tougher.

The non-personal attitude toward fighting came up in Season 6, Episode 2. A big guy who was home from college challenged Wayne at a bush party. Wayne won, then helped the guy up and offered him a beer. It was just part of the process for the two of them. Once it was over, it was over. That’s just the nature of the beast for Letterkenny‘s “hicks” and their leader Wayne.

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