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Peaky Blinders: The Main Characters And Their D&D Classes

From intelligence to combat, this group of characters from Peaky Blinders would likely flourish in the land of Dungeons & Dragons.

Peaky Blinders is bursting with dynamic and ambitious characters, and each member of the Shelby family and all of their counterparts have some skillset that they use to get ahead. From intelligence to combat to weaponry, this group of characters would likely flourish in the land of Dungeons & Dragons.

For fans of both this BBC series and this classic game. it’d be fun to dive into these intriguing characters and see what class their D&D character would be. With barbarians and clerics, every member of this show would have an impressive character in this game.

10 Arthur Shelby – Paladin

The biggest strengths of a Paladin are charisma and strength, and that’s already pretty hand-in-hand with Arthur’s personality. This character class makes promises, and they are actually sworn in to a higher being. They often act out of desperation, which can end in a lot of violence and deaths.

Their oaths are sacred, and fans can agree that Arthur’s loyalty to Thomas and the Shelby family is pretty unmatched. He’d do anything to fight for them, and it makes sense that he’d be a Paladin, relying mostly on brute force and the passion to use it.

9 Michael Gray – Rogue

Rogues are tricky and manipulative, and there’s nothing more fitting for Michael Gray. Their biggest strength is dexterity. This class relies on their skills of intelligence and resourcefulness, and they are very stealthy in playing to their enemies’ weaknesses.

Much like a rogue, Michael likes to have the upper hand in every situation thrown his way. They have skillsets in many areas, which can make them pretty dangerous. Of course, this is Michael Gray through and through, and his intelligence is strikingly impressive.

8 Grace Burgess – Artificer

Grace Burgess may not be around on the show anymore, but fans will never forget this lovable and intelligent gal. Plus, she’s not done living in Thomas’s imagination. Of course, an artificer has the strength of innovation and intelligence.

They utilize magic and have a way of making everything controlled and useful. Grace was the voice of reason in just about every situation, and her wisdom was able to keep people grounded and solve problems. She would certainly have the magical beauty of an artificer.

7 Finn Shelby – Barbarian

It’s no secret that Finn Shelby doesn’t always use his brain. Rather, he’s pretty reckless and just likes to jump into any situation. Barbarians usually act out of rage and a desire for power – and they rely pretty much solely on their physical strength.

Finn gets this from Arthur and John and proves that he definitely likes to act recklessly in the face of danger. They can be resilient, but they don’t always use their brain and don’t learn from their mistakes. Finn would fit perfectly into this character class.

6 Lizzie Stark – Cleric

Clerics are known for being the balance between the mortal world and that of the gods; which is somehow really relevant for Lizzie, who is somewhere between the powerful Shelby family and the regular lower class of England.

A cleric has magic and extreme wisdom, and Lizzie would do this character well. One of the smartest of the bunch, she’s also one of the most neutral. She would strive for success, and use her cleric powers well.

5 John Shelby – Fighter

A fighter utilizes strength and dexterity. Like John, they rely a lot on weapons and brute strength, but they’re also pretty wise when it comes to combat and when to strike. A fighter isn’t afraid of death, just like John really wasn’t either.

John may have met his demise, but he certainly didn’t go down without a fight. This character was well-versed in hand-to-hand combat and weaponry, so it’s a no-brainer that he would end up in this character class.

4 Alfie Solomons – Warlock

There’s a lot of character classes with magic, and these ones usually wield the most power. Therefore, it only makes sense that Alfie Solomons be a warlock. Their biggest skill is charisma, and they’re able to wield magic by making pacts with supernatural beings.

Alfie is a man of intelligence, but he also knows how to make alliances and bargains to have the most power – even if it’s out of manipulation. His charisma and passion are unmatched, and he’d be one of the most dangerous but also most powerful warlocks.

3 Ada Shelby – Druid

Ada Shelby certainly has the least amount of interest in the violence and illegal activities of the Shelby family. This is one reason why she’d be a perfect druid. This character class is a priest of the Old Faith, and they have a connection with nature.

Ada has the biggest heart and a strong sense of compassion and spirituality. Plus, a druid is known for their intelligence. Ada keeps grounded and sees the beauty of life, and uses her wisdom to do this justice. She’d make any other druid proud.

2 Polly Gray – Sorcerer

A sorcerer wields magic, but they’re also well-known for their charisma. Polly gives her all regardless of the task, and she’s undoubtedly one of the most passionate characters with one of the biggest hearts.

Sorcerers carry magic inherited from a bloodline, and Polly deserves it for everything she’s given to the Shelby family. Plus, this magical power chooses its sorcerer – and there’s no one more up to the task than the lovable and memorable Polly Gray.

1 Thomas Shelby – Wizard

This character class is arguably the most powerful, which only makes sense for Thomas Shelby to fall into it. Their biggest strength is intelligence, and there’s no doubt that Tommy is the most intelligent of the bunch.

Wizards are incredibly skilled at using magic, including spells of the physical means but also those of deception and manipulation. Thomas is already well-versed in this area, and having a magical power would only make him all the more powerful.

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