Chloë Grace Moretz 10 Best Movies Ranked (According To IMDb)

Cholë Grace Moretz has proven herself to be a diverse actress, starring in several highly rated films (according to IMDb).

Chloë Grace Moretz has proven herself to be one of Hollywood’s most diverse actresses and has made an effort to appear in almost every movie genre over the last decade or so. Beginning as a child star, she has grown up in front of the camera and developed her acting abilities along the way, becoming a better performer than she has ever been.

Her unique set of talents allow her to play both comedic and more dramatic parts, a skill that many actors find challenging. With this in mind, here are Cholë Grace Moretz’s best films ranked.

10 The Miseducation Of Cameron Post (6.6)

The Miseducation of Cameron Post tells the story of a teenage girl who is sent away for gay conversion therapy by her conservative Christian parents. The film is inspired by real stories, and the awful treatment the gay teenagers are subjected to is horrific and dehumanizing.

Moretz stars as the titular Cameron Post and the films marks one of her most serious dramatic performances to date, which she received overwhelming critical praise for.

9 Brain On Fire (6.6)

When a young woman begins to hear voices and suffers from seizures, she is diagnosed with Schizophrenia. Things only become worse from there when she learns that if her behavior does not improve, she will be sent to a psychiatric hospital. It is only after further evaluation that they discover that the right hemisphere of her brain is swollen.

Although the film was critically panned, the Netflix release allowed Moretz to display her range and tackle a character unlike anything she has ever played before, offering a unique performance and a rare insight into the disease.

8 If I Stay (6.7)

If I Stay features Moretz in the leading role as Mia. After a car accident, she is left in a coma, but despite this, there’s still plenty of acting left for Moretz to do as Mai goes through an out-of-body experience.

From there, she must decide if she wants to wake up and live a life completely different from what she has known. The teen romantic drama is based upon the acclaimed novel of the same name and went on to big successes at the box-office.

7 Clouds Of Sils Maria (6.7)

An aging actress is offered a part in a play in which a young woman seduces an older woman with disastrous results. The thing is, she played the part of the younger women some decades before, and that role will now be played by a rising actress, with a destructive side.

That young actress was played brilliantly by Moretz and Clouds of Sils Maria went on to receive critical acclaim. The role required Moretz to draw from her own experiences as a star in the public eye and marks one of her strongest performances to date.

6 Suspiria (6.8)

Moretz starred in a supporting role in 2018’s Suspiria, a remake of the 1977 horror film; Suspiria reimagined the original for a new generation. Set at a mysterious dance school, the building holds many secrets, and the sinister forces at work prove to have ulterior motives of there own.

The horror movie was produced by Amazon Studios and featured an all-star cast and also proved to be one of the scariest films of the year.

5 Let Me In (7.1)

2010’s Let Me In saw Moretz in one of the most unique roles of her career, playing a Vampire in the dark horror drama. A remake of the Swedish produced Let the Right One In, the film proved to be one of the more successful attempts at remaking a foreign film for an American audience.

Despite her young age, Moretz brought a great amount of depth to the character, and it proved to be one of her best and most recognizable roles.

4 The Equalizer (7.2)

Moretz played Terri, a young and troubled prostitute in 2014’s The Equalizer. The film marks one of her more adult roles and saw her starring alongside Denzel Washington, who is forced to give up his quiet life and come to her aid when he discovers who she is working for.

Based upon the television series of the same name from the ’80s, the film was praised for its action, visual style, and excellent cast.

3 Hugo (7.5)

Hugo is one of the most critically acclaimed films Moretz has appeared in and one the highlights of her career. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the fantasy adventure film tells the story of an orphaned boy who uncovers the secrets his fathers left behind for him by unlocking an automaton with the help of his newfound friend.

The film went on to win five Oscars, including Best Visual Effects, and topped numerous best-films-of-the-year lists.

2 Kick-Ass (7.6)

Her portrayal of Hit-Girl in 2010’s Kick-Ass is arguably Moretz’s most defining role. The films saw her rise to fame and launched her career to new heights. She delivers a scene-stealing performance and is undoubtedly one of the most memorable characters in the film.

The ultra-violent superhero film received critical acclaim upon its release for its comedy and over-the-top action, Hit-Girl perhaps being the most over the top and violent character of all.

1 The Tale Of Princess Kaguya (8.0)

The Tale of Princess Kaguya is one of Studio Ghibli’s most beautiful and critically acclaimed films. The animated film tells the strange tale of a tiny girl found inside a stalk of bamboo, who quickly grows up at an accelerated rate.

Moretz proved the voice of the titular princess in the English dub of the film and did an excellent job of embodying the innocents of the character. The film received universal praise for its breathtaking art style and went on to be nominated for Best Animated Feature.

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