How Close Are Emma Watson And Daniel Radcliffe In Real Life?

While Radcliffe has changed since his Hogwarts days and Watson is blazing her own path, we must know: is their real-life friendship legitimate?

When the world saw the first of the Harry Potter movies, a true kind of magic exploded across movie theater screens everywhere. Suddenly, there emerged a new generation of young witches and wizards, all eager to be like the characters they saw on-screen. For those who were a bit older watching the movies, many wondered if the actors who portrayed their favorite characters were friends (or even more) in real life.

In the movies, both Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, who play Harry and Hermione, have the best friendship that’s basically hashtag-goals for anyone who watched. Every girl wanted that same big-hearted, brave male best friend, while every guy likely wished he could have someone as wise and confident as Hermione in his life. While Radcliffe has changed since his wizarding days and Watson is blazing her own path, the question must be asked: Is their real-life friendship anything like it is in the movies?

Updated on November 21, 2021, by Michael Chaar: The cast of Harry Potter worked alongside one another for a whopping 10 years from the reelease of the very first film back in 2001 to the final addition, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 2, in 2011. Well, it’s no secret that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were the closest of the bunch, and luckily they are still good friends! While they don’t see one another all that often, Daniel revealed that the trio keep in touch through a text chain. Additionally, the two have continued to show support for one another on red carpets, premieres, and of course any honorary Harry Potter events that have transpired following the film’s end.

10 They Are Definitely Friends IRL, But Not As Close As Harry And Hermione

Fans would think that these two would be the closest of any of the actors, considering how much on-screen time they had together. Despite the fact that they all enjoyed their time in the movies, they’re not the best of friends like everyone thinks they are. They’re close and are friends, yes, but not in the talk-everyday, know-each-other’s-thoughts-way that Harry and Hermione were.

Daniel, Emma And Rupert Grint Got Along When They Began Filming

However, the cast does admit that when they first began working together, they all got along great. The three were a dynamic duo and forged a friendship from the first time they took the film stage together, and their friendship continues to this day, although they’re not best friends like they were in the movies.

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Radcliffe Claims That Their Work History Will “Bond” Them Forever

In interviews, Radcliffe has discussed his friendship with his former co-stars. He claims that while they’re not with each other all the time outside of Harry Potter events, they’ll still always be connected and share a special bond simply because of the fact that they’ve been together for so many movies and projects.

They Still Chat Through A Group On WhatsApp

The group shares a WhatsApp chat, as it was revealed in an interview, through which they all keep in contact with each other. While no one is having long, detailed conversations (at least it doesn’t seem like it), they do still keep themselves updated via the app, and keep in contact once in a while.

They Still Support Each Other And Former Co-Stars At Premieres

The trio still talks about how much they adore and appreciate one another, despite the fact that they don’t see each other all the time. However, they can still be seen at premieres with one another, especially for former co-workers.

They support their fellow actors and actresses as much as they can and, of course, they continue to support each other.

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Daniel And Emma Can Often Be Seen At Events For The ‘Harry Potter’ Series

The only time fans are likely to see these two together now would be at a Harry Potter event, especially now that the final movie has been completed for some time. Both Watson and Radcliffe have moved on exponentially, both finding their own niches and carving out their own career paths, which differ drastically.

They’ve Spoken Out Against The Over-Sexualizing Of Female Characters

Something that both Watson and Radcliffe share is a strong voice, and they’ve both spoken out in the name of feminism and what it’s like to portray their characters in today’s world. While Radcliffe will be the first to defend Watson’s character, Watson is the first to defend feminism in the name of all women – a passion neither of them has a problem speaking openly and honestly about.

Filming Was “Intense” For All Of Them, Radcliffe And Watson Included

Fans can imagine how tough it would be to spend so many hours filming such a demanding plot (especially when it went on for nearly a decade as Harry Potter did).

The actors confirm this, claiming that though they were friends on-set and continue to be in real life, the work was intense and definitely required them to be on their best game.

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Their Friendship Can Be Described As That Of “Distant Cousins” By Grint

Grint has stated that while they portray the absolute best of friends on-screen, in real life, he doesn’t see much of either Radcliffe or Watson. Rather, he describes their overall friendships with each other now as that of “distant cousins”, whereas many might believe that they’re also super close outside of the film studio, which simply isn’t true.

There Were No Actual Sparks Between Radcliffe And Watson

As much as fans (especially those who didn’t read the books first) wanted to ship a Watson-Radcliffe romance, it just wasn’t in the cards for either of them. They portrayed some pretty significant sparks and an intense emotional connection on-screen but in real life, Watson has a different idea of who she’d be interested in, while Radcliffe admits there was no romance to be had there.

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